Barney Frank is a disgusting, overweight piece of human debris!

America has sunk so low that she not only elects disgraceful people like this character to high office, she also listens to, and takes advice from this piece of trash on what is right and what is wrong in this country. In case you didn’t know it, Frank,  from the state of Massachusetts, is an out of the closet homosexual!

There is nothing wrong with that!

Of course the socialists in this country will not read the part where I say, “There Is Nothing Wrong With This Guy Coming Out Of The Closet.”

What these people, supporters of so-called gay civil rights and homosexuals want is a total, across the board endorsement of everything they stand for!

Ain’t going to happen! 

American, hear me, and hear me good!

If you allow homosexuals to “marry” in every state in the union, you will open a Pandora’s box that you will never, ever be able to close!

So, what am I saying?

I am saying that if the abnormalcy of homosexuality is given society’s blessing, pedophiles will be the next ones knocking at the door. Men who love little boys; and perverts who love little girls will also want to jump into the mix!

And what of beastiality?

It can’t happen you say?

I bet you were the same ones saying that homosexuals would never be granted the right to marry anywhere in this country. Well guess what? These people have been given the blessings of “The Courts” in Massachusetts and Connecticut to “legally marry.”

Of course, “The People” were completely shut out!

I received a spam notice from someone who said that comparing homosexuals and children, “Was Way Out Of Line.”


That offended this person, whom I have to think is gay. Well, let me say this. I am offended by people who think that teaching children that two men or two women “hooking up is normal.”

That is abuse!

I am offended that we now have teachers in our public schools indoctrinating our children to the gay lifestyle.

That is abuse!

Since time immemorial, which is five-thousand plus years, there has “Never Been A Civilized Society That Has Sanctioned A Marriage Between People Of The Same Gender.”

I wonder why? The question is rhetorical!

The reasons are obvious. Yet, many in the gay community aren’t interested in listening to right or wrong. They aren’t interested in hearing that their lifestyle is offensive to millions and millions of Americans!

I wonder if Mr./Ms. thin skin ever heard of NAMBLA. This is an acronym for the, North American Man/Boy Love Association!

You read right!

These sick people advocate liberalizing the laws against sexual relations between adults and young “BOYS.”

You’ll never guess where this psychopathological group is located. Did someone say, “San Francisco And New York City?”

You’re right.

So, comparing homosexuals and young children was crossing the line huh?

It’s not possible that some members of NAMBLA are also homosexual is there?

It is not possible that should homosexuals get the right to marry in every state in the Union, members of NAMBLA won’t haul ass to the courts, saying they have a right to, “Marry A Ten Year Old Boy.”

“They Are In Love.”

Don’t hold your breath thinking it can’t happen!

 To date, the only way that homosexuals have been able to shove what they call marriage down the throats of “The People,” is to run to an activists court, and have  immoral people, “Dressed As Interpreters Of The Law, change our culture.

NEWS FLASH: Gay people “Aren’t Born Homosexual.”

Entering the gay lifestyle “IS A CHOICE.” 

It is my choice to say that I am against homosexuals being given the right to desecrate the sanctity of marriage!

I know that many of you reading this column don’t like hearing this, but there is not a scintilla of evidence that shows us that homosexuals come into this world “Gay.”

I know that it has been tried: To prove that there was a “Gay Gene.”

At the end of the day, homosexuals had to end up changing from, “We Were Born This Way, To We Are In Love.”

Great, be in love, but don’t give me that rubbish that you need to be married to gain health benefits. It’s already being done. Don’t tell me you need to be married to be apart of your partner’s estate. Simply have him or her add that to the will. Don’t tell me that only family members can visit your significant other if they are hospitalized in a terminal state.

We all have choices to make in life. However, consider this when you make a choice. There are concomitant consequences.

The gay community feels it is our collective duty to “Self-Mute” our comments regarding their demands!

 That has been the problem with society. We have been too quiet on this salient issue of what a true marriage is. The Christian Church has rolled over and died. It too has been beaten into submission by homosexuals and other secularists in our society!

I am sorry to say this, but Americans have lost their back-bone.  They have allowed the left define them. They are now allowing the left telling them what they can and can not say!

America allows a Barney Frank to browbeat them with the word, “Homophobe,” and they submit.

Now, that’s pathetic!

What I take offense at with this man, well at least from an anatomical point of view he remains a man I guess, is his obvious disdain for the values that made this country so great!

He is clearly an angry man; and this emotion is front and center whenever the television cameras are on him. 

I believe in the old saying of “Live And Let Live.”

 However, I have noticed this small problem with the socialists in this country. They just don’t want to live their lives, “They Also Want To Live Vicariously, Their Lives, Through Us.”

Barack Hussein-Obama is right in Frank’s camp. More on his, Hussein-Obama’s despicable behavior, and what it portends for America, later!

Frank was recently interviewed on a gay Internet website. As per his style, “His Big Mouth” uttered an ugly comment about Supreme Court Justice, Antonin Scalia.

He called Justice Scalia a, “Homophobe.”

Militant homosexuals are an angry lot. Have you noticed that if they don’t get their way, they throw what amounts to be a “temper tantrum,” and they start calling their opposition names. These people are child like in their presentation. The reason for this is simple.

They are stuck at either pre-adolescent or the early stages of adolescence, mentally speaking.  Don’t believe the lies given to you by Psychologists or Psychiatrists, that homosexuality “Is Normal.”

These people fear that if they tell the truth, they will lose their jobs, positions at universities, or even research grant money.

So, they have sold their souls to the, “Devil.”

I have said this many times, however, I feel the need to repeat it. There is “No Diagnosis As Homophobe,” in the Diagnostical and Statistical IV.”

This is the book that we Psychologists draw our diagnosis from. The term homophobe is a pop psychology term proferred from the left. The mentioning of this term is to stigmatize anyone who stands in the way of militant homosexuals, and their agenda for America.

Frank was discussing whether the Supreme Court would some day have to take up the issue of gay marriage and whether the Federal government has the Constitutional right to deny recognition of same sex marriage.

There is nothing in the U.S. Constituion that says “Heterosexuals” have the right to marry. This is a “Church/State Issue.”

Near the end of a marriage ceremony, a preacher or someone from City hall will say, “By The Powers Vested In Me In The State Of New York, I Now Pronounce You Man And Wife.”

There is nowhere in this short oration is there any mention of the word, “Constitution.”

Anyway, Frank said the following:

“I wouldn’t want it to go to the United States Supreme Court now because that homophobe Antonin Scalia has too many votes on this current court”

Homosexuals like Frank fear Justice Scalia. 

Scalia has said in the past that controversial issues like gay rights and abortions should not be placed in the hands of judges. He has said “The People” should have the right to persuade their legislatures or amend the Constitution.

For people like Barney Frank, the courts are great when they circumvent the will of the people and side with militant homosexuals. However, when the people win, the militant wing of the homosexual movement, with the help of the socialists press, will resort back to what they are most familiar with, “Name Calling, And Even Threats.” 

By the way, if you want to view the Frank interview in its entirety, you can log onto www.cbsnews.com.

In the meantime, there is a dirty little secret that those in the medical and homosexual communities  don’t want you to know about.

According to  Nadia El-Awady, M.D., the rate of “Anal Cancer” among homosexual men is on the rise. Furthermore, the CDC reports that men who have anal sex with other men account for the “Majority Of Aids Cases In The U.S.”

Armed with this information, why would the President of the United States support gay marriage?

Sure, I know that Hussein-Obama has said in the pass that he only supports civil unions.  Since then, we have learned that this man is a pathological liar. Look at all of the broken promises that he has made since his swearing-in.

I believe that Barach Hussein-Obama “Hates God.”

We know that he hates the ways of people who, “Cling To Their Guns And Religion.”

It is clear to me that a George Rockwell painting of America, sends Barack Hussein-Obama into a fit of rage!

Word has been leaked that the Obama administration:

” Will endorse a U.N. declaration calling for the worldwide decriminalization of homosexuality that then-President George W. Bush had refused to sign”

The Associated Press is reporting that U.S. Officials have notified the declaration’s French sponsor that the Obama White House wants to added on as a supporter.

No one wants to see homosexual hurt in anyway because of their sexual orientation. However, we all know where this “French Declaration” is headed, down the slippery slope of marriage for homosexuals!

With all of the knowledge that is available that engaging in homosexuality is injurious to your health,  the world lead by Barack Hussein-Obama is on the precipice, ready to send us over the edge.

I read an interesting column recently. The writer said that “America Needs Christian Missionaries Send Here.”

He noted that we used to be the nation that sent out missionaries to a darken world. However, at this point, America is in the dark.

I am sad to say that America isn’t interested in hearing anything about “God.”

After all, they recently elected a man who thinks that he “Walks On Water.”


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