I’ve always known that Barack Hussein-Obama has a pathological need to be liked. It all stems from his childhood!

 Daddy Obama left Mommy, Stanley Ann Dunham, during little Barack’s early years. Daddy had to go off and sew more wild oats, and make more little Baracks. Reports say Barack Obama, Sr., fathered four other offspring: And was married to several other women; none of whom he divorced. This made Daddy a polygamist!

Stanley, that was her real first name, had to double as both Mom and Dad for this little future socialist!

Ms. Dunham by all accounts was the person who introduced Hussein-Obama to the rudiments of socialism. She also taught him how to despise the wealthy because of his meager upbringing!

Her early teachings took root. Take a look at how this man loathes successful people who go on to become rich!

Although he is now wealthy, this charlatan has worked over time to convince millions of stupid Americans that he is just like you and me.

Further, he has convinced many Americans that Capitalism is the problem with America!

Thus far, his outrageous lies have worked. He continues to be loved by the masses according to the latest polls. He is loved because the pain that is sure to come because of his massive spending, mostly on nonsensical things, has yet to hit enough people.

This man covets love. Without it, his narcissistic wound is left in tatters!

His unending quest for love is like most of us waiting for our next breath. We have to have it in order to exist.

I don’t know if you noticed this, but Hussein-Obama has “Large Ears.”

This is a touchy subject for him. I recall during the Democrat Presidential campaign when “Super Liberal,” Maureen Dowd of the New York Times, made fun of his ears. I thought the guy would break down and cry. After a news conference, this “Man-Child” quickly left the stage and cornered Dowd. This is how the conversation went:

Hussein-Obama: ” I Just Want To Put You On Notice.

I Was Teased relentlessly When I Was A Kid About My Big


Dowd: “We ‘re Trying To Toughen You Up”

No one could ever accuse Maureen Dowd of being a “Partisan.”

Seriously, here we had a fully grown man whining like a little six-year old over his “Dumbo Ears.” It was obvious that Hussein-Obama hadn’t worked through his painful issues regarding his big ears!

Here is more evidence that this guy has an insatiable need for “Everyone” to like him. Former Vice-President Dick Cheney commented recently that actions taken by the Obama administration in regards to the war on terror has made us less safe.

Say what you will about George Bush, but when Jimmy Carter or Bill Clinton offered unflattering comments about Mr. Bush, he didn’t “Give Them Power By Commenting On Their Statements.”

Mr. Bush, despite his myriad flaws, is apparently comfortable in his own skin. Contrast that with Hussein-Obama as being  just “Too Cool.” That presentation is merely a facade, perfected by this phony over the years.

Instead of ignoring Cheney, Hussein-Obama, who wants to be friends with some members of the Taliban, had this to say:

” How many terrorists have actually been brought to justice under the philosophy that is being promoted by Vice President Cheney? It hasn’t made us safer. What it has been is a great advertisement for anti-American sentiment”

Don’t you just love these wimpy, cowardly Democrats? Bill Clinton did zip, nada, nothing to fight the growing threat of Islamofascism in the 1990’s. The result, September 11th, 2001. More than three thousand Americans lost their lives because Clinton, like Obama, was more concerned with people liking him, rather than protecting this country!

Question for this socialist President. What advertisement tool did Bill Clinton use to have the Islamofascists hijack three commercial airplanes and force two of the planes into the World Trade Center, and the other into the Pentagon?

See, this pompous jack ass of a President doesn’t get it. The Islamofascists don’t need an object to engender hate toward us. Memo To Barack Hussein-Obama: These people hate “All Americans”: And no amount of boot licking on your part is going to change their minds!

They are fully committed to our destruction and you foolishly believe that you can talk directly to America’s enemies.

Not only is this the zenith of this man’s arrogance, it demonstrates clearly his ignorance of the danger before him!

Another point for this socialist to consider since he claims we are not safer. Has America been attacked since 09/11?

Guess who kept us safe from these 12th Century savages? George W. Bush and Dick Cheney and our wonderful brave troops!

Remember, if it had been left up to Barack Hussein-Obama, Not a single member of al-Qaeda or the Taliban would be dead today. Saddam Hussein would still be in power. He along with his two sick, muderous sons, would still be wreaking pain on the poor Iraqi people.

I know Hussein-Obama hates to admit it, but facts are facts. This lying, two faced socialist told American-Jews that he would be there for Israel in their hour of need. To date, he has committed nearly “One Million Dollars To Rebuild Gaza.”

We all know that that money will end up in the terrorist hands of Hamas. They will in turn buy more ordinance to kill Israelis.

Thank you President Barack Hussein-Obama!

With friends like this man who needs enemies!

Iran has said that it wants to see Israel removed from the face of the earth. So, what does out President do? He sent out an arse kissing videotape to the Mullahs of Iran. The President of The United States kissing the backsides of these animals.

What an embarrassment!

 To throw salt into the wound so to speak, the Mullahs told this “Theoretician” to go suck an egg!

Brigitte Gabriel, a transplanted Lebanese, and someone who knows the thinking of these savages said of Obama sending out a videotape to the Iranian Mullahs:

” The Iranian leaders will take Obama’s video as a sign of surrender and weakness, an admission that ‘we cannot beat you’ so we will appeal to you for cooperation. Obama is not seen in his video as being a man or manly  at all, and that the Iranian Leaders immediately noted Obama’s failure to present himself as a man or manly, or a man’s man”


Ms. Gabriel is right.

Again, Hussein-Obama was trying to score points with the Mullahs. In essence he was saying, “I’m Not Like That Cowboy George Bush, I’m An Intellect. We Can Do Business.”

I’ll tell you folks something. I’ll bet you that the Iranians had more respect for George Bush than they do for this “Pantywaist Socialist.”

They are probably working even harder to complete their nuclear power plant.


They know this guy hasn’t got the guts to stand up to them: That’s why!

By the way, have you heard that “Terrorism Is No Longer Part Of The Hussein-Obama administration’s Lexicon?”

Like Bill Clinton before him, this genius thinks that fighting the Islamofascists is the job of “Local Police And Our Judicial System.”

So, let’s review!

 The Hussein-Obama administration has gotten rid of the term, “War On Terror.” Next, they jettisoned, “Enemy Combatant.”

Now, the word “Terrorism” is verboten in this scary administration!

Janet Napolitano, the Secretary of Homeland Security told the German newspaper, Der Spiegel that she refuses to use the world “Terrorism.” You have to hear this explanation to believe it.

Napolitano said the word terrorism, “Perpetuates The Politics Of Fear. Instead, She’ll Call Terrorists, Murders, ‘Man-Made Disasters,”

You have got to be joking. Actually, this entire administration is a damn joke!

Terrorism perpetuates the politics of fear? Doesn’t this clown realize that we are in a world-wide war?

Again America, more evidence that Barack Hussein-Obama and his need to be liked. By the way, this is not a decree from Janet Napolitano on terrorism. This stupidity is coming straight from the Obama White House!

These people are cowards and a disgrace to this country. They are also an insult to the men and women who wear this nation’s uniform.

America’s enemies are chomping at the bit to attack us once again. With “Smilin Jack” in the White House our chances of being hit have increased exponentially!

Dick Cheney has it right!

Meantime, “Mr. Wonderful” is probably standing in front of the mirror right now asking, “Mirror Mirror On The Wall, Who Is The Fairest Of Them All?”


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