MEMO: TO PRESIDENT BARACK HUSSEIN-OBAMA– STOP PLAYING POLITICS WITH THE LIVES OF THOSE AIG WORKERS! Mr. President you have been able to pull off yet another one of your dirty tricks on the majority of Americans. However, those of us who understand your evil Machiavellian ways know that you and your henchmen are screwing this nation out of its existence!

End of memoradum!

I have never been ashamed of an American President the way that I feel for this man, Barack Hussein-Obama. As an African-American, I should be in the vanguard leading the cheering for Mr. Obama. I should be in full support of all of his programs. But, there is one little problem.

I am an American first!

I believe in Life, Liberty and The Pursuit of Happiness!

I love freedom: I despise socialism and communism.

I am a strong defender of capitalism. Obama is not!

The vast majority of Americans are unaware of this man’s socialist and possible communist ties. Furthermore, they do not understand the number of socialists working in the Hussein-Obama administration.

It is difficult to understand how someone being blessed to have been born in the greatest nation on planet earth could hate their country so much. But, there are people, Black and White, who actually hate this country. I listened to Hussein-Obama on the campaign trail last year. I listened as he talked about his love for this  country.  He sounded good, and fooled a lot of people with his ,”God Bless America Rhetoric.”

I knew that in his gut he hated this country. So does his wife, Michelle!

 I understand the Afrocentric paradigm that these two were taught to inculcate. The true teaching of Afrocentrism is to give to those of African descent a full history on Africa in antiquity!

It is designed to give to those with African blood a greater sense of self and what our ancestors from the “Original Egyptians” down to the great teachers at Timbuktu gave to the world!

Hussein-Obama was given a skewed version of Afrocentrism from his pastor, Jeremiah Wright. This version promoted elitism and racial hatred for those of European descent!

So when you hear this socialist President talk about his love for America, simply look at what he has done to her thus far!

Does it look like someone who respects the Founders? Does his actions to date appear to be the actions of someone who loves this land?

This is what I see!

I see anger and utter hatred for this country coming from this man!

Despite all that has taken place with African-Americans and Native Americans in this country, (My Grandmother Is Cherokee Indian) I am an unabashedly proud “American.”

No one had to beg me to join the United States Marine Corps. Back in my day, all I had to do was to wait to be drafted by the Army. Yet, because of my love for this country, I guess it is in my blood, seeing that my people are indigenous to this land, I was six days removed from high school, when I found myself being yelled at by three scary Marine Corps Drill Instructors!

Each day, those of us in the know continue to tell you to not trust this President. When word leaked that AIG employees would be given hefty bonuses, Americans were outraged. Seeking to capitalize on that outrage, our hypocritical President feint ignorance of the bonuses.

But, he knew about the bonuses. He just simply fixed his lips, and “Lied To You.”

Have you noticed how easy it is for this man to lie? In a sense, it is pathological!

Barack Hussein-Obama is responsible for a mob mentality that descended on the homes of AIG employees last weekend. A huge “Tour Bus,” converged on the million-dollar plus homes.

Not “One Single Socialists Press Member Asked, Who Rented The Bus?”

Well, it turns out that Barack Hussein-Obama’s old pals at “ACORN” were behind this “Bogus Outrage.”

ACORN is tatamount to low level mobster, who when instructed will, “Break Your Knee-Caps.”

ACORN is also the same people who recently received millions and millions of dollars courtesy of their bud, Barack Hussein-Obama, from one of his stimulus bills!

If we had a real news media this story would not look good for this nation’s socialist President. But you can forget these clowns.

What they call reporting today is nothing more than a group of lackeys taking “Dictations” from the Hussein-Obama White House!

Since Hussein-Obama whipped protesters up into a “Class Envy,” lynch mob mentality, AIG people have had their lives threatened. What President can you think of in recent memory has demonstrated such low class?

According to the web site,, AIG officials are now receiving threatening e-mails. This is the type of sick behavior that is displayed when you are the President of the United States and you lie to people about not knowing of the AIG bonuses:

” All of you motherf…ers should be shot. Thanks for f…ing  up our economy then taking our money”

“Dear Sir” Ya’ll should have the balls and come clean and give back the bonuses. I know you would never do this so the gov’t ought to take you out back and shoot everyone of you crooked sonofb….es..I would be very careful when I went out side. This is just a warning. If I were ya’ll I would be real afraid. Thanks, Bill”

“I don’t hope that bad things happen to the recipients of those bonuses. I really hope that bad things happen to the children and grandchildren of them! Whatever hurts the most”

Ladies and Gentlemen, guess who is responsible for these crazies coming out of the woodwork?

The President of The United States and the socialists press!

Meantime, the nutty Attorney General of the state of New York, Andrew Cuomo,  has “Asked For The Names Of All Of Those Who Received Bonuses.”

What Cuomo is doing is nothing but, coordinated, “Class Envy Bullcrap.”

How long do you think it would take before the names of these people aren’t made public?

Someone has to stop the madness, otherwise we will end up like England!

A group described as being anti-capitalist, and who calls themselves, “Bank Bosses Are Criminals,” attacked the home of Sir Fred Goodwin, the former chief executive of the Royal Bank of Scotland on Wednesday night.

Police say three windows to Sir Goodwin’s home were smashed in. A Mercedes that was in an outside courtyard was also damaged by the thugs. Sir Goodwin and his family were not at home.

America, this is not funny. People’s lives are at stake, yet we have an irresponsible President and other officials who are more interested in pretending to be populists, when in essence they are nothing short of socialists and communists!

I am ashamed of Barack Hussein-Obama. He is nothing short of a Chicago mobster masquerading as the President of The United States!


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