I had to sit down and give some serious thought to why Auturo Sarukhan, the Mexican Ambassador to this country, is marching in lock-step with the Barack Hussein-Obama White House–and the gun grabbers on the socialists left!

Sarukhan is every bit as much of a liar as those are on the left in this country when it comes to the issue of guns in Mexico!

 Not only does he stand up and tell a bold face lie, and that is, 90% of all of the guns coming into his country are from the United States: This man calls on intelligent people to believe in his “Fantasy Land Thinking” that the U.S. has a caravan of guns crossing over into Mexico every day. If you can believe it, Sarukhan, with a straight face,  says two-thousand guns are brought across the border and into Mexico each day from America!

 That means, “730-Thousand Guns Are Coming From This Country And Filtered Into Mexico Every Year.”

To believe this lie, you would have to willingly suspend your ability to be a “Thinking, Rational, Intelligent Human Being.”

Suffice it to say, Sarukhan is lying!

The question is why?

First, let me say this.  The Alcohol Tobacco Firearms and Explosives Department has gone on record refuting this outlandish claim by Sarukhan. But, he isn’t the only one looking into the cameras and lying to the American people. Secretary of State, Hillary Clinton and members of the socialists press are also peddling this lie.

Mrs. Clinton flew into Mexico earlier this year, and promptly apologized to that country’s President’s for the infiltration of guns from this country and into Mexico.  She intimated that had the Bush administration let stand the assault weapons ban, imposed by “Her Husband” in the 1990’s, we wouldn’t be witness to the carnage that is now taking place in Mexico.

This lying ghastly woman knows damn well that there is no statistical data that would support her thesis that the Clinton assault weapons ban did anything to slow the homicide rate.

We know that this woman is a pathological liar.  So, I will not waste anymore time refuting the lies that flow so easily from her crooked mouth!

If the “Office Secretaries” of Barack Hussein-Obama, “The Socialists Press,” would uncross their legs and did some real reporting,  Americans would learn that in 2007-08, the Mexican government turned over to our country, eleven-thousand guns.

The Mexican government felt that these guns were clearly American by the way they looked.  At the end of the day, six-thousand of these weapons were successfully traced back to this country.

This is how shady people like the Mexican Ambassador to the U.S., Mrs. Clinton, The Brady People, Juan Williams of Fox News, the socialists press, and the rest of the gun grabbers came up with their magical number of, “90%.”

You need to know that there is a wealth of information that this pack of liars don’t want you to know.  First of all, the Mexican Ambassador didn’t mention that over the past six years, “150-Thousand Mexican Army Troops Have Deserted.”

When they left, most of these cowards took their service issued, AR 16  rifles with them. Many of these soldiers are now fighting on the side of the Mexican drug cartels, “Using Their Military Rifles.”

Why didn’t Auturo Sarukhan mentioned this? I think the answer is pretty clear!

Remember those eleven-thousand guns that were turned over to our side by the Mexican government in 2007-08?  Well, during that same time period, the Mexican government recovered “Twenty-Nine Thousand” guns at various crime scenes. According to www.nowpublic.com:

” Sixty- eight percent of the guns that were recovered were never submitted for tracing. And when you weed out the roughly 6,000 guns that could be traced from the remaining 32 percent, 83 percent of the guns found at crime scenes in Mexico, ‘Could Not’ be traced to the U.S.”

The question that begs to be answered is why is Sarukhan lying to the American people? I think there are several  reasons:

* He is working with the Hussein-Obama administration

as this dastardly administration lay the ground work to come

after our guns

* Hussein-Obama is hoping that Sarurhan’s voice will

give his administration credibility when he does make his

grand move on dismantling the 2nd Amendment

* Sarukhan is embarrassed that his government can’t control where

the lion’s share of guns, explosives, rocket launchers are really

coming from

The Mexican Ambassador knows that the country of Guatemala is the point of entry for a smorgasbord of weapons entering into Mexico. For example, there is an array of ordnance’s coming into Mexico from:

* China (Supplier Of “Fully Automatic” A-K 47’s)

* Former Soviet Block Countries (Suppliers Of Shoulder Fired

Rocket Launchers)

* South Korea ( Supplier Of Fragmentation Grenades)

* South Africa ( Fully Automatic Weapons)

According to the Federal Research Division Report From The Library of Congress, the Revolutionary Armed Forces of Columbia ( FARC) has set up a secret arms smuggling and drug trafficking agreement with the Tijuana drug cartel. Furthermore, the 2006 Amnesty International report declared that Communist China was a main source of armaments to “Latin America.”  Mexico is in Latin America!

While people like Hillary Rodham-Clinton and U.S. Senator Dianne Feinstein are spreading vicious lies about our involvement in gun smuggling into Mexico, our own, “U.S. Intelligence Agencies” are saying that Guatemala is the main route used by traffickers to move among other things, “GUNS” into Mexico.

America, you are being lied to. You are being lied to because Barack Hussein-Obama knows that in order to take us deeper into socialism, he will have to “Disarm The Peasants.”

Thomas Jefferson once opined:

“Those who beat their swords into plow sheds will end of plowing for those who kept their swords”

The gun grabbers have now been exposed for all to see!

But don’t expect them to stop the lie that “90% Of All Guns Entering Mexico Are Coming From The U.S.”

This lie is delusional behavior at best. What we can do is to continue to educate all who are willing to listen. Our country is presently on shaky ground with Barack Hussein-Obama in the White House!

Our democracy is in peril.

Instead of uniting Americans, he has helped to widen the chasm between us. He has thus drawn a line in the sand.

I can not say that I am shocked!

What say you America?


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