Now, there should be little doubt that Barack Hussein-Obama wants to crush any and all dissent when it comes to his draconian administration!

I have written before that this “Child” in a man’s body has an insatiable need to be “Loved.” He is easily crushed, emotionally speaking,  if he suspects that someone has rejected him.  His issues have their etiology in his family of origin!

A few years ago during the Democrat primaries, Maureen Dowd of the ultra-left newspaper, The New York Times, made fun of Hussein-Obama’s “Dumbo Like Ears.” Following the conclusion of his his news conference, Obama bolted from the stage and confronted Ms. Dowd!

He reminded her that he was teased as a kid about his “Mule Ears.” To which Ms. Dowd responded by saying, “We Are Just Trying To Toughen You Up.”

Here we have a supposedly grown man still dealing with issues from his childhood, and lamenting like a lost child over the teasing of his ears. It was clear that this man needed and sought much affection and adoration, in order to make up for the deficit of having extra large ears, and other emotionally laden issues!

One of which may have to do with how some European-Americans treated him and his White mother during his early childhood!

I suspect that this country’s first African-American President, “Has Anger Issues Toward White Americans, Especially Conservatives.”

Hussein-Obama is in his safety zone, and we can see it, when he presents his wide toothy grin upon seeing a bunch of idiots genuflect at his feet during one of his long winded diatribes,  billed as speeches!

These people are mainly “liberals.”

Why do you suspect that Hussein-Obama is a champion for groups like “Homosexuals And Illegal Aliens, Who Are Mainly From Mexico?”

It is because in his mind, he can identify with both groups. It is people like Obama who feel that these groups are the object of much derision and hate from “Conservatives.”

This man’s hatred for “Conservatives” has now become crystallized!

The Department of Homeland Security released a nine page report the other day. I know that the White House says Janet Napolitano, the head of this Department, prepared this inflammatory document. However, if you read it, and juxtapose my evaluation of Hussein-Obama, with the words,  you will see his finger prints all over it!

The report says Homeland Security is warning law enforcement around the country that there has been a “Rise In Right wing Extremist Activity.”

This same report blames the alleged rise on:

* The economic recession

* The election of the nation’s first Black President

* The return of a few disgruntled war veterans

All of this material was put out for public consumption without a “Single Shred Of Evidence.”

I was left stunned over how our military was defamed by the President of The United States!

A point concerning unjustified anger, which I think is Obama’s problem. You become a slave to your impulsivity when you allow your anger to become unjustified.  In other words, you are lead around by your anger. You don’t think in a rational manner; you simply react!

Now that he’s gotten caught, Obama is trying to throw Napolitano under the bus. Reports say Obama is distancing himself from this report.

Someone needs to explain to me: How in the hell does the President of The United States distance himself from a member of his Cabinet? Those of us who who do not grovel at the feet of Barack Obama understand that he wrote this report.

However,  just like he threw Granma and the Reverend Jeremiah Wright under the bus, it is time for Janet Napolitano to go under.

Listen to White House lapdog, Nick Shapiro:

“The President is focused not on politics but rather taking the steps necessary to protect all Americans from the threat of violence and terrorism regardless of its origin. He also believes those who serve represent the best of this country, and he will continue to ensure that our veterans receive the respect and benefits they have earned”

What a crock of B.S.!

Face it Mr. President, You got caught. Now,  this thing is about to blow up in your face!

Because if you think this is going away any time soon, you’ve got another thought coming.

Parenthetically, the “Obama Document” not only points to him being the first African-American President, and the target of much angst. It says, again, without an iota of evidence,  that there are other hot button issues that could set certain (CONSERVATIVES) people off:

” Groups and individuals that are dedicated to a single-issue, such as opposition to abortion, immigration, or gun control”

Now, I ask you. Who are the people who oppose abortion, immigration and so-called sensible gun control laws?


So, with one stupid act, this guy who is said to be so damn brilliant, has now painted himself into a corner.  Just like he did when he was in San Francisco last year,  speaking to a bunch of, “Whining Liberals.”

Remember when he said that the good folks in Pennsylvania love to, “Cling To Their Guns And their Religion?”

He was speaking of, “Conservatives.”

What this document shows me is this. The President has more respect for the Islamofascists and terrorists around the world than he has for, “Conservative Americans.”

The Hussein-Obama administration has ordered those on his staff to cease and desist from using terms like, “War on Terror, Or Terrorist.”

Obama decided to eliminate the term, “War On Terror,” because he did not wish to, “Offend Muslim Countries.”

In place of the words, “War On Terror,” this weak-kneed President has ordered his people to use the ambiguous term, “Overseas Contingency Operation.”

Terrorists to this “World Citizen Will Be Called Criminals.”

Witness how Secretary of State Hillary Rodham-Clinton called the Somali Terrorists, “Criminals.”

Let’s see if I have this straight. Hussein-Obama is okay with calling Americans such vile names as, “Right wing Extremists–And even Defaming Members Of Our Military.”

But, to the Islamofascists and other terrorists around the world, it is the kid glove, respectful, treatment!

This man is as radical as they come!

America, the way that this man thinks, if you so happen to have an NRA bumper sticker on your car, you would fall under the rubric of “Right wing Extremists.”

If you are a say a stay at home Mom, but you get involved in one of hundreds of “Tea Parties” that have sprun up across the U.S., you know the ones that the socialists press refuses to tell you about, “You Are A Right wing Extremists.”

Americans should be outraged at this man. He needs to hear loudly and clearly that this is, “The United States of America.”

We are not England. We are not France. We are not Canada!

We “The People,” are citizens of the greatest country on the face of God’s green earth. The United States of America!

And, No one appointed Barack Hussein-Obama, “King of America.”


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