If  I hear one more “Closet Democrat” posing as a Conservative tell me to be more bipartisan, I’m going to scream!

It’s okay to scream; in many cases it can be cathartic.  So, to you limp wrist, linguine spined males out there who call yourselves “A Man,” relax!

Allow me to let you in on a little secret. There is no such animal as “Bipartisanship In Washington, D.C.”

What the Democrats and those in the socialists press call bipartisanship is Conservatives and Republicans genuflecting at the feet of Barack Hussein-Obama, and doing everything the “Messiah” orders them to do. For those Americans who have the audacity to speak out against a single Obama policy, they are called “Right Wing Extremists.”

I watched the arrogant Homeland Security Chief on Fox  News on Thursday morning. Now, I like Steve Doocey Gretchen Carlson and Brian Kilmeade, who by the way wasn’t there. Some guy from their Fox Financial Network was covering for Kilmeade. It didn’t matter, they all let Janet Napolitano, “Off The Hook.”

These are nice people, however, they are not great interviewers. They threw softball questions at Napolitano who just last week released a report warning police of a rise in Right Wing Extremists. She even said that some “Disgruntled” returning servicemen were “Ripe” for enlistment into White Supremacists Groups.

She offered no proof; just the release of an incendiary report. Napolitano called it an, “Assessment.” By calling this hate filled, anti-democracy  document an assessment, this egoistical woman thought that she could get away with what she said. Well, I’ve done a few psychological assessments over some twenty odd years as a Clinical Psychologist!

In a nutshell, an assessment provides the evaluator with an opportunity to proffer an opinion on what he or she is seeing and feeling. Recommendations conclude any assessment.  Napolitano said the report was written based on what has occurred in the past. She had to go there, and bring up the name of “Timothy McVeigh.”

I must repeat, this woman offered no proof  for alerting Americans to a so-called in Right Wing Extremism!

I found myself asking why was this report released on April 15th. This was the day of a “Major Tea Party Protest” all across America.

My answer was clear. The Hussein-Obama administration wanted to not only discredit these good , caring, God-fearing Americans, he wanted his socialists media pals to malign these folks with their lies and innuendos.

The socialists press did not disappoint!

However, at the end of the day, the  Hussein-Obama administration had dug itself a very deep hole, and so had the socialists press.  This anti-American report, which I have labeled the, “Obama Document,” was written I believe, by Barack Hussein-Obama!

Let me be frank.  Barack Hussein-Obama despises “Conservatism.” And who are the people that Homeland Security has its sights firmly set on, “Conservatives.” According to these jack-booted thugs, if you are against illegal aliens, you are a Right Wing Extremists. If you are against abortions, you guessed it, you are a Right Wing Extremists. If you are against so-called “Sensible Gun Control Legislation,” you are a Right Wing Extremists, if you are against gay marriage, you too are labeled a Right Wing Extremists!

I should point out that Napolitano’s body language suggested that she was in a combative mood when she appeared on Fox. That would have been fine with me, because I would have “Nailed Her Ass.”

I am sick and tired of these people who think they can say hateful things, or purposely attempt to divide us as Americans: But once the heat comes down,  they  think that they can say, “What  I Really Meant Was,” and all is forgiven!

That type of an explanation is pure unadulterated B.S.

We all know what “Team Obama” meant with this report. This country was already divided when this socialist took office. What Team Obama has done is to clearly say,  if you are a Conservative, he will use his “Brown Shirts To Come After You.”

America,  “A Line Has Been Drawn In The Sand.”

Napolitano gave a half-hearted apology while on Fox. She also said that she would like to meet with VFW officials in order to, “Clear The Air.”

Well Janet, guess who fouled up the air?

As mentioned, Tea Parties were held throughout the nation on April 15th. I sat and watched Americans by the thousands who attended this event at the Alamo in Texas. I was so proud to see our democracy in action.

However, not everyone was equally proud to see Americans perform a rite that has been a part of our political system for centuries.  Nancy Pelosi has got to be one of the dumbest people on the face of the earth. How she has achieved so much prominence with such a tiny brain will forever perplex me!

This clueless, brain-dead woman, had the nerve to say that the Tea Parties were the brain-child of “American Billionaires,” who used their money to support big business. This moron didn’t have the sense to leave well enough alone. She then went on to say that these business people wanted to continue with “George Bush’s Failed Policies.”

When will these do nothing, knuckle dragging socialist Democrats get it? George Bush is no longer the President. When will their small minds inform them that the Tea Parties were not a bunch of Republicans and Conservatives getting together to denounce Barack Hussein-Obama?

All across this great country, Americans see their freedoms slipping away, incrementally. They see their children and their children’s children’s future being flushed down the toilet by wasteful spending, which by the way has been done by both the Democrats and Republicans.  They look at their country and they don’t recognize it anymore!

Yet, this intellectually challenged San Francisco elitist has this screwy notion that close to two-hundred thousand Americans met around the country on Wednesday to make Barack Hussein-Obama their focal point?

The woman is a dumkoft, plain and simple!

By the way, who are the financiers for the Democrats protests? Does the name of George Soros, who now control this party come to mind?

Nancy Pelosi wasn’t the only doofus who showed the world that she was nowhere around when the good Lord was handing out brains.

There is this reporter, and trust me, I use the term loosely, who made a complete ass of herself. Her name is Susan Roesgen of CNN. This imbecile was in Illinois on Wednesday. She had the nerve to not only lecture a man who was holding his two year old son, this “Democrat Activist”, sounding like she had just left a White House staff meeting, reminded this “American Citizen” just how good Barack Hussein-Obama had been to his state by doling out Billions in stimulus money.

When this unnamed man interrupted “Little Miss Know It All,” she began to argue with him. When the gentleman, and he was a gentleman having to put up with this arrogant jackass, asked Roesgen to allow him to finish his statement, she pulled away from him and told her anchor in the CNN studio, Kyra Phillips:

” You get the general tenor of this, tea party. Anti-government, anti-CNN since this is highly promoted by the right-wing conservative network Fox and since I can’t really hear much more and I think this is not really family viewing. Toss it back to you Kyra”

Ms. Phillips said the Illinois Tea Party was indicative of what was going on across the country.

Boy, did that piss me off.  How could she disparage these fine, upstanding Americans like this? 

 It was then that I realized that, “A Line Has Been Drawn In The Sand.”

Anderson Cooper, another CNN political hack for the Hussein-Obama administration told a crude sexual joke while interviewing David Gergen. Mr. Gergen said “Republicans Were Searching For Their Voices.” To which the vulgar Anderson Cooper replied, ” It’s Hard To Talk When You’re Tea bagging.”

The two of them giggle like teenage boys after this scatological joke was aired!

Tea bagging is a sexual act performed by homosexuals. One aspect of this  has one person having oral sex performed on him.

I’ll leave it at that!

Over at MSNBC, David Shuster, another no talent piece of garbage also made filthy jokes about tea bagging.

I want you to imagine a reporter from Fox News making an outrageous comment about homosexuals or illegal aliens. The same hypocrites who broadcasts this garbage would have been calling for the person’s head on a platter!

By the way, none of the so-called mainstream media got it. They could not correctly explain to the American people why their fellow Americans were out protesting on April 15th.

Folks, there is a major disconnect in this country.

Wednesday, April 15th, 2009 showed us that, “A Line Has Been Drawn In The Sand.”

We now have a brazen news media that no longer cares that you know it is in the tank for Barack Hussein-Obama!

We have a brazen Barack Hussein-Obama administration determined to strip you of your Constitutional Rights!


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