Barack Hussein-Obama is so self-absorbed in his own narcissism that he can’t see that many world leaders not only disdain him–they are laughing out loud as soon as he leaves the room!

Yes, this is the same man who has convinced himself that he can seduce world leaders with his mellifluous voice, and his smile, the way a playboy can bewitch and mesmerize any unsuspecting  woman. But, there is one thing the playboy won’t tell you: Sometimes, “He Gets Played.”

The world has heard and seen enough of this “Windbag In A Suit.” And the world has made its assessment. It is being reported that French President, Sarkozy, feels Obama’s thinking on some of the world’s biggest issues is plagiarism at best. According to, this web site is reporting that Sarkozy feels obama’s arrogance to recast America as a world leader is, “Unoriginal, Unsubstantial And Overrated.”

The Times says Sarkozy while pretending to like Mr. Obama, is highly irritated at him. And that irritation seeps out from behind closed doors at the Elysee Palace, where President Sarkozy says Obama is full of “Hot Air” when he talks about “Freeing The World Of The Menace Of A Nuclear Nightmare.”

Here is where the charge of plagiarism comes in.  Sarkozy reportedly said that most of what Obama went to Europe and proposed at the recent G-20, “Was Already Proffered By None Other Than–Former President George W. Bush.”

That observation has got to take a major hit on “The Messiah’s Massive Ego.”

He and socialist Democrats and their buds in the socialists press tried for eight long years to cast Mr. Bush as some dim-witted, village idiot.  Not so, according to the French President!

Some would say this is nothing more than sour grapes coming from Sarkozy. And they could be right!

Nonetheless, Sarkozy makes a point according to an unidentified staffer. The staffer said that Sarkozy is:

“Annoyed by what he sees as the naivety and the herd mentality of the media”

There is little question that Obama “Owns The Media Here In The United States As Well As Across The Pond.”

However, Obama’s lack of experience and overall arrogance of power is about to be tested.  Contrary to his sophomoric thinking, the world is a very dangerous place: And just sitting down across a table and talking  and smiling at an Ahmadinejad, or leaders of Al Qaeda, or the Taliban “Won’t Get It.”

 Say what you will about George W. Bush, but he left Americaa much safer place, than did his predecessor, Bill Clinton. However, now when things start to heat up in Iran and North Korea, Obama will no longer be able to go back to his old tired, stand by line of, “It’s George Bush’s Fault.”

It is now the watch and mettle of this “Empty Suit” that will soon be tested.  Every day I say, “Thank God For Benjamin Netanyahu.” He is the new Prime Minister of Israel. And this man, Netanyahu, “Is A Man’s Man.”

Obama loves to show up on our television everyday to rant about something. He so reminds me of the Cuban communist leader, Fidel Castro.  If you have been observant, most tyrants love to sit, or stand in front of a microphone ,and monologue about their latest achievement, or what difficult task is on their plate. Obama is no different than a Castro or his “New Best Friend,” Hugo Chavez of Venezuela!

 Let’s see if we can locate Obama and his “Telepromter” once he is faced with a real crisis. Don’t worry:That crisis is on the horizon: And it will soon come out of Tehran!

Last April, in Conshohocken, Pennsylvania,  loudmouth, Hillary Rodham-Clinton, now the Secretary of State, said that if she were elected President, and Iran unleashed a nuclear attack on Israel, “She Would Totally Obliterate Iran.”

Such big talk when you are running for President, as Rodham-Clinton was at the time. Now, Clinton another “Big Bag Of Wind–Like Her Socialist Boss,” is talking about playing “Nice, Nice With Iran.”

My, My, My, what a difference a year makes!

Hillary the fake “Roaring Lion,” has turned out to be a great big, “Pussy Cat.’

We already knew that Obama was a coward. He only becomes brave when it comes to attacking his own country, and taking away Constitutional Rights from Conservatives.

By the way, Obama responded to Ms. Clinton’s tough campaign talk last year:

” I think that one of the things that we’ve seen over the last several years is a bunch of you know, talk. Using words like obliterate doesn’t actually produce good results. And so I’m not interested in saber rattling”

Obama is a man of his word. When North Korea launch a rocket recently, what did the Obama administration do?  Right, nothing.  When Iran announced that it was closer to having a nuclear bomb, what did this “Talker” do? Again, you are right. He did nothing.!

What this socialist is doing is selling Israel down the proverbial river. Hillary “The Blowhard” Secretary of State, has announced that the Obama administration is ready to talk to Iran. She said, “Tehran had a clear opportunity to show the world it is wiling to engage.”

Memo To Hillary Rodham-Clinton: Tehran doesn’t give a damn what the world thinks!

This terrorist nation is moving closer and closer to acquiring a nuclear bomb, and the Obama administration is out “In Candy Land Picking Daises.”

Prime Minister Netanyahu and President Obama are at loggerheads over the Iranian situation. Our country used to be Israel’s number one supporter. That is, until Barack Hussein-Obama came to town. He has openly demonstrated a fondness for respecting terrorists more than he does for Americans and the tiny country of Israel!

Prime Minister Netanyahu had planned to meet with Obama next month while in Washington. Netanyahu is due here to attend the annual American Israeli Public Affairs Committee conference in the nation’s Capitol.

Netanyahu was quickly told that President Obama wouldn’t be available to see him, because “His Highness” would be out of town!

There are some reports that suggests that President Obama is using Israel’s anxiety over Iran and its nuclear program as a bargaining chip to make Israel turn over control of the West bank to the Palestinians. The White House is saying in essence that if Israel wants our help, she will capitulate to Obama’s arm twisting.

Israelis are up in arms with Obama. They take umbrage with him telling them where they can live. Prime Minister Netanyahu is not a man who will sit around and play footsie with Ahmadinejad of Iran. Some reports are saying that Israel has plans on the drawing boards to bomb areas they suspect contain Iran’s nuclear arsenals.

Israel can not afford to sit around and wait on “Captain Smiley” to decide their fate. Netanyahu is a man who lives in the real world, unlike “Our Fearless Leader.”

The “Dictator of Venezuela, Hugo Chavez,” also resides on planet earth. This pot-bellied, hater of the United States, made a complete fool of President Obama at the Summit of The America’s in Trinidad. The President of The United States was caught shaking hands with a man who has violated the human rights of his people. This President who scolded George Bush on “Torturing Terrorists”, was caught with his hand on Chavez’s shoulder, yucking it up!

Hugo Chavez, a man who is complicit in murder and drug running. And our hypocritical President shakes hands with him like they “Were Old Homies.”

To top it off, Obama accepts an America bashing book. The book,  was listed number “60,280 On Friday.” By Saturday night, the book had rocketed to number “Eleven On Amazon. Com. This, after our nitwit President held the book up for the cameras!

Remember, Chavez called Obama an “Ignoramus” a few weeks ago.  Something tells me that he’s right!

Keep laughing it up with communist dictators, and those who abridge the freedom of their people President Obama. While you are chuckling, these Satanic individuals are planning on having you and this country as their “Main Course.”

So, thanks a lot President Obama for “Shaking Hands With The Devil,” and showing the world your true colors. I am sure the good people in Venezuela whose rights have been crushed by this arrogant dictator also thank you!


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