If you have ever wondered why The National Broadcasting Company, a highly respected news organization at one time, has taken a sharp turn to the left, you needn’t  wonder any longer!

America, The National Broadcasting Company is in bed with the Obama administration.  What all of this means is that you can not trust a word that comes from NBC News or their sister station, MSNBC. They are now on par with the Russian Communist newspapers, Prada and Izvestia. As a result, these two organizations have lost all credibility as a legitimate news gathering source!

Jeffrey Immelt is the CEO and Chairman of General Electric. This means he is the go to guy at NBC, because General Electric “Owns NBC.” 

Apparently, this slime ball, Immelt, and those who work for him don’t care how the public view the product that now emerges from from NBC News.  You can see and hear their bias.  It is on full display everyday along with their incredible arrogance!

Witness how some of these people over at MSNBC treated “Americans” who attended last week’s tea parties. Foul-mouth, David Shuster, made crude tea bagging  jokes.  Peaceful Americans, coming together to air a common grievance, were insulted by the Cossacks at the Peacock Network.

This behavior has become all too common, and frankly, this is why MSNBC’s rating are “In The Toilet,” where they belong, with the rest of the garbage that ascribes the title of “reporter” to their individual names!

Immelt and his team of “Obama Hacks” have long since given up their honor and dignity, and have now assumed the role of “Democrat Activists.”

Two years ago, NBC launched what it calls ” Green Week.” All this week, viewers are treated to this self-serving propaganda for not only NBC, but the Obama White House as well. NBC has also tied in Earth Day, which is Wednesday of this week, with its Green Week campaign!

The hypocrites at NBC have been promoting what they call environmentally friendly practices: Which by the way, they say viewers and advertisers have responded to in a positive manner.

I would be the first to shake Mr. Immelt’s hand for this work.  However, I am not fond of being in the presence of hypocrites if I can help it.  Jeffrey Immelt sits on President Obama’s economic advisory board.

Did I hear someone say “Conflict Of Interest?”

I don’t think that it would matter to either Immelt or Obama if they heard these words.

Both have shown they are dishonorable men!

Here is the problem. The economic advisory board advises the President on matters relative to jump-starting the nation’s economy. Furthermore, it is the job of the economic advisory board to report back to the Chief Executive, and tell him how programs that are helping the economy are working.

Are you following me?

If NBC just dabbled in the news business, there would be no problem. However, I must point out again, General Electric owns NBCNews. And, General Electric just so happens to be the largest manufacturer of power plants and medical equipment worldwide. G.E. also has its hands in the health-care industry, plastics, commercial-finance, and venture capital divisions.

Can you not see how this marriage between Immelt and the Obama administration “Stinks To High Heaven?”

From the hoax of global warming to universal health care, General Electric stands to make “Billions And Billions Of Dollars From The Federal Government.”

And no one from the mainstream media is reporting this to you!

Truth and honesty, what he hell is that?

Now, you tell me if the Obama administration isn’t in the NBC and MSNBC newsrooms: Writing and editing copy. This entire “Green Week Propaganda Campaign” is designed to attach General Election to the global warming lies and misinformation!

This whorish relationship that Jeffrey Immelt has with the Obama administration will come back to bite him and a once revered network, in the arse. Despite the so-called mainstream media’s attempt to hide the numbers, more Americans today say they aren’t convinced of Al Gore’s lies of global warming. Apparently, these same Americans who are dealing with difficult economic times, aren’t interested in hearing “Fairy Tales From Barack Hussein-Obama And His Lying Scientists That Puny Little Man Is Destroying God’s Earth.”

Besides, there are thousands of credible scientists who have rejected “This Scam.”

You probably didn’t  hear this, but “Thirty-One Thousand Scientists One Year Ago,” signed a petition rejecting this farce known as global warming.

You didn’t hear about the signing because these “Honest Men And Women” aren’t in the tank for Al Gore or the Democrats or Republicans. The politically correct news media only reports on groupthink news!

By now, the number of scientists who say global warming is total B.S., have no doubt grown exponentially!

I know that for the Chicken Little’s, like our grandiose President, he couldn’t care less what you or I think of this bogus phenomenon. He will continue to pump billions of our tax dollars into something that is cyclical, and that is, “The Climate Does Change,” but it has nothing to do with man!

This is not to say that we shouldn’t care about our environment.  I have been a conservationist/environmentalist  for a number of years. The difference between someone like me and a Barack Hussein-Obama is, I do not wish to control anyone, and secondly, I am not in the business of lying to my fellow Americans, just to make a lousy damn buck!

I tuned into the Glenn Beck Radio Show on Tuesday morning. He had a fellow on that, unfortunately I could not get his name. He mentioned that Wednesday(Today), General Electric would be holding its annual stockholders meeting in Orlando, Florida.

This man urged Mr. Beck’s listeners to go to, and affix their signature to a document that ostensibly will be read at the stockholders meeing. The upshot of the letter upbraids Immelt and warns GE stockholders that as Americans, we see what GE/NBC/MSNBS is doing:

“I’m troubled by your use of GE’s considerable lobbying resources to expand the grown and influence of government over my life. Specifically, GE is supporting so-called-cap-and-trade legislation that would increase energy prices, increase job losses and result in slower economic growth. In addition, the legislation would lead to a massive government bureaucracy and loss of individual freedom”

The letter goes on to point out:

“I’m concerned that you are using GE’s media empire to manipulate public opinion. NBC News and MSNBC are slanted to favor a left-wing political agenda and network programming is skewed to promote-without attribution-GE’s “green” business goals”

I will be honest with you, because I do not know if this letter will be handed out to stockholders or read. Whatever the tactic that is used, General Electric has been put on notice!

As the saying goes, “Money Talks.” I’m sure you know the end line to this saying!


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  1. Bud Edmonds
    Posted June 7, 2009 at 7:00 pm | Permalink

    Was hopping that the stockholders would wake up & fire him at the last
    stockholders meeting.. I certainly voted against him.. does any know
    what the vote tally was for removing him??

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