From this moment on, Barack Hussein-Obama will be known as America’s ,”Poodle President.”

Here’s why: A poodle is impressive in its looks and appearance, however, you wouldn’t want to trust your life to a poodle if you were being attacked by say, a,  German Shepard. No one in their right mind fears a poodle, but they not only fear a German Shepard, they have enormous respect for this type of canine!

Memo To The Socialists Press Who Has Anointed Obama A Rock Star: The tyrants of Russia, Iran, North Korea, Syria, Communist Cuba, Venezuela, The Sudans, etc., “Do Not Fear Rock Stars.”

What they fear is an American President who shows, “Strength And Resolve.”

To these people, Obama is nothing but an, “Empty Suit Filled With Hot Air.”

A man who is in love with “Hearing His Own Voice.”

They are right!

I will confess that I fear when the next attack comes to America. Make no mistake, America will be hit again. And why not? Our “Poodle President” has made it his life’s work to show the world that America is no longer a leader, and that he, “The Poodle,” will make sure that he personally, “De fangs This Great Country.”

With that as a backdrop, Fidel Castro has told “The Poodle” forget all of that talk his little brother, Raul gave last week, when he said he, Raul Castro, was ready to talk to “The Poodle,” and “Everything Was On The Table.”

Fidel Castro brought out his his clippers and he, “Sheared This Yapping Poodle.”

His words were not sweet and mellow. You know, the way “The Poodle” promised us he could get tyrants like this to emote!

Good Grief! Even a frail old man like Fidel Castro does not fear “The Poodle.”

Apparently, Grandpa Fidel wasn’t impressed by “The Poodle” showing up on the cover of a magazine, flexing his pecs this week!

That may impress the feminists(Females) and limp wrists men in this country, but to the bad guys, like Fidel, well, let’s just say, “They Look At The Poodle And Break Out Laughing.”

Castro said that Obama, AKA, “The Poodle President:” “Misinterpreted” his brother, Raul’s words. And Castro got his back up over Obama’s suggestion that Cuba should release its political prisoners and cut taxes on remittances from abroad.

The Poodle said if Cuba did these things, it would be seen “As A Good Will Gesture To The United States.”

Hah, Hah, Hah, replied Fidel Castro to “The Poodle President.”

There is no chance in hell that any of that stuff is going to happen. An enraged Fidel writing in a government essay seem to suggest that Obama had no right to tell Cuba what to do. In fact, Castro seem to bristle at even the tiniest suggestion.

Well, “Mr. Poodle,” welcome to the real world. It must hurt to know that not everyone like you, huh?

Just in case there was any doubt in “The Poodle’s” mind, Castro was there to clear them up:

” Affirming that the president of Cuba is ready to discuss any topic with the president of the United States expresses that he’s not afraid to broach any subject. It’s a sign of bravery and confidence in the principles of the revolution. Nobody should assume that he was talking about pardoning those sentenced in March 2003 and sending all of them to the United States, if the country were willing to liberate the five Cuban anti-terrorist heroes”

Castro was talking about some seventy-five political opposition leaders who were imprisoned six years ago. It is estimated that fifty-four remain behind bars. Raul Castro suggested last year that his country would be willing to let some of the prisoners go, providing the United States released five Cuban spies.

Well, I guess that’s off, according to “The Real Leader Of Cuba, Fidel Castro.”

Meantime, Castro’s tongue lashing of “The Poodle” shows that the “Bloom Is Off The Rose.’

Why, it seems like yesterday that old Fidel was praising Obama, just like everyone else. Now, the Cuban Dictator says “The Poodle” is showing signs of “Superficiality.’


First, French President Sarkozy, now Fidel Castro “Slapping The Poodle Across The Face.”

Now, let’s get real. Castro treated Obama just like some professors treat their students. He had little Raul set this nitwit up, by having Raul hook Obama, by saying he would be willing to sit down with “President Poodle” and talk about, “Everything,” including human rights, freedom of the press, and political prisoners.

That was the bait–and “The Poodle” bit down real hard!

Well, this rookie, “The Poodle,” with his tongue hanging out and salivating over what a major coup he had accomplished, came out and announced that Washington was looking to start a new beginning with Cuba.

Well, not so fast Poodle!

Fidel sure put this neophyte in his place, now didn’t he?

Castro also let this dummy know that he has no love for him because, “He Is An American.”

This guy, Obama, has tried to shame us as a country: And he has blamed America for just about all that has gone wrong in the worldsince time immemorial. He has basically told tyrants, “Don’t Blame Me, Blame Those Old White Men.”

I doubt if he will ever get it: Because these people despise him as much as they do you or me.

Correction, they probably despise him more, because of his despicable behavior toward his fellow countrymen. Say what you will about Castro, of Chavez of Venezuela, but you will never hear these men bad mouthing their countried, the way that “The Poodle” has dissed America!

Now that “The Poodle” has been put in his place by his “Master,” he is probably dragging his ass around the “White House With His Tail Between His Legs.”

Did I hear someone say, “Fetch?”


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