Just when you think that you have seen and heard it all from socialist Democrats, another one of these clowns will top his fellow clown!

This time, it is John Kohn-Kerry, the “Jewish” Senator from Massachusetts, who has tried to fool Americans into believing that he is Irish. Suffice it to say that Kohn-Kerry’s Grandfather changed the family’s surname before coming to this country from Europe. If you wish to find out additional information on this phony and the changing of his last name, you can do so by reading my book, “Democrat: Thy Name Is Narcissist.”

Okay, let me explain to you what this buffoon is up to now.  As you know, newspapers across the country are in trouble. They are in trouble because most of them are leftist rags. Their stories are centered on “Bragging About The Doings Of Socialist Democrats: And Bashing Conservatives And Republicans.”

These papers are so committed to socialist Democrats that they can’t understand why Americans are telling them that the best use for their papers is for their “New Puppies Or To Line Their Bird Cages With.”

Along comes John Kohn-Kerry to the rescue. He hasn’t said it, but this brazen, arrogant dimwit wants to use your tax money to help these struggling “Democrat Papers.”

I know that its coming, because I understand how these evil people think!

For now, “Mr. Wonderful” has called for his colleagues to start hearings designed to look into the money problems of the print media.

What an outrage!

What business is it of government to stick its big nose into the business of news?  There are clearly, “First Amendment Issues Involved Here.”

We all know that the media, both print and broadcasting is in the tank for Barack Hussein-Obama. Kohn-Kerry wants to make it official, by encouraging this jackals to come from out of the closets.

This is a slippery slope that he may want to think twice about going down. But, I know that he won’t, after all, John Kohn-Kerry, “Served In Vietnam.”

A disingenuous Kohn-Kerry said that he is worried about his hometown paper, The Boston Globe. The Globe is losing “A Cool Million Each Week.”

This is what this rascal, John Kohn-Kerry had to say:

“America’s newspapers are struggling to survive, and while there will be serious consequences in terms of the lives and financial security of the employees involved, including hundreds at the Globe, there will also be serious consequences for our democracy where diversity of opinion and strong debate are Paramount”

What a lying hypocrite. This idiot isn’t interested in what he calls a “Diversity Of Opinion.” He is only interested in one opinion, that of, “Socialist Democrats.”

So, he needs to can the B.S., because it is reeking!

By the way, millions of Americans have lost their jobs, have you heard this liar talk about rushing to their rescue? Have you heard him talk about holding Senate hearings? Of course not, because it is the media which carries the water for Democrats that this bias politician is interested in supporting and continuing.

The less propaganda rags available for socialist Democrats means that the American people will go elsewhere for their news. And when they do this, “They Will Find The Truth.”

This is what scares people like John Kohn-Kerryand that lying socialist President, “The Poodle,” Barack Hussein-Obama!

I’ve got a hot bullentin for both of these phonies: The American people have already started to go elsewhere for their news.  Millions of Americans may be ignorant, but “They Are Not Stupid.”

I nearly fell out of my chair when Kohn-Kerry said the following. He said that he was concerned over the negative influence of “Agenda-driven reporting” and media conglomerates.

You want to know who he is talking about?

Fox News and Conservative Talk Radio.

Hey Boy Genius, “Agenda Driven Reporting” is being done by NBC, MSNBC, CBS, ABC, CNN, and the National Public radio!

The reason why millions of Americans tune into Fox and listen to Conservative Talk Radio is because they know “They Will Get The Truth, Not A One Sided Socialist Democrat Spin.’

Certainly, this man can not be that dense!

Anyway, Kohn-Kerry said he hopes to start his Senate hearing on May 6, 2009. You need to stay focused on this man America. You need to stay focused on this because these arrogant SOB’s want to use your money to fund a bunch of newspapers that hate and despise your value system!

In the meantime, the New York Times is reporting that it is in debt to the tune of “1.3 Billion Dollars.”

That brings me great joy to my heart, because I despise this haunty, highbrow piece of crap of a newspaper. These people act as though they are the “Holy Grail Of Journalism.”

Well, let me tell you something, Mr. NYT. The American people think “YOU SUCK.”

That is why it is being reported that the Times will max out its current borrowing capacity in another “Four Quarters.”

America if you sit idly by and allow the Barack Hussein-Obama administration take control of this country’s newspapers, you will witness the start of “Communism, Forget Socialism.”

I say let these papers die–it would be the best think to happen to America. At least, this will be one less vehicle for socialist Democrats to use in order to brain-wash the American people with!

And yes, I would love to see Maureen Dowd of the New York Times on the unemployment line!


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