It was only a few days ago that “The Poodle,” The President of  The United States, said that he was open to what amounts to,”Going On A Witch Hunt” by socialists Democrats, who are obsessed with nailing former Bush lawyers for suggesting to the then President, certain interrogation techniques!

The always yapping President of this country, is hell-bent on turning America into a “Banana Republic.” He talks of justice, but everyone of us, who knows how to think in an esoteric fashion, understand what this weasel wants to do. In true sycophant behavior, Obama is determined to show the world that he is the honorable one, and former President Bush and his staff of committed people, who kept us safe for eight years, were “Not True Patriots.”

This guy, “The Poodle President,” wants us to believe that he and people like Nancy Pelosi, Janet Napolitano, Harry Reid, Chuck Shumer and Hillary Rodham-Clinton are the real patriots. The very thought of thinking of these slime balls as patriots, makes me want to find the nearest bucket, and puke!

Obama, “The Yapping Poodle,” is the antithesis of a patriot.  The thought of this pathological lying socialist, going after a former President and members of his cabinet, is straight out of the communist handbook of Joseph Stalin and Fidel Castro!

This is what Stalin and Castro did to their political enemies. Neither was satisfied that they had gained power, they wanted to exterminate their opposition!

This is what “The Poodle” wants to do. This is what the nut-jobs on the left, and Obama is one of them, have been waiting for!

This arrogant man, Obama, doesn’t give a damn what you or I think. The man revels in his own self-delusion of grandeur!

Yes, it was “The Poodle” who said on Tuesday of this week that he would be open to the creation of a “Bipartisan Commission” that would:

“Investigate the Bush administration’s use of harsh interrogation techniques on terrorism suspects, and he did not rule out taking action against the lawyers who fashioned the legal guidelines for the interrogations”

That was Tuesday, long before this arrogant President considered the fall-out of such a stupid recommendation. I call it stupid, because this idiot President never considered in his world of narcissism that an investigation on this un-heard of scale and magnitude,  would cast a very wide net, and that net would “Catch Some Of The Rats From His Socialists Party.”

Rats like Nancy Pelosi for instance. That’s right, bloviating rats like this San Francisco dumb-bell!

Now, this man who is perhaps one of the most incredibly lying Presidents this nation has had the displeasure to elect, is saying, “Let’s Move On.”

Anyone with half-a-brain knows why this socialist zealot wants to jettison this issue now that one of his own has been caught in the net. But, I say!

Not so fast “Poodle.”

This man needs to understand the age old adage, and that is, “Be Careful What You Ask For, Because You Just Might Get It.”

It is because of his youth, recklessness,  and over-zealousness that “The Poodle” will make one blunder after another for the remainder of his sorry/pathetic administration!

Simply pay attention!

Pelosi’s lying lips were moving rapidly Friday morning,  saying she had never been brought abreast of waterboarding techniques. However, according to several GOP operatives, this botoxed face woman is lying her arse off. These operatives point to a 2007 Washington Post story  in which Pelosi was sat down, and given “An Hour Long Briefing On Enhanced Interrogation Techniques.”

I know that she is dumb–but “An Hour To Process This Information?”

Hell, even this “Special Ed. Congresswoman” could inculcate the data from this important briefing!

The Post stated that the unidentified operatives told them that Pelosi didn’t utter a “Single Objection.”

At the time, this nitwit was a member of the Democrat minority. The newspaper wrote the following account of the meeting:

” In September 2002, four members of Congress met in secret for a first look at a unique CIA program designed to wring vial information from recent terrorism suspects in U.S. custody. For more than an hour, the bipartisan group, which included current House Speaker Nancy Pelosi(D-Cali.), was given a virtual tour of the CIA’s overseas detention sites and the harsh techniques interrogators had devised to try to make their prisoners talk”

Keep in mind that this is the same Nancy Pelosi, liar personified, who is now saying she knew nothing about waterboarding.  But, as the saying goes, “the Proof Is In The Pudding.”

It is simply mind-boggling how these socialist Democrats can “Lie To The Very Faces Of The American People.”

By the way, the Washington Post goes on to say of the meeting:

” Among the techniques described, said two officials present, was waterboarding, a practice that years later would be condemned as torture by Democrats and some Republicans on Capitol Hill.  But on that day, no objections were raised. Instead, at least two lawmakers in the room asked the CIA to push harder, two U.S. officials said”

Simply breathtaking America!

Again, I say to “The Poodle,” Please, let’s have a commission look into so-called tortorous  techniques recommended by Bush lawyers. Because as you so eagerly prepare the handcuffs for these Bush people, you’d better be prepared to have a set ready for Nancy Pelosi and some of your other socialists pals in the U.S. Congress!

People like Congresswoman Jane Harman of California and Democrat Jay Rockefeller of West Virginia. These are three other lying Democrats. While they will admit to being briefed on “operational details,” whatever the hell that is supposed to mean, these “Three Stooges” said a few years ago, that “We Never Saw The 2004 Bush Memos Describing Torture Techniques.”

Yeah Right!

Remember America, these people are “Democrats.” They would walk on their “Elderly Grandmothers” in order to gain an advantage!

They have no honor or integrity:  They worship at the altar of “Greed, Corruption And Power.”

Their God? They have no God–because in their mentally defective minds, “They Are God.”

So while this disingenuous President is selling out CIA agents operating in the field, and sidling up with Communists and “Terrorists,” I dare this arrogant America basher to have his Attorney General, Eric Holder to set up a commission.

One other thing, while this attention grabbing, self-centered, “Yapping Poodle” was quick to release information on CIA torture of prisoners the other day, I agree with former Vice-President, Dick Cheney, let’s have America take a look at the “TRUE EFFECTIVENESS OF THOSE TECHNIQUES.”

The Poodle knows what that information will show, “Waterboarding Techniques Worked, And Saved Thousands Of American Lives.”

Because this President has now limited our men operating in the field’s ability to extract valuable information from Islamofascists, he and he alone will “Take Full Responsibility When The Next Wave Of Islamofascists Strike America.”

So, for now “Mr. Poodle,” bask in your own self-aggrandizement!

Your comeuppance is just around the corner!



  1. Posted April 24, 2009 at 8:25 pm | Permalink

    A little torture is good for the sole. 🙂

    • Posted April 24, 2009 at 8:39 pm | Permalink

      If it is going to protect the American people, I couldn’t care less what happens to these 12th Century savages. By the way, when will the socialists press talk about the Americans who were beheaded by these animals? So, they get doused with a little water: Probably helped clean up the dirty bastards!

      Dr. Lewis

  2. Posted September 22, 2009 at 9:54 pm | Permalink

    Six (6) Possible Corollaries to Shrink, Wrap, and Confine Conservatives in 2010

    President Obama with passage into law of his Healthcare Reform Act later this year will earn the probablility then of diversifying his National Plan to intercept and revoke the rights of his current ‘opposing party,” the Conservative opposition. Upset repeatedly in achieving his elusive and starry-camouflaged yet mythical self-deification after 9 bitter months in power, he will take steps to consolidate his presidency fascistically.

    He will in the coming years promulgate (with an obedient, submissive Congress) regulations and articles that will label his most outspoken, current opponents as “parasites,” and will restrict the present Constitutional freedoms through a series of pseudo-Nuremberg Laws (used in 1935 in the 3rd Reich Germany) meant to ‘electrically shock and sweep away conservative longevity and tradition’.

    He will further reduce his opposition to a ‘second class citizen category’ and permit their continued (non-stop) denunciation by the media he so aptly controls by all aspects of rights and freedoms that these citizens have currently, but who by their actions and beliefs will no longer deserve….and therefore perhaps, futuristically, are labeled: “NOT desirous and personally fit to serve loyally the German (US) people.” (* from Article 2 of the Nuremberg Laws on CItizenship, September 15, 1935).

    How far will Obama take his power and the rise of his myth will depend as it did for other demagogues ultimately on “the classic pattern of republican govt. failure” that revamps the constitutional (founding fathers) definitions of security and liberty in an adequate central government. Look at what already has happened in 9 months to our central government? Will Obama centralize his power by deflecting his enemies and spoiling their game to make his presidency imperial? It took Hitler from 1933-1938 to reach an approval rating of 90% from 40%, arcing from domestic empowerment to foreign policy victories in Austria and the Czech border.
    During this time he swept internal opposition aside!

    Obama could earn a much higher approval rating if he believed in bi-partisanship. The media -were it independent now- could help him- even FOX, and maybe he could “see the light,” and conceive of his presidency as the commencement of true historical progress in both action and spirit, joining with conservatives by exhibiting unified objectives in proposed major pieces of legislation in the years ahead. The successful Healthcare law wouldn’t then be a partisan phenomenal trainwreck it seems destined to be….but rather a picture-in-progress of our States’ Union; an “infinitely manifold form of peoples, states, individuals in unresting succession…adding sensible goodness, beauty, and greatness” to our citizenship.

    Nations are what their deeds are, Hegel said. The “essential supreme interest of the people,” however “vanishes from its life” when “its living substantial soul…ceases, when OPPOSITION IS NO LONGER PRESENT,” and so a major forfeiture of a State’s Spirit is LOST, Hegel said, that ultimately will lead to “a political nullity and tedium,” -a kind of permanent foreclosure of rights and will. Obama could divest himself of this empire of Right feeling he gave off in one superior dose to the Joint Congress during his Healthcare Speech (9/9/09) last week, but only if he is absolutely gifted in finding substantial objectivity. Will he do this searching justice? Anyone’s guess, we don’t know. It hardly appears evident from the proofs.

    What is the Obama “hue of relfection,” since his massive media propaganda machine refers to millions of conservatives as being “misguided”? WHAT LIES IN HIS WILL, HIS VOLITION?

    His olive branch extensions to negotiate with Republican Senators appears as an ‘electric fence of limitation’ around which his brute emotions stand ‘guarddog’. Outside that fence he lingers like a collosial statue, perfect in pose and oratory, with a scowl of crouched contempt for conservatives.
    His retinue of Democratic planners hint with unconscious impulse that the Healthcare Reform Act may be ripe for passage as a 51- Senate threshold Reconciliation Vote in finale. It could be rammed through the Senate after a mere 20 hours of debate.

    Obama’s team is absorbed in non-negotiation and selling the capricious lie to the sponge-media.
    The standard coming at conservatives may in fact become a page out of Hitler’s reign of power, when in a lecture to the SS units given in 1936 he said: “Elimination of the Jewish people from our community is to be regarded as an emergency defensive measure.”

    The 6 Corollaries to Restrict Conservatives might include:
    1) democratising the airwaves and elimination of conservative talk radio and tv
    2) accessing major controls over the internet enforcing fines, censorship and permanent restriction
    3) consolidating state education centers for a higher morality and culture agenda for the “secondary” middle class disbelievers as tried in Red China
    4) the creation of countless ‘low-paying’ or pseudo-employment jobs that re-make a new definition of strength in the US, if the economy fails to recover through private business; and the softening of the ‘paternal’ foreign policy, equating ‘equal friendship’ and spatial stablility with nations as hallmarks
    5) the break-up of wealth of free-middle capitalists, sacrificed for the revitalization of the US
    6) President Obama will never forgive the humiliation he suffered during the summer of 2009 or the hands and minds and hearts reaching for the Constitution to STOP him. He said at his Minnesota rally this week to 15,000 followers: “We’re fired up! SO let’s get this done.”

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