Well, here we go again. Yet, another so-called “republican” is calling on the party to be more “inclusive.”

This time it is former New Jersey Governor, Christine Todd-Whitman!

Whitman has always concerned me. The red light went off for me on this fake republican, after I heard her on the ultra-liberal radio show, “Imus In The Morning.”

She was the Governor at the time!

Don Imus doesn’t hide his liberalism.  Although his outward appearance, cowboy hat, boots and sidearm are a bit disconcerting. Most cowboys that I’ve heard from are “Proud Conservatives.”

This guy is just an odd duck. Nonetheless, it is like I said, “The Man Is An Unabashed Ultra-Liberal.”

So, when Whitman appeared on his show, not once, but was a regular guest, I found myself saying, Hmmmm…

I no longer have to say this phrase, because Whiteman has “Come Out Of The Closet,” so to speak. She went before a group which calls itself, Log Cabin Republicans. This organization consists of gay men and lesbians. What Whitman had to say to this group identifies the cancer that is currently in the Republican Party!

The cancer is the word, “Inclusion.” To people like Christine Todd-Whitman, it is okay to bring homosexuals, along with their chief agenda, gay marriage, into the Republican Party. In fact, this woman would be there with open arms to welcome these people.  Although she did not say it, I’m willing to go out on a limb and say that this woman would be all for, “Amnesty For Illegal Aliens.”

Isn’t that part and parcel of this entire argument for inclusion by these R.I.N.O.’S?

People like this would no doubt be very comfortable with saying to welfare recipients, “You’re Welcome Too, As Long As You Vote Republican.”

At the end of the day, it is people like this woman who will drive a stake through the heart of the Republican Party. Why? We already have “One Democrat Party.” And it is idiots like this phony who wants to turn the GOP into a bunch of pantywaists, controlling, socialists Democrats!

Her remarks to this group went beyond plain old pandering. Her remarks were dangerous in my opinion. For example, it is the opinion of Christine Todd-Whitman that the Republican Party platform which calls for preserving marriage between a man and a woman, should be “Thrown Out.”

In addition, Whitman said the United States military should not discriminate between homosexuals and heterosexuals. In other words, this dangerous woman is all for ending, “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell.”

In the world of Christine Todd-Whitman, homosexuals should be able to serve openly in the military.  She along with a host of ill-informed “Liberals” don’t understand what she is calling for. As many of you know, I served proudly in the United States Marine Corps. And yes, we had homosexuals in our companies and battalions. The difference in my day, and the nightmare that people like Whiteman want to create is, Marines for example, could have an openly gay Commanding Officer giving them orders!

What is wrong with that? Let’s start with morale. I would not feel comfortable knowing that my C.O. was sleeping with another man. I would not feel comfortable watching my C.O’s significant other, “Dropping Him Off At The Base And Planting A Sloppy Tongue Kiss On Him.”

Forget openly gay military people serving in combat. How long would it take for some gay guy to approach another member of his platoon–and offer up his services? With the present rules in place, there is no way that this is going to happen. Here is why. I’m going to use some frank language here. Under today’s rules, if a homosexual crosses the line and petitions another Marine or Soldier, he is likely to get the crap beat out of him!

Under the rules of people like Whitman, if you lay a hand on a homosexual, you could face a court-martial for a, “Hate Crime.”

Your life would be ruin by these Secularists!

How many of you Ex-Marines would follow a C.O. or X. O.,(Executive Officer) into combat, knowing that that person was an out of the closet homosexual? I know that I wouldn’t.  it sickens me to even think of that. But then, people like this Christine Tood-Whitman woman never served in the military!

The military has a totally different culture than civilian life. These proponents of  allowing gays to serve openly are attempting to apply civilian cultural mores to the military. It can’t and won’t work. What will happen is this. Thousands of good men will exit the military. Some of our best and brightest will pack their bags after their tour has ended, and say “Good Bye.”

Whitman not only showed her ignorance of military culture, she also showed her total disregard for our fighting men. I say “Fighting Men,” because we need to stop with this socialists media propaganda, that we actually have women on the ground in Iraq and Afghanistan, going out on combat missions with men.  The media also needs to stop with the lie that there are women in such elite groups as The Marines Force Recon Unit, and The Navy  Seals!

Hell, most big, strong, strapping men “Piss On Themselves” when going through the hell to become a member of one of these elite groups. So, give me a break with the lies of women fighting in either Force Recon or the Seals!

With that said, I am proud as hell of any woman who picks up a rifle and defends a commands headquarters. These women have more cajones than the average so-called man in American society!

Congress quietly enacted legislation, which says women “Can Not Take An Active Role In Combat.”

At least these do nothing slobs got that right!

In the meantime, to the surprise of no one, Whitman said she wasn’t against gay marriage:

“When you go down and register to get married, that’s when the legal transfere of everything occurs and that’s a legal recognition of a relationship–and if you want to get married in a church, a temple, whatever, andyou find one, great”

Does this dumb woman have a clue as to what will happen if gay marrige becomes the law of the land? For starters, these people who are pushing gay marriage aren’t doing this to be able to have the legal right to their partner’s property. They are not doing this so that if their partner is dying in a hospital, they can be recognized as a, “Family Member,” and therefore be entitled to visit their loved ones.

No Sir! These people have one goal, “The Destruction Of Marriage As We Know It.”

Our children are currently being taught about the virtues of homosexuality in a number of our public schools. If Homosexuals get their way with gay marriage, “Your Minister Will Not Be Able To call Homosexuality A Sin.”

Althought it is in the word of God!

He could be arrested and charged with “A Hate Crime.”

Homosexuals could sue churches who refuse to marry them. They could also sue a church whom they feel discriminated against them during a hiring process.

The sky would be the limit for these people!

Gay people want you to believe that they are some of the most docile people on planet earth. Actually, it is the opposite. Witness how that moron, Perez Hilton treated Miss California last week, when she said that she was taught that a marriage is between, “A Man And A Woman.”

This lunatic went ballistic on his website, calling this beautiful soul a, “Bitch And A Cu.T.” Why? Because she didn’t get in line with militant homosexuals. By the way, did you hear any gay person come out and denounce this little twerp? Don’t be ridiculous. However, had she slammed homosexuals, the socialist press would have forced her to “Fall On Her Own Sword.”

There is one more “republican” who is advocating acceptance of homosexuals and their dysfunctional behavior. That person is Steve Schmidt. Schmidt was John McCain’s campaign manager. He said, “if Conservative Republicans keep demanding the party take extreme positions on social issues like gay marriage, the GOP could find itself becoming a religious party, not a political party.”

People like Whitman and Schmidt are the type who want to win at all costs.

America, you have to stand for something!

Just because you win an election, doesn’t mean that you have actually won a damn thing. You need to ask yourself, what did I have to give up in order to win? Did I have to denounce Jesus Christ, just to make homosexuals happy?

Did I make Hispanics happy because I supported allowing “Twenty-Million Lawbreakers Become Citizens”?

Did I join the gun grabbers–and demand that the 2nd Amendment be repealed?

I don’t know about you, but I would rather that the Republican Party lose election after election, as long as they stood firm against the Christine Tood-Whitman and Steve Schmidt’s of the world!

It’s about time that we showed these “Closet Democrats” the door. Conservatism is Conservatism. It does not evolve just to accommodate the contemporary issues of the day.

When you are a true Conservative, you stand for something. However, as a socialists Democrat, “You Will Fall For Anything, Just To Be Elected.”

When I get up in the morning, I have to look at myself in the mirror. That reflection will always stand for something.

God, Country, Honor And Traditional Families!

What do you have to say America?


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