The socialists on the left cried like babies when George W. Bush was in office. They complained repeatedly about the loss of their Constitutional Rights. Specifically, they were concerned that Bush had gained the authority to wire-tap telephone calls. Of course, they reasoned, he was doing this for nefarious reasons!

Although as usually is the case, these “Chicken Littles” couldn’t produce a shred of evidence for their outrageous charge!

It didn’t matter that the President was attempting to protect their sorry asses. They simply had to bitch about something. It is in their blood to whine, whine, whine. It is also in their blood to be supportive of blood thirsty killers–and haters of our democracy!

While at the same time lying their asses off about how much they “Love America.”

Not Surprising, we haven’t heard a peep out of these “Guardians Of  Our Constitutional Rights” since the “Messiah” took office. Never mind the fact that this Chicago thug has done more damage to this country in his first one hundred days in office than all of the “Previous Presidents Combined.”

Forget former President George W. Bush. The man should be considered for “Sainthood” compared to this lunatic posing at the American President!

Thus far into his young administration, “The Poodle President” has called our returning veterans “Right Wing Extremists,” and this Saul Alinsky protege, has given the Islamofascists the CIA’s playbook on the limits of their interrogation methods!

By the way, if you think this guy didn’t write that Department of Homeland Security memo, “You’d Better Lay Off Of The Mushrooms.”

He has hobnobbed with Venezuelan President, Hugo Chavez: And thanked Communist Nicaraguan President Daniel Ortega for not mentioning him in a speech in which this America hater ranted on and on and excoriated this country for our alleged crimes in South America! 

Obama, “The Poodle President,” has been called “Comrade by the President of Russia.

He apparently took this moniker to not only be a compliment, but a term of “Endearment.”

This man is the leader of the most radical political party in America, “The Democrat (SOCIALIST) Party.”

This story that I will share with you today flew under the radar last week. It flew under the radar because “The Poodle President’s” boys and girls in the socialists press didn’t want you to know anything about it.

This story comes to us courtesy of the House Judiciary Committee!

These scoundrels quietly passed a bill that if given the full blessing of the House and Senate, would make it “A Crime,” if you hate on people because of their sexual orientation and or gender identity.

Remember the times when America used to send missionaries to such places as Red China and the old Soviet Union? They were sent to these demonic countries to preach the gospel of Jesus Christ!

Now, not only do we need foreign Christian missionaries sent to this decadent country, we are in the process of losing our religious freedoms, because of socialist Democrats!

Under House bill, H.R. 1913, the so-called “Hate-Crimes Bill,” preachers could be handcuffed and hauled off to prison if they preach against the sins of homosexuality!

This despite the fact that homosexuality is viewed in the New Testament as one of the sins that will gain you a quick trip to hell for all eternity.

Secularists who preach against “Church and State” when it is to their advantage have now clearly crossed the line.  They are telling preachers that if you preach on the sins of homosexuality, “You Are The Author Of Hate Speech.”

They are saying that you are no better than a person who believes that the color of his skin gives makes him morally superior to all others!

This outlandish legislation is an affront to every freedom loving American, and the criminals who voted to support it, should be condemned in every quarter!

This measure also sends a message to the American people: And that is, homosexuals and those described as “Gender Identity,” I.E., “Men Who Like To Wear Women Clothing,” need special protection!

What this ridiculous legislation does is violate the clause of “Equal Protection Under The Law.” It does so by providing more protection to a select group of people. It is clear that this measure is in violation of the 14th Amendment to the U.S. Constitution.

This Amendment is carved above the entrance to the United States Supreme Court. It reads, “Equal Justice Under The Law.”

So, if you are the victim of a robbery, and you just so happen to be a White heterosexual, “Sorry,” but you aren’t “Special like the socialists beloved homosexuals!

Your case will proceed like a normal case!

Sorry about that!

However, if you are gay, “All Hell Will Break Loose Under This Bill.’

By the way, “Thoughts” could be punished under this measure. The “lying authors say that’s not true.”

But, what’s to stop some overzealous prosecutor, who happens to be a homosexual, from seeking an indictment against someone like this writer, who says homosexuality is a, “Mental Health Disorder?”

It has already happened in such places as Sweden, England, Canada, and even in our own country, Philadelphia, Pa.

This measure now moves onto the full House.

The Poodle President has promised to sign the legislation.

By the way, did you know that this man calls himself a “Christian?”


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