As expected, the socialists press has experienced multiple-orgasms over Barack Hussein-Obama’s first 100 days in office. If these sycophants told the American people the truth, they would report that this socialist has accomplished nothing in a positive way!

However, he has been an outstanding emissary for the enemies of the United States of America!

This Chicago hustler has been able to pull the wool over the eyes of the American people, by pretending to be as busy as a Queen bee. His first 100 days has consisted of this man continuing to “Run For President.”

Think about that for a moment!

Barack Hussein-Obama hasn’t acted like the President of  The United States. Instead, he continues to act like “Democrat Candidate For President, Obama.”

He has not missed an opportunity to take cheap shots at former President George W. Bush. Something that unwritten protocol says, a classy President shouldn’t ever do. He has flown around the world on an, “Apology Tour,” begging America’s enemies for their forgiveness. He has yucked it up with Venezuelan President, Hugo Chavez, and helped this idiot promote an anti-American book: And “Thanked” communist thug, Daniel Ortega, for not mentioning his name during a long winded blistering attack  against the United States!

He flew into Mexico and promptly lied about this country’s involvement in the drug wars that have claimed thousands of lives over the past several years.  Obama and his flunky, Jose Calderon, the President of Mexico, both claim that “90% Of The Weapons Recovered From Crime Scenes Come From America.”

Obama, the most dishonorable President that I have ever known, fully understands that the guns recovered were the only ones that the Mexican government could trace back to this country. He failed to mention that during the years 2006-07, the Mexican government recovered “Twenty-Nine Thousand Weapons, None Of Which Came From This Country.”

So, where did these weapons come from? Well, how about, Russia, Red China, Israel, South Korea, Guatemala, and South Africa? But, perish the thought that Mexico is a trading partner with hundreds of other countries around the world: And those countries “Make Guns, Land Mines, Rocket Launchers, Grenades, Night Vision Equipment: All Of Which Have Been Captured By Mexican Authorities.”

Why would this liar tell the truth, when we all know how much he hates guns, “In the Hands Of Law Abiding Citizens.”

He also loathes the “2nd Amendment To The United States Constitution.”

Dictators the world over agree with him on his stance!

President Obama made himself CEO and CFO of the banking and auto industries. His utter disgust for capitalism is as obvious as the nose on his “Alfred E. Newman Face.”

We have hundreds of thousands of people who are unemployed:Many of which are clinically depressed; and possibly have suicidal/homicidal ideations: And all that we hear from this buck passing President, is, “I Inherited This Mess.”

Imagine if you accepted a job as a Chief Executive Officer at any industry in this country.  Next, picture that industry swimming in red ink. It continues to be insolvent, even though you have been pro-active in your attempts to revive the company. Now, imagine your telling the stockholders that it is not your fault, and that, “At Least I’m Trying, But It Is The Fault Of My Predecessor.”

How long do you think that you would remain employed at that company?

Trust me, you would be looking for work in no time!

But, “The Messiah” gets a pass, because the socialists press is covering up his incompetence, and arrogance, by writing fawning stories about him!

They are also “Cooking The Books” regarding polling data on this charlatan!

To these, “Ankle Grabbers,” it doesn’t matter that this petty little man just had to go after President Bush. He had to release the CIA memos on torture.  The way the press has written this story, you would never guess that “Only Two Islamofascists Had Been Waterboarded.”

But, Obama, who is obsessed with “George W. Bush Syndrome,” had to placate the socialists and communists on the left.  He had to also say that it was okay with him if the lawyers who advised Bush on how to get information out of the bad guys were investigated.

His internal rage for Conservatives doesn’t know any bounds. As I see it, he is the “Anti-United States President.”

While he has screwed the people of his own country during his first 100 days in office, a number of the bad guys have flipped him off. Fidel Castro, writing from his sick bed reminded this young upstart that he would not tell Cuba what to do with its prisoners. Castro also reminded this naive nitwit that he was the defacto leader of Cuba; not his younger brother Raul!

Ahmadinejad showed his fear of this “Speech Maker” by stepping up Iran’s nuclear weapons capabilities. And Kim Ill Jong ordered his military to launch a rocket, just a few weeks ago.

So, what is all of the hullabaloo about over this neophyte’s first 100 days?

Beats the hell out of me!

The only thing that comes to my mind is that to the socialists press, “We Can Not Let This Black Guy Fail. This Is History.”

Plus, he speaks so well–and he’s an intellect, unlike that “W, Fellow.”

So, while the country goes to hell in a hand basket, with the swine flu now being called a pandemic, this “Empty Suit” doesn’t even have a CDC Director. We now have a Health and Human Services Director. Kathleeen Sebelius was sworn in on Tuesday.

May I amend that on the CDC Director? Obama is the heads that job. Did you not see his mug on the television acting like he was the CDC Director?

Barack Hussein-Obama is the quintessential narcissist. The true narcissist can not hear or feel the pain of others. He doesn’t even try to pretend. Why? To the narcissist, he is the center of the universe, and everyone, and I mean, everyone, should worship at his feet!

Does that sound familiar to you? If not it should!

What is going on in this country today is simply breathtaking: And this man has been in office for only 100 days.

So, why does it seem like “100 Years?”


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