Well, I for one am not surprised to hear that Henrietta Hughes and her lazy, good for nothing son haven’t found gainful employment!

They haven’t found jobs, because, surprise, surprise, “They Aren’t Looking For A Damn Job.”

America, these are two grifters. Hey, I can’t blame this woman and her no account son for gaming the system: Not to mention the stupid people they meet along the way. Democrats created these two slime balls: And they are simply taking advantage of the many “Public Services” that socialist Democrats have created for them. Now that Summer is just around the corner, and, “Fish Are Jumping And The Cotton Is High,” I kind of think these two losers will close down their Florida “Operation” and move onto another American city, where they can continue, “The Good Life.”

Y’all remember good old Henrietta and her indolent son!

This shameless woman attended a Barack Hussein-Obama town hall meeting in Florida earlier this year. You have to give her credit for having big cajones, because this brazen woman told “The Messiah,” that she needed him to find her “A Home.”

No kidding: She asked the President of The United States to hop to it, because she was tired of living out of her car!

Again, socialist Democrats have created people like this. People who have a sense of entitlement. Under this rubric, they feel that it is the job of government to provide them with a house.  It is the job of government to put food on their tables; provide them with cigarettes, a welfare check, food stamps, medicaid, and the beat goes on and on!

Whatever happened to personal responsibility you ask? That went out of the window after Democrat President, Lyndon Baines-Johnson introduced America to his “Great Society Programs.”

The government flooded the Black community with billions of dollars. Johnson’s Great Society destroyed the Black family. African-Americans have always been hard working individuals; and most of us still are. But, as my Drill Instructor at Parris Island always said, “There Is Always That Ten Percent.”

For many Black Americans, Johnson’s “Welfare Program,” was a ticket to “Easy Street.” When you factor in the drug epidemic that struck this country in the 1960’s, these two things was like a cancer to Blacks.

It quickly metastasized!

People like Henrietta Hughes fell victim to the Great Society. She taught her son, “That Someone Else Would Work For Him.”

Just milk the system, because the system is like the “Every Ready Bunny.”

It keeps going and going!

People like this don’t realize that they are giving up their most prized possession when they worship at the altar of socialist Democrats.

They are giving up their ability to think and reason!

Shortly after Henrietta Hughes petitioned Obama to find her a home, a Florida couple stepped forward and said they had a vacant home that they weren’t using. They told the Hughes that they could live in the house, “Rent-Free.”

These two fools were, “Speaking Henrietta Hughes’ Language.”

She moved into the home in less time than you can say, “The Quick Brown Fox Jumped Over The Fence.”

Well, it seems that there was a stipulation to this free home!

The couple that allowed the Hughes to stay in their home, Representative Nick Thompson and his wife, Chene, are now saying they told Henrietta that they could stay in the home until it sells.

The home hasn’t been sold as of this writing. So, why is Henrietta “Crying The Blues?”

Simple: Like the good freeloader that she is, “Old Henrietta” is sending out “Feelers.”

In other words, she is saying, “If There Are Any Other Fools Out There Who Would Like To Put Me And My Lazy Son Up, Come On Down.”

She is just being a good “Grifter.”

People like this will pull at your heart strings, hoping that some “All Day Sucker,” falls for her B.S.

And get this: Even though this woman doesn’t have to pay rent, she is “Crying Poor Mouth.”

Her bills she said, are more than her monthly income.

Poor Baby!

But, Henrietta has, ahem “Faith.”

She said:

“I’m hoping to get a job and get on to do things that I decide to do”

Yeah Right!

Has this dimwit not heard of bankruptcy? Of course she has. She is just trying to drum  up sympathy, that’s all.

My advice to any American who starts feeling sorry for this swindler is, “Stop And Think.”

This woman is in her present predicament because she wants to be.

We all have choices in life: However, we have to be ready to deal with the concomitant consequences.

Henrietta Hughes is no different!


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