By now, you have probably heard that liberal, turn coat, R.I.N.O, (Republican In Name Only) Arlen Specter of Pennsylvania, has bolted the GOP and turned Democrat!

Conservatives and Republicans should be breaking out the bubbly, and celebrating the exit of this traitor. Specter was never a Conservative. Hell, he wasn’t even a Republican. The man was always a closet Democrat. Now, he has emerged from the closet!

Very few people know this, but Arlen Specter was a “Democrat Back In The 1960’s.” He switched to the GOP in order to run for the District Attorney’s office in Philadelphia.

Arlen Specter, always the “Political Opportunist.”

Barack Hussein-Obama, and his Vice-President, Joe Biden, had to march out their new prize for a photo-op. Superlatives flowed like cow manure from the socialist President to his human gaffe machine, Joe Biden.

Specter once again backhanded the voters of Pennsylvania. He basically said that he wasn’t going to allow the voters of Pennsylvania wreck his long career by voting against him in what was expected to be a brutal primary fight.

So, instead of going out with his head held high, Specter thought of one person, “Arlen Specter.”

The same way that he did when he ran for District Attorney in Philly in 1965!

Specter told C-Span’s Brian Lamb why he decided to switch parties forty-five years ago:

“I had–had been interested in being district attorney of  Philadelphia. And Philadelphia was a very corrupt city. And the chairman of the Democratic Party said, ‘We don’t want a young Tom Dewey in the DA’s ofice.’ I had jut finished investigating magistrates, the corrupt minor judiciary of Philadelphia, where they extracted bribes from people to get discharged, and they went after gays. They had a theater called the Family Theater on the East Market Street where gays assembled, and the vice squad would go and arrest them and take them before magistrates, who would extort large sums of money to–discharge them or then, if they didn’t pay off, to hold them. And I had convicted quite a number of magistrates in this–in this probe, and the head of the Democratic Party didn’t like that because these were a lot of very powerful political leaders”

Specter paints himself as one who “Bucks The System.”

But, untimately he is thinking of how to further the career of one, Arlen Specter!

This is the same image that he wants the public to buy today, “Moderate, Arlen Specter Going Against The Redneck Republican Party That Has Swung Too Far To The Right.”

The current crop of Republicans in both the House and Senate are not a Conservative monolith. If anything, these people are centrist in their views. We can thank George Bush for twisting the arms of his fellow Republicans, and forcing them to move to the center.

And how has that worked out for Republicans? Take a look at their dwinling numbers in the House and Senate!

Specter was looking for someone to blame for his switch. He wasn’t man enough to say that he was looking out for his political hide. By the way, if the Republican Party is too far to the right, where the hell is the Democrat Party at?

Does Specter realize he has just signed onto a party, whose head, “Is A Socialist?”

One thing: Specter has never been a moderate. He has always been a “Liberal Democrat.”

Socialist Democrats are elated. With “Court Jester” Al Franken, this close to claiming the U.S. Senatorial seat in Minnesota, Democrats will have a filibuster proof, sixty vote margin.

They are hoping that Specter can maintain his seat as a Democrat in the 2010 off-year election. The “Messiah” quickly announced that he will campaign for Specter. Being the narcissist that he is, Obama is missing a fundamental point here!

He won Pennsylvania during last year’s election based on two things:

* John McCain was just as much of a liberal as  Obama is

* Obama enjoyed a large Black turnout in the Philadelphia area

If you think that Blacks are going to turn out in record numbers for Specter, based on an endorsement from Obama,  you’ve got another thought coming.

African-Americans in the Philadelphia area will see “A White Guy” who was at one time a Republican. They will question his sincerity. They will no doubt think, “If He Screwed His Own Party, He Will Probably End Up Screwing Members Of The Democrat Party.”

No, I will predict that Arlen Specter “Will Not Enjoy A Large Black Voter Turn Out in 2010.”

If he is to defeat Pat Toomey, he will need a large Black vote. And these folks aren’t going to “Bust A Gut Racing To The Polls For This Weasel.”

Obama carried the suburbs in Philadelphia during last year’s election. Many of these voters are moderates. Obama, the socialist, isn’t doing so well with moderates according to the latest polling data. These folks aren’t stupid. They remember what he promised them.

They also know that this self-centered man “Lied To Them.”

Scratch the moderate vote for Arlen Specter.

Specter has shown that he is not an honorable man. At, author Peter Nicholas recounts how upset Specter became when Vermont Senator, Jim Jeffords decided to become an independent.  Specter said the Jeffords move was “Disruptive to the functioning of Congress.”

To avoid this sought of thing from happening in the future, Specter proposed that the Congress adopt a rule that fore-bade a change of parties, which could ultimately turn the minority party into the majority.

Listen to the words of Arlen Specter, a man who thinks of himself first and his constituents last:

” If somebody wants to change parties, they can do that. But that kind of instability is not good for governance of the country and the Senate”

Someone needs to play his words back to him. But, hypocrites like this guy would rabble on in weaseleze; and in the end, you’ll be left scratching your head.

By the way, his measure failed. He is probably breathing a sigh of relief right now!

At the end of the day, Specter should fit right in with his buds in the Democrat Party. After all, he is with them on most of the dangerous policies that “King obama” wants passed.

Things like the hoax of global warming and citizenship for illegal aliens!

I say goodbye and good riddance to this two-faced, “Thinking Of Me First Democrat.”

Now, if only John McCain, Olympia Snowe, and Susan Collins would just follow behind Specter out of the door, maybe we can start rebuilding a Republican Party whose members are true “Regan Conservatives.”


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