Barack Hussein-Obama is reportedly a Constitutional Lawyer. If this is true, I would like to know why is this egocentric, self-absorbed, narcissistic, megalomaniac, trying to stop Americans from expressing their First Amendment Rights?

The answer is simple. Anyone who does not worship at the altar of “Saint Barack” is to be considered an “Enemy Of The State.” The Department of Homeland Security told us this in so many words, just the other week. Those of us who express an opposing view of this socialist administration have been labeled, “Right Wing Extremists.”

Our military was said to be easy pickings for White supremacist groups, because of a downturn in our economy and because, “Land A Goshen, We Now Have A Black President In The White House.”

Well, we know that this leftist administration was attempting to marginalize those of us who have the audacity to call this Chicago thug out on his, ‘Marxist March To Socialism.”

Barack Hussein-Obama is said to be a “Good Listener.”

What a crock!

He will listen, until he gets tired of hearing you, and then he will go out and do what he intended to do before he started, “Listening To You.”

This man doesn’t want critical thinkers around him. He feels threatened by people like us. He knows that we are not “Kool Aid Drinkers, And We Know That He Is Full Of B.S.”

This is why this parochial little man took a cheap shot at the thousands of Americans who have participated in tea party events all across the country. He also took  careful aim at the Fox News Channel.

This is typical dictatorial behavior. If this man truly believed in freedom, he would praise those who gathered for the hundreds of tea parties on April 15 of this year.

He can not praise these fine, upstanding Americans, because they are a threat to him and his anti-American ideas. So, what does he do? He traveled to St. Louis, Missouri on his 100th day in office, and said at a town hall meeting:

“Those of you who are watching certain news channels on which I’m not very popular, and you see folks waving tea bags around; let me remind them that I am happy to have a serious conversation about how we are going to cut our health care costs down over the long term; how we are going to stabilize Social Security”

The guy sounds paranoid to me!

Think not? Well, listen to this:

“Let’s not play games and pretend that the reason for the deficit is because of the Recovery Act”

By the way, there were hundreds of protesters outside of the building where this ego-tripping President was speaking. I bet you didn’t know that.  And why not?

Because this man is being protected by the socialists press!

This is why I say, you need to stop watching these clowns, because they are no longer reporters, but rather, “Office Secretaries For Barack Hussein-Obama.”

A good secretary will always “protect the boss.”

These creeps in the press are no different!

Incidentally, did you watch that national news conference with “Lord Obama” on Wednesday night? What a disgrace. The socialists press lobbed softball questions at him. Not one of these pretenders asked Obama one difficult question.

As a matter of fact, this idiot from the New York Times, Jeffrey Zeleny asked “The Messiah.” “What ‘enchanted’ him the most about his first 100 days in office?”

Not through making a complete fool of himself, Zeleny also asked “The choosen One,” what surprised, troubled and humbled him?”

That type of crap now passes for hard questions. Consider what these jackals did to President George W. Bush.

Quite a contrast, huh?

Getting back to the protest in St. Louis.

Not one protester was interviewed by the Mainstream Media. However, it is being reported that “Pro-Obama Supporters Were Interviewed.”

What a bunch of ankle-grabbing  jackasses!

Tell me something America!

Can’t you now see that this guy is a classic narcissist?

Remember, to the narcissist, “He Is The Center Of The Universe. He Can Not Hear Or Understand Why You Are In Such Deep Psychical Pain. Because, In His Finite Mind,  He Is The Most Important Human Being Created By God.”

It is clear that “King Obama” watched the tea parties. But, it is equally clear that he did not understand what these Americans were saying to him. Let me see if I can help “Mr. Intellect” out.

Mr. Obama the tea party gatherers were not, to use your words, “Playing Games.”

That is an insult, in which I take great umbrage with!

These people met to tell you that they can see right through you. And they protested:

* Your forcing big government down the throats

of Americans

* Your taking away our Constitutional Rights, little

by little

* Your Attempt to transform this government into your


* Your sycophantic behavior with world leaders, especially

your “Bowing To The King Of Saudi Arabia”

* Your obvious ease around communists

thugs and killers

* Your “Slobbering Love Affair” with Islamofascists

* Your temerity, by calling peace loving Americans,” Right Wing


* Your “Jimmy Carter” mentality when it comes to Tehran, Iran

and North Korea

* Your attacks and lies about law abiding gun owners: And the whopper

of a lie that “90% Of All Guns In Mexico” come from this country

* Your authoritarian  approach to governing

Americans were also saying to you pal, they won’t allow you to turn our democracy into a socialist state. Did you get that?

 Further, they were saying, you weren’t elected “King Of America, You Were Elected To The Presidency.”

You are a “Caretaker: Nothing More.”

And you “Don’t Have A Right To Remake America!”

Yep, this snooty, uptight elitist said he wanted to “Remake My Country.”

Boy, did that piss me off: And it should tick you off as well. I keep telling you folks, this man is “Highly Toxic.”

He is a threat to our Democracy!

Nonetheless, people like this guy are their own worst enemy. I say this because they truly believe that they are “Special.” And that they can do whatever they damn well please.  If you are a student of history, you understand that clowns like Barack Hussein-Obama  eventually “Get Too Big For Their Britches.”

When they do, they screw up royally!

My wife said to me this morning, “I Am So Sick Of Seeing His Face On Television.”

She wondered how could people be “So Stupid” to continue to fall for his lies. After calming her down, I said honey, in due time, “The Lord Will Humble Him.”

By that I mean, “The Good Lord Will Bring This Dictator In The Making To His Knees.”

This is not to say that those of us on the front lines should stop exposing this corrupt administration, along with the Congress, to the American people!

I truly believe that there are still some “Praying People In America.” Sure, the Satanic left will let out a howl at that last statement. However, remember what King David said as his time on earth was near an end.

He said,  “I Have Never Seen the Righteous Forsaken, Nor His Seed Begging Bread.”

This country was founded on Judeo-Christian principles: And the time will come when this President will over-reach; this is when the Good Lord will bring him to his knees.

So, my advice to you is this. Do not be discouraged. Do not be dis-hearted!

Nothing lasts forever: And this includes the socialist President, Barack Hussein-Obama!


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