Remember when “The Magician,” America’s socialist President screamed out, “EMERGENCY, EMERGENCY,” We have to bail out Chrysler, “NOW, All hands on deck, give me, give me, give me, “BILLIONS IN BAIL OUT MONEY’?

Quickly, Quickly, Quickly!

Well my friend, that loud flushing sound that you are hearing is, “Billions Of Taxpayer Dollars Being Flushed Down The, Poop Shoot.”

Thank you President Barack Hussein-Obama!

Common sense tells me that the worst thing that you can do when a crisis erupts is to, “Panic.” This is exactly what this inexperienced President did. Instead of helping Chrysler, he ended up hurting this company, and you, the hard working taxpayers of America!

But hey, it’s only money: And his supporters will say, “At Least He Tried To Help.”

No he didn’t!

 He was attempting to flex his atrophy muscles; but ended up making a giant crap. However, that is not the headline from the Mainstream Media. These suck arses continue to have a “Slobbering Love Affair With The Poodle.”

As a result, all that we get from these bootlickers are puff pieces done on “The One.”

Let’s face it, Obama failed miserably with his attempt to bail out Chrysler. He not only showed his arrogance once again, he also showed his incompetence as a manager.

Folks, whenever government attempts to run anything, “They End Up Running It Into The Ground.”

But, when you have an ego as large as Barack Hussein-Obama’s, there is no one in his mind, who can counsel him, “On Anything.”

So, after throwing good money after bad, Chrysler filed for Chapter 11 Bankruptcy!

Instead of admitting that he screwed up, this nitwit President had the gall to say, Chrysler has “been given a new lease on life.” 

Oh Really?

Obama said it was his hope that Chrysler could avoid Chapter 11. However, he said a group of about forty hedge funds wouldn’t give any ground on the government’s plans to reduce Chrysler’s 6.9 Billion in secured debt. Chrysler had to clear the debts in order to meet a White House deadline for restructuring on Thursday!

The forty hedge funds hold a thirty percent share of Chrysler’s debt. This group killed the restructuring  plan because the creditors said the Chrysler proposal was unfair, and besides, they were holding out for a better deal.

The White House reportedly tried to bribe the creditors with “2.25 Billion In Cash.” A spokesman said the creditors told the White House negotiators to “take a hike.” The creditors reportedly said they felt they could recover more money if Chrysler went into bankruptcy; And some of its assets were sold to satisfy creditors.

By filing under Chapter 11, Chrysler now has time to work out the terms of it’s “Forced Partnership With The European Car Manufacturer, Fiat.”

Fiat will own 20 percent of Chrysler, and  in return the Italian car company will provide Chrysler with access to its fuel-efficient technology. If the truth be told, this is what the socialist, Obama wanted in the first place. He and the United Auto Workers which own “55% Of Chrysler,” will now have the company building little clown cars. You know, the ones that Americans don’t want?

America, this is a dangeous path that Obama is taking us down. The White House owns the remaining stock in Chrysler. He has basically “Hijacked” this company; and telling you, the American people, “You WILL  Drive An Energy Efficient Vehicle.”

This is straight socialism pure and simple!

If you think not, I want you to consider this. Chrysler CEO Robert Nardelli sent out an e-mail in April to his workers. He warned that if the deal with Chrysler and Fiat went through, he would be out of a job.

Nardelli also said that a new board of directors would be appointed by “The Government And Fiat.”

That’s scary stuff!

But, wait, because it gets even scarier!

Nardelli said the new board would select a CEO, however, Fiat would have the last say on who is selected.

So America, we have an unprecedented development here. We have the President of The United States, And The United Auto Workers Union Running Chrysler.”

That’s right: They are going to design cars.

I’ll tell you right now, this is going to be a disaster, with a capital “D.”

This power hungry President is determined to make us acquiesce to the hoax of global warming and to those in the vanguard of the “Green Movement.”

America, our freedoms are ebbing away each day that this tyrant wakes up!


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