I never thought that this day would ever come to America. I was always taught that in America, we were free to do whatever we wanted to do, as long as it was legal. Furthermore, I was taught to be a free-thinker; and to assert myself whenever someone attempted to try and control me!

Ladies and Gentlemen, there is no doubt in my mind that we live in two different Americas. We have those living in the “Obama Nation,” and Americans who just want to be left alone. We want to honor God, our country and be family oriented. On the other hand, those in the Obama Nation want to control our every move: And they aren’t interested in free-thinkers!

Obama himself, took a cheap shot at the thousands of protesters who attended last month’s tea parties, that were held across the nation. This man who is said to be an expert at Constitutional law, wants to abridge the rights of Americans who “Peacefully Assemble.”

And why does he want to do this? They are not members of ACORN: Or the communist group, “Code Pink.”

These patriots aren’t  interested in “Licking His Boots.”

Witness the sick, enraged homosexual, Perez Hilton, and how he berated Miss California, Carrie Prejean, because she told this clown that “A Marriage Is Between A Man And A Woman.”

According to this loudmouth jerk, Ms. Prejean was not supposed to “think outside of the box.”

There are “Millions Of  Perez Hiltons” out there, who want to run our lives. No, their  lives aren’t pristine, however, they are threatened by those of us who exhibit an autonomous affect!

People like this mentally ill little twerp, is so miserable, and guess what? He wants to make those of us who are “Normal,” just as miserable as he is!

Individuals like this, should never be placed in a position where they are judging normal people. They have a litany of psychological issues to work through. In his case, he is just so pissed off at the world, because, “He Is Not A Female.”

So, who was the idiot who thought it was a good idea to have a male homosexual judge a beauty pageant in the first place?

That’s just carrying political correctness just too damn far!

What say you America?

It is being reported that an eighteen-year old student at a Michigan high school was reading  www.foxnews.com, when his fascist teacher got angry, because the student identified only as “Mitchell,” was engaging in an activity that the teacher didn’t approve of, “reading the conservative website.”

Mitchell reports that the teacher gave him a tongue lashing, “in front of his entire class at Traverse City West Senior High School. Mitchell, who called the Rush Limbaugh show, reports that this clearly out of control teacher told him that, “He Was Reading The Wrong News.”

You read that right America!

In other words, young Mitchell was not “drinking the Obama kool-aid.” Therefore, What Mitchell did, infuriated this cretin, who masquerades as a teacher. Mitchell said the teacher told him that instead of reading  Fox News, he should invest his time in catching up on the news on, “The BBC And Other News Sources.”

Imagine that!

The Superintendent of Traverse City Area Public Schools, James Feil, told FoxNews.Com that, “any attempts to pressure students politically would go against his schools’ policies:

“It would be inappropriate. I would clearly tell you that is not something that we would do anything to indoctrinate students here. That would clearly  be a violation of our policies and guidelines, written or no-written”

Oh really?

Well, let’s see what Mr. Feil is going to do with this “Jack-Booted Thug.”

I will tell you this, if this story is true, this teacher should be shown the door. He should not be allowed to teach anywhere, ever. I say this because this man clearly has a “Personality Disorder.”

A personality disorder is characterological in nature. In other words, this clown has a personality flaw. Yes, we all have flaws, but this type of flaw requires some time to be spent on the couch of a well qualified, Clinical Psychologist!

It is clear that this man is a bully: And that he is mis-using his position to bring psychical pain to “some of his students.”

This school reportedly has a strict policy against bullying. Furthermore, the school says the bullying, “may in circumstances be a violation of federal or sate law and goes against its commitment to provide a safe learning environment.”

This wacko is just a typical liberal. It’s interesting because they are the ones who are always screaming for “tolerance.”

However, they have “Zero Tolerance” for Conservatives,” or anyone who doesn’t rubber-stamp their radical, leftist beliefs!

What I found interesting about the words in the school’s handbook was this:

“Bullying, taunting, stalking, hazing and other forms of harassment, by any member of the staff are strictly forbidden. Any student or staff member found to have bullied, taunted, stalked, hazed or harassed another person in any form will be subject to discipline”

What the hell does, “Will Be the Subject To Discipline Mean?”

If they can, the school will try to sweep this thing under the rug. The teacher gets a slap on the wrist, and he goes back to being the jerk that he is, with someone else’s child.

This kid’s parents need to be proactive in this case, and make sure that justice is served. If it is determined that this teacher violated this child’s Constitutional Rights, he will find himself in deep doo-doo!

I write in my book, “Democrat: Thy Name Is Narcissist,” that our public schools, colleges and universities have been taken over by people like this Michigan teacher. They are angry socialists and communists, hell-bent on shoving their ideological beliefs down the throats of their students.

With the election of Barack Hussein-Obama, this will only embolden those teachers and college professors to step up their anti-American campaign to brainwash even more and more of our young people to join the “Obama Nation”

Remember, it is not their goal to turn out individual thinkers. It is their goal to transform students into group thinkers.

Just be good little lemmings–and regurgitate what “The Massa,” Barack Hussein-Obama wants you to say.

Folks, this is not the America that I fought for while in South Vietnam.

Isn’t is time to take back our country from the Barack Hussein-Obama’s, Joe Biden’s, Nancy Pelosi’s, Harry Reid’s, Arlen Specter’s, John McCain’s, Lindsay Graham’s, John Kohn-Kerry’s, Ted Kennedy’s, and the millions of their foot soldiers?

Soliders like that arrogant Jeanne Garafalo!

If you are not willing to fight for your country, what you have just read about regarding that young man in Michigan, the behavior of that one unhinged teacher will not only become the norm, it will be a requirement, if you wish to be a teacher in the United States!

That my friend is called, “Communism.”


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