I was wondering recently, did this arrogant socialist President really believe that he could “skate for four years in the White House,” without having to face a single major world event?  I understand that the socialists press would have you believe that Obama has “performed miracles” during his first 100 days in office.

Actually, his first 100 days in office have been an utter failure.  But, what do I know?  I am only an objective reporter, who calls it the way that I see it. I am not good at engaging in rote behavior, when ordered to do so by the socialists in the White House.

Folks, there are people in this world, namely Islamofascists, who hate our guts. And no amount of “talking” to these people will change how they feel about us. Hell, there are people, Americans, who hate their own country!

The man who sits behind the Oval Office desk is one of them!

In the world of Barack Hussein-Obama, only the United States of America represents “Pure Evil.” He does not see this great country as being a “Beacon Of Light For Millions Of People.” He refuses to admit, or recognize, the good that this country has done “all around the globe.”

Our military has freed countries from horrible dictators, and helped people to establish a democratic style government. But, you won’t hear Hussein-Obama talk about that.

Our troops have died by the thousands in order to give Europeans, and other ethnicity’s a chance to breath the air of freedom. But you won’t hear Hussein-Obama discussing this either.

Barack Hussein-Obama was taught at an early age by his leftist mother to hate this country. When he came under the tutelage of the Reverend Jeremiah Wright, he swallowed the hate filled sermons of this American-hater for two decades. Yet, he lied and said he never heard Wright preach, “One Hate Filled Sermon.”

He can tell that to European-Americans who have never entered a Black church: But, he can save that crap with me. See, being Black, “I Was Raised In The Black Church.”

I am well aware of what is said in churches like, “The Reverend Jeremiah Wright’s.”

And so does this pathological lying President!

Saul Alinsky, an American Marxist, was also admired by Barack Hussein-Obama, as well as the terrorist, William Ayers.  You can see the Alinsky format being carried out each day by Obama. If you think not, you may want to study the works of the late Saul Alinsky.  Once you have gained enough knowledge from this hateful man, Alinsky, your eyes will surely come open: I truly believe this!

Alinsky taught Obama that America, to be more specific, “European Americans,” were “Racists And Were The Oppressors Of Minorities Around The World.” He was taught that evil people like Adolph Hitler had a reason for slaughtering “Six Million People.”

He was also taught that Hitler deep down inside, “Was A Good Person.”

It was the Jews who were bad!

So, how do I know this? I grew up in a similar environment that Obama grew up in. My neighborhood was filled with “Community Organizers.” It was also teeming with people who preached nothing but pure hatred for America. From the neighborhood barber shop, to the shoe shine parlors, to the stoops in Brooklyn, New York, I listened to the same stuff that Barack Hussein-Obama has assimilated.

Heck, we even had a “Mosque” in our community. It was a “Nation Of Islam Mosque.”

It’s founder was the so-called, “Honorable Elijah Muhammad.” It is interesting, because after Muhammad’s death, we found out that there was “Nothing Honorable About This Little Insecure Man.”

For example, he loathed Malcolm X. He felt threatened by Malcolm’s ability to influence millions upon millions of Black American men. He also impregnated a number of women, while pretending to be a dedicated husband and father.

Neither of which was true!

Nonetheless, this man “got into the heads of millions of Black Americans.”

His message was utter contempt for America. He advocated that the government set aside land for African-Americans, so that we could have our own country within a country. An enclave, if you will!

Obama has made it his life’s work to “get even with White America.” I find it interesting to watch so many stupid people, “White Americans,” falling all over themselves, as they genuflect before this man who can not stand them!

He has shown Muslims more respect than he has shown Americans. Look how he talked down to the thousands who took part in the recent tea parties. Trust me, if this angry man had his way, he would have locked you up, if you took part in these events.

He would have also “thrown away the key.”

You should have seen the anger and disgust that he exhibited at a town hall meeting in St. Louis, Missouri ,for Americans, who were simply exercising their Constitutional Right: And that is to assemble peacefully!

In fact, do yourself a favor and go to “Youtube/Obama on tea parties.”

You need to ask yourself, why would the President of The United States attack his fellow Americans?

The answer is quite simple: They aren’t bowing from the waist, like this dimwit did with the King of Saudi Arabia!

America, there is an ill-wind that is blowing. That wind is blowing out of Pakistan!

This man who wants to be treated like a rock star; and demands that everyone love him, is about to get a huge wake-up call. The very people that he seems to want to protect, Islamofascists, are reportedly getting very close to placing their grimy hands on Pakistan’s “Nuclear Weapons.”

Pakistan sits on shaky ground today. The Taliban is said to be on the verge of seizing Islamabad.

On Monday, The Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, Admiral Mike Mullen said that he was, “Gravely Concerned About The Crisis Pakistan Is Facing As Taliban Militants Fight Their Way Past The Army Toward The Capital of Islamabad.”

Admiral  Mullen was in Pakistan and Afghanistan last week. He said while the fighting continues in Iraq, Admiral Mullen quickly added that:

“The main effort in our strategic focus from a military perspective must now shift to Afghanistan”

Mullen said the Taliban is being aided by Al Qaeda: And he said they are using brutal tactic to recruit new followers. The Taliban said the Admiral are using intimidation–and controlling individuals with the use of fear–and are also using an “unwelcome ideology through thuggery.”

Mullen did not equivocate. He said that The Taliban’s success is a threat to our national interest, as well as a threat to our homeland.

Admiral Mullen said that the political leadership and military leadership in Pakistan are not working in tandem. In the meantime, the Taliban have moved through Swat Valley in Pakistan. The government recently “threw up its hands” and ceded this territory to these killers last month.

On Monday morning, the Mayor of Methar Lam City, which is located north of Jalabad, Afghanistan, was gunned down as Taliban operatives continue to gobble up valuable real estate in Pakistan. Said Admiral Mullen, “It’s a grim reminder of the brutality with which the Taliban pursue their goals, as is the closing of schools and the imposition of Sharia law.”

Now folks, these are the same savages that “President Obama” said he wanted to talk to.

How safe are you feeling now?

George W. Bush kept us safe for eight years. Obama tried like hell to help the Taliban and Al Qaeda defeat our military. Now, he’s at the helm. Guess what Mr. Obama?

You don’t get the opportunity to “Blame George Bush For This One.”

This is your watch pal: And no amount of grinning, and talking down this country is going to help you with these animals!

It is time for you, “Mr. Rock Star,” to show us if you are a man, or just a “loud mouth bully.”

The Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff has said that he is, “Gravely Concerned.” These are not words Mr. Obama, that Admiral Mullen throws around lightly!

My advice, “Pay Attention.”

Although Admiral Mullen said that he was comfortable with the nuclear weapons in Pakistan being secure, senior American officials said in a New York Times article that they are “increasingly nervous about the security of Pakistan’s nuclear arsenal.”

The question is, what will Obama, “The Monday Morning Quarterback” do now that he is the Commander-In-Chief? And what will this “Community Organizer” do if Pakistan is on the brink of collapsing?

We have a mad man in Iran getting closer and closer to having a nuclear weapon, and the Obama administration has sat on its hands thus far.

Now, we have the Taliban, depending on who you listen to, on the verge of possibly toppling the Pakistani government.

It is time for “This Dreamer,” Barack Hussein-Obama, to face the truth. There are some bad dudes out there; and they hate our guts, including his.

Those bad guys don’t want to hear his mouth, yapping. They understand one thing.

Strength, accompanied by severe pain!


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  1. Posted July 11, 2009 at 11:42 pm | Permalink

    After Obama fixes the mess that we are left with from Gods man (Mr Bush), the real Antichrist, will take office W was just a precursor to the REAL DEVIL, probably the same political party affiliations.

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