That group of “Lilly-Livered Cowards” down in Washington, D.C. , who call themselves Republicans, are acting like a bunch of sissies. Not one of these impotent lawmakers have shown that they have a spine.

What has been their latest gimmick? Going out on a, “Listening Tour.”

You have got to be kidding me. A stinking listening tour?

And why was John McCain included in this tour? This man is as far to the left as Barack Hussein-Obama.

Where have these idiots been for the past couple of weeks? Did they not watch the hundreds of tea parties held across this nation on April 15th? If they had, they would have seen and heard what was on the minds of “every day Americans.” Sure, the jackals in the socialists press mocked these wonderful people. But, we know why they made crude jokes about the participants!

These leftist morons are scared out of their wits. See, Conservatives are not like the socialists media’s pals, i.e, Acorn, and Code Pink. It takes a serious threat to our liberties to make Conservatives take to the streets. And being laughed at, and made fun of, will not deter these people. It will only strengthen their resolve.

Did you get that David Shuster of MSNBC?

Did you get that Anderson Cooper of the Communist News Network(CNN)?

With the imminent retirement of leftist Supreme Court Justice, David Souter, our socialist President is attempting to once again, distract the public’s attention from his real agenda: And that is placing a radical Justice on the High Court!

“The Magician” has reached out to Republican Orrin Hatch of Utah, and turn coat erstwhile Republican, now a socialist Democrat, Arlen Specter. Obama spoke with Hatch and Specter on Monday in an attempt to show bipartisanship.

Don’t be fooled by this illusion!

What “The Magician” is trying to do is weaken any Republican opposition to a radical leftist appointee. If these weak kneed Republicans offer up any resistance, “The Magician” will say, see, “they are the party of no.”

The Republicans will quickly fold and a radical, perhaps a socialist, will sail through her confirmation hearings. I say “She,” because it is common knowledge that Obama will select a female for this position. He is not interested in seating the best person.

No Sir!

He wants someone who is “Fair.”

This socialist President isn’t interested in anyone who just wants to interpret the law. He wants someone who will “Make Up A Law.”

What better candidate than Judge Diane Wood who is said to be on Obama’s short list of Supreme Court nominees.


America, this is a “Dangerous Woman.”

If she is to be Souter’s replacement, we as Conservatives need to mount a campaign to stop this woman from getting anywhere near the High Court.

Here’s why!

Judge Wood has said that she believes that a judge’s interpretation of what the Constitution says should “Grow With The Times.”

In other words, here is another radical leftist, who believes the Constitution is a, “Living, Breathing, Document.”

This is what Judge Wood said in a 2005 article that she wrote for the New York University Law Review:

” Over the long run, even though it can sometimes be frustrating to wait for the long run, it has been better to allow Constitutional understandings to grow with the times. Our eighteenth-century Constitution, while a bit cryptic at the edges, is nonetheless a real treasure”

Yeah Right!

 A real treasure that this leftist judge wants to tear up and rewrite, according to where society is at during a particular moment. It doesn’t matter to people like this woman if the Constitution is rewritten over and over again. What matters to people like this is that they are given unfettered power over the masses!

That is what she and people like Obama are calling for. By the way, I have no problem in understanding the First Amendment, or the Second Amendment. And neither does this socialist. Her goal is to strip Americans of their rights.

That my friend, is the bottom line!

This is why radicals like Judge Diane Wood must be stopped “in her tracks.”

Remember how Democrats hounded Judge Robert Bork during his confirmation hearings?  Eventually, this fine Judge threw up his hands, and removed his name from contention as a Supreme Court nominee.

And what about Supreme Court Justice, Clarence Thomas?

The Democrats performed what Justice Thomas described at the time as a “High Tech Lynching” on him!

For the love of God, “Stand Up America.”

Stand up and denounce this “Dictator In The Making, Barack Hussein-Obama.”

Like with everything else that he has done to date, Obama has said that he wants the process to proceed quickly, so that the full Senate can confirm whomever right after Congress returns from its August recess, if not soon!

Republicans should be screaming, “Hold On For One Damn Minute Jack.”

To my fellow Americans: You can force Republicans to grow a pair, by flooding their Washington offices with telephone calls.  By the way, Specter is not a sure bet to rubber stamp Obama’s choice. This is why he called this numb skull, to make him seem like he cares about Specter’s opinion.

Obama is scared, because without Specter’s vote, he could not seat a leftist socialist on the High Court!

Poor old Orrin Hatch!

You would think that he would know better. For God’s sake; this man has been off of the porch, and around the block a few times. But, he said Obama “Assured Him That He Will Not Pick A Radical Or Extremist.”

Memo To Senator Orrin Hatch: WAKE UP!

Hatch did promise that Obama would face a major Senate fight if he “nominates someone contrary to what he told me.”

Then Hatch blew it, when he said “I Take The President At His Word.”

Second Memo To Orrin Hatch: “Barack Hussein-Obama Is A Pathological Liar.”

Is there not one Republican in the nation’s Capitol who will answer the call, and speak out against any radical leftist judge that Obama nominates?

What the hell do they have to lose?

They will lose the votes of their constituents in 2010 if they don’t “Man Up,” and call this weasel of a President out!

That’s what they have to lose, pure and simple!


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  1. jyhfdjd
    Posted May 5, 2009 at 11:54 pm | Permalink

    Seems to me like Representative Gary L. Ackerman (D-NY) has some explaining to do.

    Records – reported on, a New York City political Web site – show Ackerman (D-Jamaica Estates) accepted a “personal loan” last year for as much as $100,000 from Selig Zises, a large investor in a California-based company that Ackerman called Xenonics Options. However, Ackerman, who denies any improprieties, said the alleged loan was actually a sale of stock that he accidentally misreported.

    “I no longer have it,” Ackerman said yesterday. “I sold it off a couple weeks back.”

    On March 9, 2002, Ackerman, a senior member on the International Relations Committee, purchased between $1,001 to $15,000 of stock in Xenonics, which is today valued at between $100,000 and $250,000, according to financial records.

    The 12th-term lawmaker said he decided to invest in Xenonics – a name he said he doesn’t even know how to pronounce – after a suggestion from Zises, whom he described as a friend.

    The U.S. Army awarded the company a $2.98 million contract a year later to manufacture night-vision equipment. Ackerman said he played no role in steering federal dollars to Xenonics.

    Within two years of his initial investment, Ackerman’s stake in Xenonics Options had ballooned to as much as $1 million.

    Why Xenonics? The answer can probably be found in Ackerman’s close ties to the Zises family, one of New York’s uber-Likudniks. Since 1990, the Zises family Bernard, Seymour, Selig & Jay, contributed at least $30,000 of Unifund CCR Partner proceeds (a vicious collection agency that will sue 160,000 Americans for Credit Card Default this year) to Ackerman’s campaign coffers.

    How close are Ackerman and the Zises? Close enough apparently for Ackerman to have made a statement on the House floor last year in celebration of patriarch Bernard Zises’s 90th birthday, and another upon the death of the Zises family matriarch, Ruth Zises . That’s right: a statement on the House floor.

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