I have been asking myself in recent days what in the hell are Republicans afraid of?  Why can’t one of these “Fraidy Cats” speak out against the socialist, Barack Hussein-Obama? America, I think I have the answer!

I have performed a lot of psychotherapy over the years. I have facilitated groups, ranging from “Intensive Psychotherapy,” to “Multi-Family Therapy, “Individual Therapy,” and “Marital Therapy.”

Most Clinical Psychologists are eclectic in their practice. The reason for this is simple. Using one particular psychotherapeutic paradigm, is akin to saying, “One Size Fits All.”

Do you follow me?

People come to therapy with different personalities: And different diagnosis. You would not dare use an intensive model to deal with someone who is a paranoid schizophrenic. Why? You could cause the patient to have a relapse. In other words, you could end up with a person who is not only suffering from hallucinations, but is suicidal and homicidal!

It would take an abject fool to perform therapy with a paranoid schizophrenic in this manner!

Now, there are people who suffer from a “Personality Disorder.” In most cases, you can use a direct approach with people like this. For example, someone who is suffering from a “Personality Disorder, With Avoidant Traits Noted.”

Republicans remind me of someone with the above disorder. So, what is the causation? Until you perform a comprehensive evaluation, who knows? For the sake of argument, not to mention brevity, let me posit that I think Republicans are, “Afraid Of Conflict.”

Hence, they are avoiding any and everything pertaining to our pathological lying President.

People who are afraid of conflict will do just about anything to avoid it. People have been known to quit a well paying job because they were too afraid to face an over-bearing colleague.  Perhaps you have known someone in grade school or college, who allowed someone to humiliate them in front of others.

What causes this pathology?:

* Fear of abandonment

* Fear of rejection

* Fear of retribution

* Fear of ruffling the feathers of another

I once had a patient say to me, “Dr. Lewis, I Like A Smooth Life.”

She worked hard at having a, “Smooth Life.”

So much so, that as a result of avoiding conflict, her body began to attack her. This woman experienced severe pain in her lower extremities. She also was victimized by excruciating headaches.

I asked her Primary Care Physician to perform a full work-up on her.

I was not surprised to learn that there was “Nothing Physically Wrong With Her.”

Furthermore, any brain lesions, or damage to the right or left hemispheres were ruled out!

So, we had to look at environmental reasons for her pain.

Republicans in the nation’s Capitol are “Wimps.” They are afraid that if they stand up to this Chicago thug of a President, the socialists press will castigate them. They are probably right. But, who cares what these liars print or broadcast.

They are going to lie to the American people regardless.

Remember, these people are “Liberal Democrat Activists.”

If Republicans are to ever be rewarded by the American people and returned to the White House, and gain control of the House and Senate from Socialists Democrats, they are going to have to stop listening to the media.

Memo To All GOP Members Shaking In Their Collective Boots: “LISTEN TO THE AMERICAN PEOPLE.”

I am a firm believer that if you, “Say What You Mean, And Mean What You Say,” The American People Will Rally Behind You.”

Republicans have lost a large chunk of the American electorate, because they are no different than socialist Democrats.

First of all, Americans will not abandoned you, if you are “Honest And Forthright.” Contrary to what the socialists press is trying to convince you of, “America Is Still A Conservative Country.”

Secondly, Americans rejected the GOP in 2008 because of several things:

* The GOP gave America what the socialists press convinced them to

do. They gave us a “Moderate Presidential Candidate.” Republicans and Conservatives Aren’t Interested In The John McCain/Bob Dole, ‘Big Tents’ Types”

* George Bush was never a Conservative. He moved the party to the center.

Not bright George

* George Bush spent money like a drunken sailor: And he supported amnesty

for illegal aliens. Not bright George

* Americans were weary of the Iraq War

* Bush and the Republicans allowed the Democrats and the socialist

press to beat up on them on a daily basis, and whimpered like a beaten dog

Thirdly, this is the one I don’t understand. Republicans are fearful of retribution. That has already taken place in the form of the electorate voting for Democrats. So, I don’t understand this displaced fear!

Lastly, for you chicken hearts in the GOP, I know that you are fearful of taking shots at “The Messiah.” But, he will insult you; and all that you do is roll over like a trained puppy, and give him what he wants.

The way that I see it, this socialist President, because of his boundless arrogance, has given the GOP the necessary “Club To Hit Him Over The Head With.”

And “Hit Him Over And Over Again.”

In order to do that, you have to have a man or woman with an “Old Pioneering Spirit.”

Barack Hussein-Obama has told us that “He Is A Socialist.” He did this way back in 2001. Obama was being interviewed on a Chicago public radio station, WBEZ-FM. What he said was chilling, not to mention a precursor that lay ahead for the American people. The socialist Obama said that the “Warren Supreme Court” was “Not Radical Because He Did Not Wander Into The Area Of Redistributive Justice:

“To that extent, as radical as I think people tried to characterize the Warren Court, it wasn’t that radical”

The Warren Court started in 1953 and ended in 1969. Unlike Obama, most court historians think that the Warren court was the most radical Supreme Court in American history!

President Dwight D. Eisenhower nominated Warren to the High Court: However, in retrospect, Eisenhower said this was:

” The biggest damned-fool mistake I ever made”

My question for Republicans is, why aren’t you explaining to the American people in clear terms that Obama is a socialist, what socialism is, and how this form of governance can and will take everything that you have labored for away?

Not to mention your very freedoms!

Richard Steele, the man “With A Yellow Streak Down His back,” is afraid to call Obama a socialist. This “Conflict Avoider,” say what Obama is doing is, “Collectivist” in nature.


No Mr. Steele, “It Is Socialism. It Is Socialism.”

The Wall Street Journal is reporting that a number of National Committee members are not happy with the timid approach being used by Steele. This “moderate republican” has been in the doghouse with Republicans since he assumed the reigns of Chairman!

I have called for his ouster. The man is an incompetent boob!

Now comes word that RNC leaders in sixteen states have signed a petition which calls for a special RNC meeting to deal with this critical issue of calling “Obama A Socialist.”

Steele apparently has the last word on a special meeting; and he has rejected the requests twice.

Republicans aren’t quitting. They are moving this loser closer and closer to the hot seat. RNC member, James Bopp, Jr. of Indiana, has emailed all 168 committee members. He has asked the membership to join with him in forcing Steele to hold the special meeting. According to Bopp, the meeting is needed, “to discuss the ‘socialist’ label, among other issues pressing the party.”

Bopp added, “In Just A Few Months, The Goal Of The Obama Administration Has Become Clear And Obvious–To Restructure American Society Along Socialist Ideals.”

Meantime, this writer continue to call for the firing of Richard Steele.  The GOP needs to have more James Boop Jr’s, “Who Say What They Mean, And Mean What They Say.”

To the GOP–“The Clock Is Ticking.”

America is being held hostage by socialist feigning to love her!


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