I never thought that I would say this, but Colin Powell is nothing but a Democrat, clothed only in his mind, as a “conservative republican.”

It is time for Powell to stop playing games, and join Arlen Specter and the rest of the traitors who have backstabbed their party. Powell enjoyed the Republican Party as long as it was something that he could use. Now that the GOP is floundering, Powell has joined with other socialist Democrats in kicking the Party while it is down!

This man should not be honored. He is a despicable turn-coat!

If you live in a healthy family, and you happen to find yourself at loggerheads with a family member, you don’t go out into the middle of the street and tell the world that you are angry with that person. You work out your differences, “Within Your Family.”

If your desire is to get back at your family, because you have hate in your heart, you will, as we say down south, “Scandalize Their Name.”

This is what Powell is doing. How he thinks that calling out people like Rush Limbaugh and Sarah Palin is helpful to the Republican Party, simply defies logic.

No, what Powell wants to do with his liberal buddies is to destroy the Republican Party. Why should he leave, when he can do more damage “Pretending To Be A Republican.”

Powell knows that his pals in the socialists press will give him banner headlines each time that he lambaste the GOP. I get a kick out of the press and people like Powell who are always telling the Republicans, you have to change, and be this way, or that way. Like they really care about Republicans.

Basic psychology tells me that the tactics being employed by people like Powell is designed to tear the GOP asunder. That is his strategy; that is his end game. So, instead of continuing with this silly charade that he “Only Cares For The Good Of The Party,” I cast my vote for calling on this charlatan to pack his grip and move over to the Democrat Party!

In case you didn’t hear, Powell lashed out at Rush Limbaugh and Governor Palin the other day. Powell told corporate security executives on Monday:

” The Republican Party is in deep trouble. I think what Rush does as an entertainer diminishes the party and intrudes or inserts into our public life a kind of nastiness that we would be better to do without”

Who the hell are we? Rush Limbaugh is a well thought out commentator. He tells his listeners the truth. Apparently this traitor doesn’t want the public to be informed. So Powell attempts to polarize Republicans by saying that Rush is “Nasty.”

I know that Powell as well as other R.I.N.O’s would like to silence Rush. By doing this, these leeches can move in and help their socialist President, Barack Hussein-Obama drive a stake through the heart of the Grand Old Party!

America, this is all that creeps like Powell, Specter, et. al., are trying to do. They are bitter and vindictive little people. The truth be told, Rush scares the hell out of people like Colin Powell.  He, like his pal, Hussein-Obama, only want people that are malleable: People that they can control for their evil ends!

So attack the messenger. If I could ask this phony a question, it would be this. What about Keith Olberman? What about Rachel Maddow? What about Chris Matthews?

Aren’t these people formenting hatred on the left?

Of course they are. But, Powell is hoping that you are too stupid to figure out his game plan. Olberman, Maddow and Matthews are three of the most vicious people on television. Yet, this disgraceful man, Colin Powell, calls out Rush Limbaugh and Sarah Palin!

If you doubt that this guy isn’t a liberal Democrat, well are you in for a surprise. Listen to these words from the “Great General Colin Powell:”

” The Republican Party is in deep trouble. The Party must realize that the country has changed. Americans do want to pay taxes for services. Americans are looking for more government in their life, not less”

You need to ask yourself, does this sound like a “Conservative?” Hell, he doesn’t even sound like a true Republican. This is a breathtaking comment. Colin Powell wants to create more people “Dependent On Government.”

Colin Powell wants the government to become more and more invasive in the lives of Americans.

Sounds a lot like Barack Hussein-Obama to me!

By the way, when this socialist, who is trying to pass himself off as a Republican says Americans want to pay taxes for services, who is he talking about?

Did you know that “97 percent of all federal income taxes are paid by the top 50 percent of wage earners in this country?

Yes Sir!

These are the people who “Hire Other People.”

So, if we tax the hell out of these people, as recommended by the socialist President, and his pal, Colin Powell, what will happen?

Simple: These people will go out of business: And guess who the people will turn to?

Big Brother!

We would then have this over-arching government, that has been given power by clowns like Colin Powell. When that happens, “The people should be in fear.”

Are you following me?

It’s little wonder that disingenuous people like Powell wants Rush, Governor Palin and Ann Coulter out of the GOP. They are a threat “To The State.”

They are a threat, because they are “Thinkers And They Create Thinkers.”

Why do you suppose at one time, Black Americans were denied the right to learn how to read? When you learn how to read, you become an informed citizen.

You begin to “Think And Problem Solve.”

You can figure out people like Colin Powell.

Powell said that Governor Palin”is a very accomplished person.” But wait, because this rascal was getting ready to set up this fine lady. He said Governor Palin became a “very polarizing figure” during last year’s election.  The polarization was created by the Governor advisers, said General “Know It All.’

Powell had a “Senior Moment,” by conveniently forgetting all of the “nastiness directed at Governor Palin last year from the camp of Barack Hussein-Obama.”

He also overlooked all of the “Nastiness” that came from the socialists press directed at Governor Palin!


You have “Zero” credibility with Conservatives and Republicans in this country.

Your legacy will be one of a bitter old man, who tried like hell to destroy a party that gave you things that socialists Democrats would have laughed at you, had you ask them to appoint your sorry ass to the high ranking positions that you had in the Republican Party!

You disgraceful ingrate!


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