Now I know with certainty that Nancy Pelosi is the dumbest person in Washington, D.C. This lying San Francisco elitist came out recently and said that she was never briefed on waterboarding techniques by the Bush administration. Remember, this was at the time the socialist President had tossed the possibility of going after some Bush lawyers for counseling a sitting President on interrogation techniques, to Eric Holder, his scum bag Attorney General!

Obama, like the rest of the socialist Democrats in D.C., are so infected with “Bush Syndrome,” that he never considered that when when the plot was hatched to hound these fine “Patriots,” the net that he cast would also scoop up some important members in his own Party!

“Bush Syndrome” impairs one’s ability to think in a rational manner. The obsession precludes these jackals from considering all posibilities!

Hence, their fixation on George W. Bush.

When the name of Nancy Pelosi surfaced concerning who knew what and when, this disgraceful lying woman stepped up to a bank of microphones and emphatically denied ever being brief on “Enhanced Interrogation Techniques.”

I watched her body language, as well as her beady eyes darting back and forth. She acted like a child who had gotten caught by her mom, “with her hand in the cookie jar.”

It was then that I concluded “This Woman Is Lying Her Arse Off.”

So, why would someone lie in the way that Pelosi did?

Arrogance of power my friend. Arrogance of power!

This power hungry group that now controls the federal government, think they are impervious to having their names associated with malfeasance in any kind of way. After all, they do have the socialists press covering their backs; and writing/broadcasting lying stories on their socialist President everyday. In some ways, this is delusional behavior. However, I think the way that socialist Democrats and the media are acting is more in line with classic narcissism.

These trollers of sceptic tank material maybe able to “Roll That Spineless Group Of Republicans In Washington, but, “Airdome Peloopsi And The Poddle President” forgot one thing. They were both screwing around with the CIA!

These people don’t play. And Pelosi is about to find out why she picked on the wrong people. The Washington Post is reporting that the Director of National Intelligence and the Central Intelligence Agency to Capitol Hill, has released a ten-page memorandum which states unequivocally that “Lying Nancy(MY WORDS IN QUOTES) Pelosi” and then-Congressman Porter Goss, Republican of Florida, were the first two members of the House “ever briefed on the interrogation tactics.

The memo says Pelosi and Goss were briefed on Enhanced Interrogation Techniques and also on the use of EIT’s on Abu Zubaydah.

Zubaydah was one of the first “High Value Targets” nabbed by our guys; and was at one time an Al Qaeda high ranking member.

This “Rat” was “Given A Bath Via Waterboarding.”

Pelosi knew that she was given this secret information. But, it was her enormous ego that got in her way.  Republicans had it right, when they said this fantastic liar knew for years all about waterboarding and other techniques used by CIA agents, “To Protect The United States Of America.”

But, this woman had to act aghast that our country was using waterboarding techniques.

What a complete and utter phony!

In my field of endeavor, it is said, “If It Is Not Written Down, It Did Not Happen.”

Didn’t this “Pea-Brain” of a woman know that the CIA is a professionally run organization, for the most part. Didn’t she have one active brain cell needed to tell her that maybe, just maybe, “There Is A Paper Trail That Leads To My Dumb Ass?”

What a “Nincompoop.”

By the way, Pelosi and Goss, who went on to head the CIA, were briefed on September 4, 2002, one week before America paused to remember the 09/11/01 victims who died at the hands of the very people that Pelosi and the socialist President of this country are trying to protect and defend!

You folks want to hear something amazing?

Nancy Pelosi’s office came out on Friday, and issued what is being called, “a carefully worded statement.”

She is “Calling The CIA A Bunch Of Liars.”

You have to laugh at the stupidity of this woman. You can’t make this stuff up.

It is like a friend once advised me concerning my enemies, “When You See Your Enemy In The Process Of Hanging Himself, Walk Away.”

This idiot is hanging herself, right before our very eyes. She said in a statement:

“I had never been briefed about the use of waterboarding, only that it had been approved by the Bush administration lawyers as a legal techniques to use in interrogations”


Then tell me Ms. Moron, “Why Didn’t You Scream At The Top Of Your Stupid Lungs, THIS  IS WRONG?”

Speaking of stupid, Pelosi’s mouthpiece, Brendan Daly:

“As the document show, the Speaker was briefed only once, in September 2002. The briefers described these techniques, said they were legal, but said that waterboarding had not yet been used”

Now folks, is this woman mentally challenged, or what?

Earth Calling Nancy Pelosi: The CIA has a ten-page memo which says, “You Were Advised That Waterboarding Was Used.”

This is not a question of “He Said, She Said.” 

This is the Central Intelligence Agency and the Director of National Intelligence saying this woman has “Perjured Herself.”

Nancy Pelosi has been trapped!

 This idiot has fallen into her own snare by doing what arrogant people ultimately do, “Tell One Too Many Lies.”

It is time for a Special Prosecutor to be brought in to investigate Pelosi. 

The American people should “DEMAND” that “Mr. Telepromter” appoint Patrick Fitzgerald to carefully vet this pathetic creature!

We all know how much Nancy Pelosi likes jewelry. I wonder if she will like the specially made “Handcuffs” that she will be fitted with?

Parenthetically, the Washington Post wrote a story in December, 2007, whereby, the paper stated that key members of both the House and Senate Intelligence Committees were briefed in the Fall of 2002 about, guess what?


2002. Remember that year America. Because this is when that liar from San Francisco, Nancy Pelosi was briefed by the CIA on waterboarding–and a list of other ‘Enhanced Interrogation Techniques.’

Pelosi can run all that she wants. She will find that she is simply running in a circle.

That same circle that has trapped her in her lies!

Bush Syndrome.!

Second Memo To Nancy Pelosi–who is camped out on Mars, or some other distant planet in our galaxy: I have good news, and I have bad news.

There is a cure for Bush Syndrome!



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