While most Republicans in Washington are out searching for their testes, former Vice-President, Dick Cheney never had a problem in voicing, clearly, how he feels about the socialists White House of Barack Hussein-Obama!

In fact, Cheney will not mince words. Remember what he told that loudmouth, Patrick Leahy of Vermont to do?

It rhymes with “Duck.”

Cheney told this whiny pantywaist to go, “Blank Himself.”

You have to love his honesty. Liberals pretend to love everybody, but the minute that you turn your back, these cowards will plunge a knife into it!

This is why I wouldn’t trust a Democrat any further than I can throw one.

I was listening to Rush Limbaugh the other day, and he asked his listeners to think, “Why Was Dick Cheney, Who Can Live The Rest Of His Days In The Lap Of Luxury, Spend One Minute, Denouncing This Socialist President?”

For me, the answer was simple, “Love Of Country.”

This is why I get up every day and scour the news, looking for items that the socialist press is determine to hide from the American people. I bring to my unpaid job, not only two decades as a broadcast journalist, I also use my knowledge as a Clinical Psychologist, to show my readers what other writers can not do. I show them the hidden nuggets of information, along with the subterfuge that a member of the socialists press is using to suppress a story.

I can also teach my readers about personality disorders, i.e., “Narcissistic Personality Disorder.”

Like Dick Cheney, I do this because I love my country, and I fear that she will not be recognizable in another four years if we don’t pound on this American-hater every chance we get!

Unlike socialist Democrats, when we go on the attack, we do so with credible facts on our side!

My hope is maybe, some of what I am teaching and explaining in my columns, will be assimilated by those who are “In Love With This Magician.”

Dick Cheney could be out hunting, fishing, or just simply, “Living The Life Of Riley.”

He too sees this menace to our liberties, and for now, he lives at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue. Cheney is attempting to open your eyes, America. Of course, the socialists press along with some so-called “moderate Republicans,” would love to shut Cheney and the rest of us up!

Why is that you suppose?

These Machiavellian people know that if they can keep you in a perpetual state of darkness, Barack Hussein-Obama, will be well on his way to changing our country into a full fledged socialist nation, before his first term is up. What has happened to America? Our parents and grandparents would have tarred and feathered this scoundrel; and then rode him out of town on a rail!

Although millions of Americans are starting to open their eyes, I do not sense that enough of us are, “Mad As Hell, And We Are Not Going To Take It Any More.”

Dick Cheney can see this.

He can feel the public apathy!

Cheney and those of us who love this country are like modern day, Paul Reveres!

We are warning God-fearing Americans of the pending doom of this great country, if we allow this “Grinning Cheshire Cat” to have his way with the Congress.

I’ll admit that this is a tough sell, trying to get Americans to “Think,” and stop believing everything that a Kathie Couric, or Charlie Gibson of ABC News tells them. Although the task is onerous, it will not deter those of us, who have a burning love for this country that resides in the pit of our stomaches!

See, I still believe that America is the greatest damn country on the face of God’s green earth.

However, we have a fifth column in our ranks. People like Colin Powell, John McCain, Lindsay Graham, Olympia Snowe, and Susan Collins. These are the people who are praying for the success of Barack Hussein-Obama. These are selfish people who are thinking of themselves,  not their country!

Powell has the nerve to tell Republicans in essence what his pal, Barack Hussein-Obama said at the beginning of the year. He advises that members of the GOP not listen to Rush Limbaugh.

So, who does Powell want the GOP to listen to?

Why people like this turn-coat, that’s who!

Powell wants to destroy the Republican Party.

Why he is so pissed off at a Party that “Made Him What He Is Today, Is Beyond Me.”

Dick Cheney has warned us about this “Closet Democrat.”

In the meantime, Cheney repeated once again, that Barack Hussein-Obama has left this country “more vulnerable to a potential terrorist attack since taking office.”

Cheney’s detractors can’t argue with him on the facts; so, they do what socialists do best, “They Attack The Man.”

The former Vice-President argues that Obama has gotten rid of a number of Bush policies, along with protections put in place by the former President, following the September 11,2001 attack by Arab extremists the homeland. Cheney points specifically at Obama’s crazy plan to shut down Guantanamo Bay detention camp on the island of Cuba.

By the way, this impulsive, ego-tripping, narcissist, hasn’t a clue where he will send these killers if he follows through on his ridiculous plan to close Gitmo! 

Mr. Cheney questions the logic behind Obama’s pseudo-altruism by putting a stop to “Enhanced Interrogation Techniques.”

Waterboarding, which is used in the training of some of our military, was one of the technique used on several high value targets; and as a result, saved literally, “Thousands Of American Lives.”

Despite this valuable technique, “Saint Obama” has told the world that America would cease and desist from the use of waterboarding.

Crazy?  You betcha!

Anyone with half a brain understand that this socialist is trying to appease the very same people who would slash his throat if given the chance. In the world of Barack Hussein-Obama, he thinks in theoretical terms.

He fails to understand that the Islamofascists aren’t operating in a Harvard or Yale classroom. These animals earned their Ph.D’s from the, “Savage Institute Of Higher Learning.”

Our former Vice-President is not going after Hussein-Obama out of spite. He is going after this dangerous man because, “Dick Cheney Loves His Country.”

We all know that this socialist, Hussein-Obama, is motivated by his hatred of Conservatives and Republicans. This poor excuse for a Commander In-Chief thinks of himself and his minions, rather than all Americans.

He is no Dick Cheney!

From all appearances, Hussein-Obama gets a macabre thrill out of telling the world what a bunch of louses Americans are. Remember, while in Europe, he called us “Arrogant.”

That from this pompous jackass!

In psychology, this is called “Projecting.”

Getting back to Mr. Cheney for a moment. He explains in clear terms why he thinks Hussein-Obama has placed the American people in harms way:

” I think to the extent that those policies(Bush’s) were responsible for saving lives, that the administration is now trying to cancel those policies..means in the future we’re not going to have the same safeguards we’ve had for the last eight years”

Mr. Cheney said that waterboarding was an effective tool. In fact, he said that Khalid Shakh Mohammed, who masterminded the 09/11 attacks on this country, was in essence, thumbing his nose at his interrogators, until he was “Introduced To Some Water That Was Sent Up His flaring Nostrils.”

Boy, did this canary sing after that!

Dick Cheney wasn’t the only one chiding Hussein-Obama. His daughter, Liz Cheney accused Obama with “Siding With Islamofascists.”

Ms. Cheney was as baffled as most right thinking Americans regarding Hussein-Obama’s decision to release photos showing alleged abuses of prisoners in Iraq and Afghanistan:

” I think it’s really appalling that the administration is taking this step. Clearly what they are doing is releasing images that show American military men and women in a very negative light”

No sooner had Ms. Cheney made this comment, word came that the incompetent Hussein-Obama administration had rescinded its foolish decision to release the photos.

Am I happy that this administration took this eleventh hour action? Of course I am. However, one has to ask, why did this administration which is out to show the world how pristine it is, had to indicate that it was willing to place our fighting men in further danger?

Is he that in love with Al Qaeda or the Taliban?

This President is an embarrassment to me as an American: And as a former United States Marine!

It is like I said earlier, taking on the task of educating Americans on this diabolical group that is now in Washington, gets tiring sometimes. However, I think of my grandchildren, and also my fellow Americans.

The way that I see it, the Creator has blessed me with a gift, and it would be selfish of me to sit on my laurels while our country is in peril from this socialist President and people like Nancy Pelosi, Barney Frank and Harry Reid!


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