I’ve got to tell you folks, I am enjoying watching Nancy Pelosi squirm, like the lying weasel that she is. We all know that this woman is the dumbest thing walking on two feet. How she has gotten so far in her political life is simply astounding!

Either the people in her Congressional district are dumber than she is, which I doubt, or they are so stoned out of their minds, they think Woodstock is still playing in Upstate, New York.

There is a third possibility. The people in this air-headed woman’s district are radical socialists or communists; and they love her anti-American rhetoric along with her hate America voting record!

Whatever the reason one concludes for this stupid woman’s ascension in Washington politics, “Her House That She Build On Sand Is About To Be Swept Out To Sea.”

Nancy Pelosi on Thursday, came out and called the CIA, a bunch of “Liars.”

Now folks, I’m a brave guy, but I ain’t that stupid!

Nancy Pelosi “Is Stupid.”

As Archie Bunker once opined, “Dead From The Neck Up.”

That amply describes San Francisco Pelosi!

One of the cardinal rules that I learned as a young man was this. When you find yourself digging a hole, “STOP.”

This insane woman has buried herself. Let me explain why!

Pelosi is claiming that she “Was Never” briefed by the Bush Lead CIA Department on the use of waterboarding techniques. This, despite the fact, that the CIA just last week, released to the public, “A Ten-Page Report,” detailing that one, Nancy Pelosi,” attended a briefing with then Republican Congressman, Porter Goss: And that she was told in fact, that waterboarding had been used on at least, “Two High Value Targets!”

Little Miss, “Stuck On Stupid,” told reporters the following:

“To the contrary, we were told explicitly that waterboarding was not being used. I was not briefed. I was informed that somebody else had been briefed about it”

Are you kidding me?

Memo To The Mentally Stunted Nancy Pelosi: Porter Goss who went on to head up the CIA, is somewhere out there. George Tenet, another erstwhile CIA head, is walking around some city, town or village in America!

Nancy, don’t you realize that these men can burn your stupid ass with a few simple words if placed under oath?

What would those words be?

Yes, Nancy Pelosi was briefed on “Enhanced Interrogations Techniques,” which included, “Waterboarding.”

It is what it is folks. Socialists and liberals by nature, are nothing but a pack of lying, arrogant slobs. This is why I call them pathological. Someone who is suffering from a pathology is “Sick.”

In the case of a liberal or socialist, they are mentally ill. Their illness stems from a charaterological flaw. That flaw, craves power and control. These demented people will go to any length in order to obtain these two things.

Lying is the least of what these despicable people will do!


Here, we have this crazy woman with her back up against the wall, and what does she do? She compounds her problem with not only lying, she accuses the folks in the CIA of lying to her.

You need to ask yourselves, what would be the need for the CIA to lie to this little nitwit?

I told you in a previous column that the heat would be turned up on this lying woman after she returned to this country from her “Forced Trip” to Baghdad, Iraq last weekend. By the way, what was that all about? She is just too dumb to sit down with the Prime Minister of that country and understand one damn thing that is going on. And don’t give me that crap, she went there to see the troops.

Trust me, the troops can’t stand this botoxed faced woman!

In her child-like mind, she thought that by going overseas she could kill this story. What a pathetic creature. What infantile/primitive behavior!

These socialist Democrats thought that they would be given a free ride for four years. If left up to the socialists press, they would have been treated to puff pieces for the rest of socialist, Hussein-Obama’s remaining months in office. However, these narcissistic people forgot one thing.

They are human beings!

Human beings will make myriad foibles in their lifetime!

However, history shows us that, human beings can become “Drunk Off Of Their Own Wine, To The Point, They Feel They Are Invincible.”

Hello, Nancy Pelosi!

The problem with this type of intoxication or addiction if you will, is that an individual’s ability to think in a logical fashion becomes impaired. They really start to believe that they are “God-Like.”

Witness how Barack Hussein-Obama parades around like a peacock.  Witness how Nancy Pelosi acts when giving a news conference. She acts as though she is the smartest person in the room, even though it is clear that she is not. Nonetheless, because of her arrogance, she has convinced herself that she, Nancy Pelosi, is the greatest thing, “Since Sliced Bread.”

Did you happen to see how former Bolingbrook, Illinois police officer, Drew Peterson acted going to his first court appearance last week? This guy was as cocky as they come. He talked about his “New Bling, (Slang For Jewelry) His Handcuffs And Shackles On His Legs.”

Right now, Peterson is having the time of his life. However,  like all good narcissists, with antisocial features, he will have to face “Reality.”

When he does, and that will happen once he is convicted, and the lights and the cameras will cease to exists. Reality for this piece of scum will set in, especially if he is sentenced to “death.”

Eventually, reality will set in for Nancy Pelosi. But, I don’t think that Obama will release the CIA documents. He is only interested in causing irreparable harm to Republicans and Conservatives.

Not to worry America!

Someone from the CIA will make sure that you get a chance to see these invaluable documents. Mark my words.

The late singer Jim Croce once said in one of his songs, “You Don’t Tug On Superman’s Cape, You Don’t Spit Into The Wind, You Don’t Pull The Mask Off The Old Lone Ranger And You Don’t Mess Around With Jim.”

If he were alive today, I am sure that he would tell this ditsy woman, “You Don’t Mess With The Men And Women In The CIA.”

The socialists press has been forced to do their job, and cover this story. House Republican Leader, John Boehner is telling Pelosi that she is trapped:

” When you look at the number of briefings that the Speaker was in and other Democrat members of the House and Senate, it’s pretty clear that they were aware of what these enhanced interrogation techniques were. They were well aware that they had been used, and it seems to me that they want to have it both ways. You can’t have it both ways”

The socialists press maybe covering this story, but at least one member of this cabal, the Associated Press, had this misleading headline:

“Pelosi Rebuts Republicans Waterboarding Claims”

Now, what is wrong with this headline? First, to rebut means that you provide information that exonerates you from a serious charge. Nancy Pelosi has done no such thing. Secondly, Nancy Pelosi’s fight “Is Not With Republicans, It Is With The CIA.”

See how these people try to control your thinking, America?

By the way, this is not one of those times where arrogant Democrats can thumb their nose at the public, and say their famous words, “let’s move on.”

Barack Hussein-Obama can’t save this incompetent, ignorant woman. She is, whether she knows it or not, fighting for her political life. She is also fighting to fend off an indictment and a possible stint behind bars!

I would love to see her face without botox injections.

Belay that!

No I wouldn’t: Yuck!

Nancy Pelosi has been reckless and shown a disdain for her high office. I recall when she talked about a, “Culture Of Corruption.”

Little did she realize that she was talking about herself. All of the crap sandwiches that this woman has made Republicans and Conservatives eat, has now arrived on plate.

Hey Nancy, Bon Appetit!


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