Will these cocky socialist Democrats ever learn? First they puffed out their “T-Bone Hercules Chests,” and presented to us a fellow by the name of Jesse MacBeth. Remember him? This is the guy that Rush Limbaugh went after and called a, “Phony Soldier.” The lying socialists press launched a vicious witch hunt, in their attempts to silence and destroy Rush. They were unrelenting in their attack and lies against this man.  That lying weasel, Harry Reid, who unfortunately is the Senator Majority Leader, took to the United States Senate floor, and said that Mr. Limbaugh had besmirched the names of “Every American–Who Wore This Nation’s Uniform.”

How he concluded that is simply amazing!

Reid, who would step on his own Mother in order to further his pathetic political career, knew that he was lying through his teeth. But, as I have written before, lying for a socialists Democrat, is like “falling off a log.”

It is that easy for these scoundrels!

Witness how Nancy Pelosi has tied her fool ass up in knots with her lies that the CIA never briefed her on Enhanced Interrogation Techniques!

Even in our deeply corrupt culture today, the truth has a way of seeing the light of day. Jesse MacBeth was indeed not only a phony soldier, “He Was A Chronic Liar As Well.”

However, his lies in 2006 helped to fuel the opposition to the Iraq War. MacBeth told his Democrat allies that he had served in Iraq; and that he had killed more than “Two Hundred People.”

I am proud to say that I served my country as a United States Marine in South Vietnam. My MOS was, 0311. Those of you who have served, or are presently serving in the Marine Corps, understand that I was a “Proud Ground Pounder.”

Another way of putting it, I was in the infantry. I fought with Marines who had a number of kills. But, not a one came close to “Two Hundred Viet Cong Or North Vietnamese Killed.”

Besides, War Heroes don’t go around “Shooting Off Their Mouths About How Many People They Have Killed.”

That should have been the first red flag for these American haters. But, it was just to sexy for Democrats to let go. The socialists press who loves to investigate people like “Joe The Plumber,” didn’t even lift a finger to look into this lying man’s allegations.

Hey, he was a Democrat, “A Comrade.”

That was good enough for the socialists press!

It took a Conservative blogger to expose this lying creep, who never placed a boot on Iraqi soil. In fact, this coward only spent “Forty-Four Days In The Army.”

He was given the boot, pardon the pun, for, “issues related to entry-level performance and conduct.”

In other words, this candy-butt couldn’t hack it!

Now comes word of another phony soldier that Democrats hitched their wagons to. His name is Rick Strandlof, the former Executive Director of The Colorado Veterans Alliance. Strandlof, also known as, Rick Duncan, played a key role in the 2008 political campaigns in the Mile High State.

As a matter of fact, Strandlof, or Duncan, take your pick, spoke at Barack Hussein-Obama’s veterans rally at Colorado’s State Capitol last July. He also co-hosted a number of events for Congressional candidate, Jared Polis. He was the attack dog for Democrats, verbally assaulting Republican Senate candidate, Bob Schaffer, in a television ad, paid for by “The National Democrat Party.”

Democrats ate this stuff up. Again, “No One Bothered To Check Out The Authenticity Of Rick Strandlof.”

These win at all costs socialists were too busy courting the votes of military veterans, with Strandlof leading the way. Months later, after this phony hurt the careers of Republican politicians and talked gullible voters into casting their votes for Democrats, word comes that Strandlof “Never Served One Day In The United States Marine Corps.”

Nor did he receive an injury due to a roadside bomb, “While Serving In Iraq.”

The only time that this lying man spent was in a “Mental Hospital.”

The voters in Colorado were suckered by Strandlof, who helped get a number of Democrats elected. Sadly, the Democrats that Strandlof supported easily defeated their GOP rivals.

Today, Republicans are crying foul. They are saying that not only were the voters of the state of Colorado defrauded by this wack job, they were also the victims of a fraud!

Remember, Rick Strandlof  helped elect “Democrat” Jared to the U.S. Congress. Now Jared is saying:

” His fraud is a slap in the face to veterans everywhere and a betrayal to us all”

Yeah Right!

Another “Democrat,” Tara Trujilo, a spokeswoman for U.S. Senator Mark Udall of Colorado observed:

” It sounds like the man had a problem Telling the truth and needs help”

Brilliant observation Ms. Trujilo. Too bad that members of your party didn’t discern this last year. But, I forgot, you were too damn busy “Sucking Up To This Phony Soldier.”

We all know, had this man been “A Republican,” Democrats would have unleashed their pals in the socialists press; demanding that they find a scintilla of dirt on him.

Now that the damage has been done by Strandlof, people are stepping forward and saying, “Hey, You Know, The Guy Did Act Strange.”

So, why didn’t they say this last year? Well, it seems like old Rick Strandlof anticipated this. So, he told any and everyone that he suffered brain damage from “The Roadside Bomb In Iraq.”

And with that, no one dared to questioned this “self-proclaimed war hero.”

Again, Ladies and Gentlemen, had this been a person campaigning for Republicans, the socialists press would have went up one side of this person, and then the other side, “looking for some type of dirt.”

The veteran community has as much responsibility as Democrats for allowing this fake soldier to go unchecked. I will tell you folks something. In my lifetime, I have had people come up to me and proclaim that they were Marines who had served in Vietnam. Now, I’m not some moron who has to vet everyone who claims to have been a member of this elite group. However, at some point, these people invariably make a mistake!

For example, I will ask them, “What Was Your MOS?” When they fumble around with answering this basic question, I know right then and there, this person is a phony. Or, I might ask them where did they serve. I had one fellow tell me that he went through Marine Corps boot camp “In New Jersey.”

By the way, Marines go through boot camp, not “Basic Training.” This is another way to let you know that you are dealing with somone not telling you the truth. Anyway, Marines go through boot camp at either Parris Island, South Carolina, or if they come from “West Of The Mississippi,” they go through their training at San Diego.

It is as simple as that!

The veterans in Colorado who allowed this guy to join their ranks aren’t stupid people. I am confident that someone busted this guy. Why he didn’t come forward is a question that will never be answered.

One other thing, most people in the military are “Conservative” in their thinking. I guess the Democrats are so hard up to find a military person who supports their socialists programs, they must have thought, “They Had Died And Gone To Heaven,” when this counterfeit showed up.

Meantime, Republicans in Colorado are demanding that the candidates Stradlof supported step forward and say they are sorry. Colorado state GOP Chair, Dick Wadhams:

” I think they owe the people in Colorado an apology. Somebody who took that kind of prominence in the campaign should have been vetted by the Democrats. Even if they have no idea he was a fraud. I think they bear heavy responsibility”

Mr. Wadhams, “Please Sir, Do Not Hold Your Breath.”

Democrats do not apology for anything. In their minds, they are above reproach. I wouldn’t be surprised if they don’t try to blame George W. Bush for this fool misrepresenting himself.

The only good thing to come out of this debacle is this. The Colorado Veterans Alliance has decided to disband.

If you ask me, “They Are A Dollar Short, And A Day Late.”


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