I sat and listened to an Evangelist the other day. He said that when a country becomes spiritually bankrupt; the next thing to go are the social values; after that,  the nation in question is hit hard by economic problems.

This Evangelist was speaking of the United State of America!

Tell me, are you are not surprised?

Here we are, a country that was founded on Judeo-Christian values, but now living in a reprobate and apostatized society. We are in this untenable position because “True Christians” in this country, “Have Thrown In The Towel.”

Think not?

Well, when was the last time you heard a well known, “Truly Saved, Born Again Christian” speak out against homosexuality? When was the last time you heard a Christian Preacher, “Preach Against The Sins Of This Socialist President?”

I’m not talking about your minister who preaches about these things behind closed doors each Sunday morning. I’m speaking of a “Man Of God” preaching openly against the evils that permeates this society!

True Christians have allowed evil to not only co-opt their message, and twist it to their liking, my God, we have “Homosexuals Preaching What They Call The Word Of God.” My friends, Christians have allowed the “Prince of Darkness” and his minions, to also hijack the minds of a generation of young Americans.

Warning: He has now started on his second generation!

There was a time in America, not too long ago, that we had a “Rock Solid Core Of Christian Values In Place.” Seeking to please their carnality, Americans, decided that they no longer needed God in their lives. They started listening to the children of darkness. As a result, Americans started to “Play At Being Christians, And All The While Bowing To The Prince Of Darkness.”

This evil spirit has also assembled a cadre of “preachers.” You see them, in their huge sanctuaries. Their messages is alway about, “Self Improvement And Money.”

The almighty dollars is a sub-God of these people who are living in darkness!

As I see it, Americans started to lose their way once they started “Making Deals With The People Whose ‘Main God’ Is Satan.”

To millions and millions of so-called “Educated Americans,” Satan is merely a figment of the “Immense” imagination of Christians. They have bought into the lie of the Prince of Darkness. And that is, “He Is Only A Fairy Tale.”

Sadly, many of these same people look upon the King James version of the Bible as one homosexual said following the defeat of Proposition Eight in California as, “That Dusty Old Book.”

America, I want you to take a few minutes and look around you. Can you honestly say that you that recognize this country anymore? We have “Children” leading and counseling so-called adults. Sunday is just another day where we can focus not on God, but on ourselves, via going to the mall and getting our hair done; or being on the receiving end of a manicure or pedicure!

It is called, “Me Time.”

Our heroes today are people who profane the name of God. At the same time, they curse anything approaching  righteousness.

Long gone are The Reverend Billy Graham, Bishop Fulton Sheen, Oral Roberts Gene Autry, Roy Rogers, and Randolph Scott.

If a wholesome, decent person is raised up, the left will work overtime trying to destroy the individual. Witness what happened to Miss California, just because she leaned on her biblical teachings that stated clearly, “A Marriage Is Between A Man And A Woman.”

Those living in darkness went berserk. Their howls could be heard from coast to coast. To her credit, this young woman, stood her ground, and didn’t allow these evil people to break her!

Tell me something: Where were the “Christians” when the left sought to skewer Carrie Prejean? Where were the “Christians” when thousands of crazed homosexuals attacked the Mormon Church following the defeat of Proposition Eight in California?

The bible says Christians are the children of God. I thought that the children of God had dominion over evil!

Have I missed something?

Why isn’t darkness running scared? Instead, it appears that “Christians” in this country are the ones backpedalling.

Darkness is so pervasive in America today!

We have people murdering the elderly at an alarming rate. Crimes that are so dark, are being committed by people because of a drug crazed society. Homicides are common place, especially in America’s inner cities.

Everyone is an authority on any subject that is broached. The word respect, is no longer part of our lexicon.

Filthy language is regurgitated on our televisions by celebrities and so-called reporters.

Who can forget Sue Simmons of WNBC in New York City who thought that her microphone was off. Ms. Simmons screamed at her co-anchor, a fellow by the name of Chuck Scarborough, “What The F..K Are You Doing?”

You can see her on YouTube, profanity and all!

Of course, in today’s society, all this foul-mouth woman had to do was to go on the air and issue what has become the tired, obligatory, “I’m Sorry.”

These worn out apologies are so trite nowadays!

It is clear that this nation’s political leaders have no reverence for God. The President of this country had the unmitigated gall to go overseas and proclaim, “America Is Not A Christian Nation.”

This was unprecedented language, coming from a man who claims to be “A Christian.”

From the White House, to the tiniest hamlet in this country, America is besieged by evil!

As evil continues its march in this country, Christians are as quiet as a “Church Mouse.”

I have been asking myself, what will these people do when the real tests come? Trust me, it will come. It will come when homosexuals are granted the right to practice their perverted version of marriage in every state in the Union!

I believe that certain books of the bible will be ordered by this government, to be removed from the bible, because it will be deemed offensive to homosexuals.  And if a Christian minister has the courage to preach against this vile behavior, the government will by then, have the power to throw that person in jail!

Please, don’t say that can’t happen. I never thought that the good people of this country would cut deals with these mentally ill people, and recognize and sanction their lifestyle, but they have.

While evangelicals have lost their voices on the salient issues of the day, it is the Catholic Church that is out leading the charge against the evils of same-sex marriage, abortion, and euthanasia. So, where are the fire-brand preachers of old? Oh, I believe that they continue to exists, however, they tend to leave their important messages in the church each Sunday.

As a result, they have disobeyed one of Christ’s commands, and that is, “Go Ye In To All The World And Preach The Gospel.”

As I look around this great nation, I see decadence at every turn. As mentioned, we have a President who claims to be a Christian, but his actions are far from “Christ Like.”

While a State Senator in Illinois, Barack Hussein-Obama voted to allow doctors to kill a baby, even if the child survived a vicious abortion, and was living outside of his/her mother’s womb.

No true Christian would “Ever” support this type of evil!

I was particularly offended when this elitist President proclaimed, “America Is Not A Christian Nation.”

Personally, I don’t care what this apologist says; I know my history. I know how the Founders felt about God. Their legacy and how they felt about the Creator are all around us. Yet, we have fools like this President and others, both Democrats and Republicans, who deny the very foundation that this great country was built upon!

Obama showed us recently how he feels about Christianity. Very little is being reported about this, but Obama  has appointed a fellow by the name of Harry Knox to his Advisory Council on Faith-Based and Neighborhood Partnerships.

Knox if a militant homosexual. He is also a basher of the Catholic Church. Harry Knox is also the director of the Faith and Religion Program at the Human Rights Campaign, a homosexual rights group. Among other things, this foul mouth individual has said that the pope’s thoughts on the use of condoms was, “hurting people in the name of Jesus.”

He also said that the Catholic Church’s rejection of communion to a “married” lesbian couple was to use his words, “immoral and insulting to Jesus, and an act of spiritual and emotional violence.”

Boy, are we a lost nation!

The Catholic Church isn’t sitting idly by and taking this garbage from this nasty little man. Archbishop Raymond Burke has taken homosexuals and others living in darkness to task. The Archbishop is one who refuses to kow-tow to gays and lesbians.

It is interesting, the level this country has sunk to. We have a brazen homosexual who claims to know Christ. And we have Christians allowing people like this to supplant what is morally right, with certain death!

I am speaking of a physical death as well as a spiritual one!


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