Nancy Pelosi, the frog-eyed Speaker of The House of Representatives, has probably purchased stock in the Depends Company. One has to conclude that by now, this woman who jumps around like someone has filled her pant suits with hot coats, has lost total control over her bladder and also her sphincter muscle!

 Pelosi is probably feeling a chill when she sitS in her office. That chill comes from her colleagues who are avoiding this lame-brain idiotic woman as though she has come down with a severe case of swine flu.  Unless you have been living under a rock the past week or so, Nancy Pelosi came out and made what has to be one of the dumbest political blunders in years!

Because she is afflicted with “Bush Syndrome,” Pelosi told reporters that the CIA “Lied” to her on the issue of waterboarding. In fact, this knuckle headed woman said that CIA never briefed her on the waterboarding of two high value targets in 2002. The CIA kept notes of the 2002 briefing. Low and below, the name of Nancy Pelosi is listed in the minutes as an attendee!


Hopping around, like someone who was withdrawing from an illicit substance, Pelosi did get around to amending her lie. But, that only made matters worse for this pea-brain moron. She said she was briefed on waterboarding by an aide in 2003!

Too late Bozo; the fat is in the fire!

So, where has the “Messiah” been since this firestorm erupted. Keeping his distance from this “Plague.”

There are some on the Democrat fringe left who will fall on their sword over anything that the Party tells them to. So, it is not surprising that Dianne Feinstein, one of the biggest hypocrites in the Senate would come out in support of her “Sister:”

” I have never known her not to tell the truth, and I have known Nancy Pelosi for at least the past 30 or 40, 50 years. So this is a longstanding knowledge, and I have never seen her not tell the truth. These briefings, the ones that I’ve been in, are very bland. They’re antiseptic. They are given in the most benigh way”

Feinstein with her typical West Coast elitist flair, thinks you are stupid, America. Nancy Pelosi has never told a lie. Hell, we all lie. Not a one of us are above reproach. So, what makes Feinstein think that her “Lying Pal, ” the “Mendacious, Nancy Pelosi, Is As Pure As The Driven Snow?”

She has to know that Pelosi is lying. Dianne Feinstein is simply taking “One For The Team.”

By the way, Feinstein, one of the most arrogant lawmakers in the U.S. Senate, never placed her fat neck in a noose, by calling the CIA a bunch of liars, now did she? Do yourself a favor and process what she had to say about the CIA  briefings.

This is what I take from her comments. Feinstein is saying that the CIA are a group of honest people. What does the words benign and antiseptic mean? Certainly nothing close to the word, “Liar.”

Another whack job, former Florida U.S. Senator, Bob Graham, you know the guy who suffers from Obsessive Compulsive Disorder. People who suffer from OCD, are “Hand Washers, They Love to Clean Their Homes, 24/7, Must Have Clothes, Cooking Utensils, Shoes, Etc. All In Order.”

Most of these people also suffer from a clinical depression!

Anyway, good old “Bobby Boy” reports he like Pelosi, “Was Not Fully Informed By The CIA In 2002.”

Again, I say let’s put these people under oath. Watch how People like this creep, Bob Graham, changes his mind in a heart beat.

If you want to have a little fun with this nut, throw papers on the floor of the hearing room; or walk on the floor with mud on your shoes. It’ll drive this guy nuts.

Sorry, he’s alreay nuts!

Robert Gibbs, said to be the “Smartest Person To Ever Hold The Job Of White House Press Secretary,” told reporters this week that “The One” continues to have confidence in Pelosi.

Didn’t Obama say that about Jeremiah Wright before he threw this America-hater under the bus? At the end of the day, Pelosi shouldn’t bank on this egoistic President to have her back.

In the meantime, Republican Congressman, Steve King of Iowa, shook up Washington on Tuesday when he called on Democrats to “Dump Pelosi.”

King didn’t bite his tongue concerning how he feels about this lying woman:

” This is an enemy of national security that holds the gavel of the Speaker of the House, and now she’s accusing the CIA, the people that have kept us safe over all these years to be a group of liars who willfully and calculatingly lied to the United States Congress. It is outrageous, and the American people need to speak to their Democrat members of Congress and ask them to come up with a new Speaker”

This is the kind of language that we need from members of the GOP. Now is not the time for Republicans to use euphemistic terms concerning this disgusting woman.  Believe me, if a Republican found himself in Pelosi’s place, the socialists press and their Democrat pals would have called for his ouster a long time ago.

King is the first member of Congress to call for Pelosi to step down.

My question is, where are the other members of the Republican Party at?


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