So, Colin Powell insists that he is still a Republican, Heh? This is the same man who was elevated to high ranking positions in government by “Republican Presidents.” This is also the same man who came out in support of socialist Democrat, Barack Hussein-Obama, during last year’s election. This man, Colin Powell, consorts with people whose ultimate goal is to destroy this country and the Republican Party. Yet, this “Liberal Democrat” wants us to believe that he remains a “Loyal Republican.”

As the saying goes, “With Friends Like Colin Powell, Who Needs Enemies.”

As the GOP seeks to find its voice, there are other leeches out there who are now siding with Powell. People like former GOP Speaker of The House, Newt Gingrich, and former Pennsylvania Governor, Tom Ridge!

To be loyal, Webster notes the following:

” Unswerving in allegiance as (A) Faithful in allegiance to one’s lawful sovereign or government, (B) Faithful to a private person to whom fidelity is due, (C) Faithful to a cause, ideal, or custom”

I have said this before, the Republican Party is akin to your biological family. When you have an unresolved issue(s) with someone in your family, you do not go out into the middle of the street, and “Yell Out For Everyone To Hear, What That Issue Is.”

You work within the family to resolve the issue. Perhaps you have known family members who betrayed their families by telling others how they couldn’t stand “Uncle Joe, Or Aunt Sally.”

People love juicy gossip. Witness the millions of Americans who purchase the National Enquirer, or the Globe every week. Much of the junk that is printed in these so-called newspapers are noting but made up garbage; but it is scintillating and titillating to the ears of those who love to gossip; and those who love to hear of the misfortunes of others!

We are a nation of people who seem to experience orgasmic highs whenever we are treated to salacious crap!

We are also a nation of voyeurs!

Powell and other Republicans In Name Only, (RINO’s) are the little engines that provide the socialists in America’s press with information that they can take and shape into their desired form. By focusing on a “Nothing Story Like Colin Powell,” the press can forget about telling the American people what is really going on. For example, why is Nancy Pelosi, out of the country once again? Why is she wasting our money on meaningless junkets? Shouldn’t the media be pressing her on her charge that the CIA lied to her about Enhanced Interrogation Techniques? And, why don’t we see millions of Americans back to work: Isn’t this what Hussein-Obama promised us?

The wingnuts on the left honestly believe that they are in a party that is not only a “Big Tent,” but a party that encourages free thinkers, and is tolerant of myriad views.

I ran across this comment from a “Democrat Sheep” who is horribly confused over which party is the draconian one; and the other which is open to everyone:

“Conservatives will destroy the Republican Party. Conservatives will force the Republican Party to be the Party of ideological tests, the Party of goose-steppers, the Party of rigid, the Party of the state, the old Party of days gone by, the Party of whine, ruled by a hillbilly heroin addict and an old geezer who thinks laws were made to be broken”

Now folks, this poor misguided fool would have you believe that he is just “Trying To Show Us The Light.”

My question is, why should he care if we are headed for a cliff as he predicts? The larger question that begs to be answered is, how can the blind lead?

Leftists in this country are so blind that they can’t see that socialists like Barack Hussein-Obama have removed their brains; and washed them as “White As Snow.”

Frankly, I’ve given up on these people. As I see it, the kool-aid drinkers on the left are a lost cause. Yet, because of their arrogance, they feel that they are the superior thinkers. They are so blinded by their leader’s rhetoric that they can not see that he has enslaved them, by controlling how they think; and what “Talking Points To Use.”

Every thing that this person said about Conservatives, is what the Democrat socialist Party is all about.  He is the perfect idiot for the Hussein-Obama socialist movement. He honestly believes that he is “Spiritually Free.”

I guess he has forgotten his socialist President “Bowing To the King Of Saudi Arabia.” I suppose that his tiny brain couldn’t retain the images of Hussein-Obama “Hobnobbing With His Fellow Socialist, Hugo Chavez Of Venezuela.” What about the “Communist” moves of Hussein-Obama, taking over the automobile and banking industries, or Hussein-Obama going overseas and apologizing to folks we freed from the grip of tyranny, and told them “Americans Were Arrogant?”

This brain-dead socialist apparently forgot Hussein-Obama flying down to Mexico, and accusing his fellow Americans of shipping “90% Of The Illicit Guns” to that embattled nation’s drug cartels!

And what of the tea parties that were railed against by the socialists media, and “Barack Hussein-Obama.”

The only people doing any “Goosestepping” are the ideologues on the left.

Those on the left are good at saying that Conservatives are ideologues. I will confess that “Yes,” I am a dyed-in the wool ideologue. There are principles that I will not negotiate with Democrats over. And what of socialist Democrats? Do they really, and truly believe that people think that they are the party of flexibility?

Where are these people flexible on the issue of abortion, guns, gay marriage, the hoax of global warming, the lie that 90% of all weapons found in Mexico come from this country, the lies that Nancy Pelosi has fomented regarding the CIA, the lies that this country’s socialist President tells about this country’s military torturing Islamofacists, and the left’s bid to make some 20-million illegal aliens citizens; and Hussein-Obama’s maniacal plan to create universal health care which could destroy this country?

Yes America, please tell me where is the left’s “Middle Ground” on the aforementioned issues?

I could go on and on, but I learned a long time ago that liberals or socialists if you prefer, suffer from a mental health disorder!

Their disorder is their hatred for anything that is “American.”

They especially hate the First Amendment, which gives “All Americans” the right to say how they feel. To the socialists in this country the First Amendment is fine, as long as everyone agrees with their skewed thinking!

Hell, these confused people will side with America’s enemies, rather than stand with our military. Obama would have you believe that the three Islamofacists who were waterboarded back in 2002, were “Boy Scouts.”

There is a wonderful thing about hindsight. It is always 20-20. This “Bag Of Hot Air” will get his chance over the next several years to show Americans what he is made of. So far, he has told our enemies that he is willing to bend over and grab his ankles, in order to appease them!

Colin Powell, Tom Ridge and the latest turncoat, Newt Gingrich are the “Three Stooges For The Obama Administration.”

I will predict on these pages today that at some point during the 2012, General Election, Colin Powell will announce that he is switching parties. This weasel’s goal is to time his announcement so that he can inflict the maximum damage to the Republican Party. He will whine to the socialists press “how hard he worked to create a party of inclusion, but that people like Dick Cheney and Rush Limbaugh hindered him.”

Of course, that will be a crock. This will be the cover that he will need to jump ship. The socialists press will make him out to be a martyr!

For now, Colin Powell will continue the game of playing, “Faithful Republican.”

Powell and his two allies want the Republican Party to change. Nowhere do we hear anyone calling on authoritarian Democrats to change. Have you heard Powell or any of his pals criticize Keith Olberman or Chris Matthews? These are two of the most vitriolic individuals on television.

Furthermore, have you heard this hypocrite, Colin Powell, criticize any of the socialists moves made by the man that he supported for President?

Of course not. So, what does that tell you America?

It tells me what I have always known; this man is a backstabbing liberal. Don’t be amazed at my characterization of this “Retired Army General.” Throughout history, we have accounts of people who have turned on their countries, in order to advance their careers, or to hurt someone!

Colin Powell is no different. After all, he is a human being, who needs to grow up!

I agree with former Vice-President Dick Cheney who said that he would stand shoulder to shoulder with Rush Limbaugh over Colin Powell. Powell, Gingrich and Ridge are advocates of Conservatives expanding their base. He said there were other “Moderates” in the GOP who agreed with him, but were afraid to speak up, “because if you are vocal you’re going to get your voice mail filled up and get lots of e-mails like I did.’

Who is this guy trying to kid? First of all, he gives one the impression that any Tom, Dick or Harry could get your phone number or e-mail. Second, he is saying that Conservatives and Republicans are bullies.

Didn’t this man witness the hate filled rants from the socialists press and the President of The United States when average citizens did what the Constitution said they had a right to do, and that is the peacefully assemble?

From the tiniest child to the oldest adult, these “Patriots” were called “Racists.”

What Powell wants is a “Democrat Lite Party.” The Republicans gave Powell and people like him, John McCain last year. McCain was destroyed by Obama. And why? There wasn’t a dime’s worth of difference between the two, that’s why!

Tom Ridge shocked me. He went on CNN to deliver a below the belt blow against Mr. Limbaugh;

” I think Rush articulates his point of view in ways that offend very many. It’s is a matter of language and a matter of how you use words. It does get the base all fired up and he’s got a strong following. But personally, if he would listen to me and I  doubt  if he would, the notion is express yourselves but let’s respect other opinions and let’s not be divisive”

Where has this nitwit been? Tom Ridge sounds like a damn Democrat. Conservatives don’t talk like that. Conservatives are like Rush Limbaugh, who will say how they are feeling. Ridge wants to sing Cumby Ya with socialists Democrats. Meantime, they are beating the hell out of Republicans and Conservatives with their hate filled words.

Ridge is also taking a page from the book of socialist Democrats. He wants to “Tell Rush Limbaugh How to Speak; What words to use; and when to inflect said words, etc.

In other words, be a damn hypocrite!

Memo To Colin Powell: When You Jump Ship–Please Take Tom Ridge And Newt Gingrich With You!

I am heartsick after listening to the words of these sycophants of Barack Hussein-Obama!






  1. John
    Posted August 22, 2009 at 6:54 am | Permalink

    Greeting Right “Wing-Nut” Conservative Terrorist,
    How ignorant and crazy are you? Are you one of those extremist Y2K idiots? Did your health insurance run our and you stopped taking your thioridazine or haloperidol for your Paranoid Personality Disorder. I’ll bet you know how to play the banjo too and have the movie Deliverance memorized. Damn Chicken-little, head for the hills, dig your pill-box, set up your machine guns and trip-wires cuz everybody in the world is a commie and we’re coming for you.

    Here, read these two sites and it’ll inspire you even more to pack for that trip up your delusional shit-creek.

    P.S. RWNCT, Don’t go away mad… just go away. Can’t wait for your response.

    • Posted August 22, 2009 at 9:04 pm | Permalink

      It is bird-brains like you that cause us to be stuck with this Marxist President. You are either a nitwit, socialist, or communist. Take your pick. If by now you can’t see that Barack Hussein-Obama is a socialist, and can’t stand our democratic way of life, it is you who needs to be placed on a litany of psychotropics. Chances are you are on a number of anti-psychotic meds, judging from your irrational rant. Just say with me, “Hope And Change.” What a “Useful Idiot” you are to these enemies of freedom. I will not attempt to change you in any way, because your brain has been removed from your empty head, and washed completely by “Comrade Barack Hussein-Obama.” It must be liberating to you to not have to disturb a synapse in that pea-brain of yours!Keep bending over and grabbing your ankles for Obama–Butt Boy!

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