I know that this latest poll showing 57% of Americans saying they oppose gay marriage, means little to these perverts, whose sole goal is the destruction of this country. I learned a long time ago that when the left can’t achieve one of their goals via the people, they go to the courts, and when that fails, they run to their elected representatives. Once that fails, they try to intimidate “We The People.” At some point, they wear down the American people!

This is one issue that all right thinking Americans need to stay strong on; and be forever vigilant!

Militant homosexuals are an angry, destructive group. No, I do not believe that their anger stem from how society has treated them, because these people have made remarkable gains in less than twenty years. I never thought that in my lifetime that I would witness a country give into a group of mentally ill people. But, this the country has done just that. Even though these people have virtually the same rights that “True Married Couples Have,” they aren’t satisfied. And they won’t be satisfied even if every state in the union gives them what they want.

A skewed version of marriage!

These arrogant people have the unmitigated gall to say that their plight is the same as African-Americans. Now that takes nerve. As an African-American, I take umbrage with this analogy. Apparently, the ultra-liberal State Supreme Court in California didn’t buy their argument that granting gays the right to marry is a Civil Rights issue.

Homosexuals can live where they want to live. They can work at their chosen field of endeavor; they can eat at any restaurant in the U.S., they can vote, and run for elected office.

So no, their issue is not one of Civil Rights!

Contrary to what some might have you believe, homosexuals “Aren’t Born Gay.” I don’t care what they tell you. There is no credible science that supports this thesis; and these angry people know this. Yet, this hasn’t stopped some of these disturbed people from advancing this lie. Homosexuality has its etiology in “Choice.”

You heard right, it is their choice to pair up with someone of the same sex. And we are supposed to smile at this perversion and rubber stamp it. And when we say, “Thanks, But No Thanks, The Tired Old Name Calling Starts.”

Memo To Militant Homosexuals: Give That Tired, Trite Word, ‘Homophobe’ A Rest. There Is No Such Word In The Lexicon Of Psychology!

By the way, this new USA Today/Gallup poll is the highest opposition to same-sex marriage since 2005. Four years ago, Americans said by a 59 to 37%  margin they were against gay marriage.

This latest polling should tell these people something. Americans are tired of swimming in a cesspool of filth!

I took a look at some of the internal polling data. Forty-eight percent of Americans said that it was their belief that by allowing two people of the same sex to trade vows, “would change our society for the worse.”

Thirteen percent said that society would benefit from this nonsense. How anyone could conclude this needs to be on the couch of a Psychologist also.

Gallup pollster Jeffrey Jones noted:

” While Americans have become increasingly likely to believe that the law should not discriminate against gay individuals and gay couples, the public still seems reluctant at this point to extend those protections to the institution of marriage. Public support for gay marriage appears to have stalled in the last two years, even as the gay marriage movement has scored a number of legal and legislative victories at the state level in the past year”

And that is the problem. We have courts and in some cases, which are rare, legislative bodies by-passing the people, and shoving this indecency down the throats of Americans.

We have five-thousand years of recorded history where “No Society” has ever said yes to this type of decadence. The reason is simple.

“Open Homosexuality” spells an end to civilization!


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