Barack Hussein-Obama and the socialists press are able get along so well because both are egoistic slobs. Hussein-Obama and the press are good at preaching to the rest of us on how we should live our lives, but have you noticed that Obama and his pals in the socialists press will live their lives unencumbered by the obstacles they place in our way?

In other words, they do the opposite of what they tell us to do!

Last year when the CEO’s of the Big Three Auto Makers flew into Washington, D.C. on their private jets, to “Beg For Bailout Funds,” Hussein-Obama and some of his socialists Democrat buddies jumped all over the Execs. They wondered how could these men be “so insensitive  while Americans were having such a difficult economic time.” On their next visit to D.C., the Execs “Drove.”

Fast forward to last Saturday night. Our “Joe Cool President” took his wife out on a date. Not just any old kind of date mind you. He had his pilot “Fire Up Air Force One. ” The Obamas Were Flying To The Big Apple To Paint The Night Red.”

And guess what you lucky devils, you got the chance to “pick up the tab for their night of fun and frivolity.”

Are you beginning to see the hypocrisy here? This is the same man who is constantly telling us that we will all have “To Sacrifice” when it comes to rebuilding America. What he forgot to mention was that he isn’t about to sacrifice a damn thing for the good of this country. All of that sacrificing has to come from us common folk, not the Obamas!

Besides, this socialist is too busy flying around the world and to the delight of America’s enemies, he is telling them we are a rotten country!

So, America’s First Family flew off to New York City. They went to see the Joe Turner’s play, “Come And Gone.” What the socialists press failed to tell you was that when auditions were being held for this production, “Whites Were Told–You Need Not Apply.”

A President who is suppose to represent all of the people attends a play that was produced by a racist playwright. Yet his supporters will tell you repeatedly that President Obama is not a racist.

Sure he isn’t!

Keep in mind America, this is one of the clowns who is pushing this hoax called global warming. Yet, he takes a big jet, spewing out pollution all over the place to New York City. This man knows in his heart that there is no such animal as global warming. This phony made up science was created in order to, (1) Control malleable people, and (2) To make a lot of people rich, including this nation’s socialist President!

Again, keep your eyes on this hypocrite and watch what he does when it comes to sacrificing.

By the way, the White House refuses to tell us peasants what the trip to New York cost the taxpayer.  As Chelsea Clinton was good at telling reporters when she was asked what she considered an off limits question during the Democrat primaries, “It’s Not Your Business.”

In essence, this is what White House spokesman, Robert Gibbs told a reporter when he was asked to tally up the cost of the Obama’s night out on the big town. Chris Matthews, the political hack over at MSNBC, and a major water carrier for the Obama administration, called Republicans who complained about the Obama’s night out on the town at taxpayer expense, “Pissants.”

Matthews acting all holier than thou said that it was “Good That Finally, We Had A President In The White House Who Was Interested In Things, Other Than What Was In His Backyard.”

He was of course, referring to former President George W. Bush.  I’ll tell you folks, people like Matthews are “Obsessed With Bush Syndrome.” The man is out of office, and yet, people like this moron can’t move on. I’ll tell you this, if the Bushes’ had taken Air Force One to New York City for a night out on the town, hypocrites like this Matthews would be whistling a different tune.

We will never win with these people. This is why I find it so hard to understand why some Republicans insists on kissing the rear ends of these phonies!

The lack of being truthful on how much this trip cost the American taxpayer isn’t the only thing the socialists press is refusing to report on.  By the way, they love Hussein-Obama’s hubris. They love his narcissism because this is who these people are. They think they are the smartest people in the room; and of course, they think they are “Special.”

WWW.RealClearPolitics.Com, is reporting that “A majority of Americans do not want to see the detainee prison facility at Guantanamo Bay closed and will be ‘upset’ with the Obama administration if it continues to move forward with plans to shutdown the facility.”

This revelation from a Gallup poll released today!

If you read about this story in your local paper, it will more than likely be in the “C-Section” of your newspapers. The broadcast media will probably just do a “Desker” on the story. In other words, the anchor will give you maybe ten to twenty seconds of the story, read from his/her desk!

These people want to keep you in the dark as long as they can. It makes the “Golden Boy,” look more golden.

This same Gallup poll noted that by a three to one margin, those who took part in this sampling said they are against Obama moving some of the Gitmo prisoners State side.

Memo To The American People: “His Royal Highness, King Barack Hussein-Obama– Doesn’t Care What You Think. At The End Of The Day–He Will Do Whatever He Damn Well Pleases.”

End of Memorandum!

Remember, this man truly believes that he is a deity. Surprisingly, there are fools out here who actually believe this!

One other thing from this poll. And I know that the socialists press isn’t about to tell you about this, but former Vice President Dick Cheney was seen in the eyes of the majority of those polled as coming across more convincingly on “National Security And Guantanamo Bay Than The Messiah.”

According to the Gallup poll, “Forty Percent” of Americans said they agreed with Mr. Cheney that Gitmo had helped to make America safer.

Compare Mr. Cheney’s percentage with the anemic “Eighteen Percent” garnered by Hussein-Obama.

Both the Hussein-Obama and the media consider themselves infallible. I have a different opinion. Since neither are God, it is a matter of time before both of these arrogant miscreants fall flat on their deserving faces!


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