By now, I have to assume that you know that the socialist President of the United States has this huge ego that is insatiable: And that it needs to be fed on the hour, every hour. Barack Hussein-Obama can’t get enough of the television lights and cameras, his “Teleprompter,”the plaudits from a sycophantic “Government Controlled News Media,” and millions and millions of stupid Americans who have the I.Q. of a fire hydrant!

This man loves to hear himself talk. The problem is that what Barack Hussein-Obama has to say is just your basic run of the mill B.S. Those of you who have the ability to cut through his grandiosity and pomposity understand what I’m saying. Those who do not posses this skill are the ones who are left slobbering all over themselves after listening to the dribble that flows from the lips of this pathological liar, and America basher supreme!

Barack Hussein-Obama is on his “Second Overseas Apology Tour.”  This guy is some piece of work. He tells his audience that before he became President, America was a “Flawed Nation.” Not to worry says this ego-tripping narcissist, “I’m here to right the myriad wrongs that America has made over the years.”

He starts “Righting The So-Called Wrongs” committed by this country by reminding his audience that it was “George W. Bush’s Fault–Along With The Fault Of Those Other White Guys–And Not Barack Hussein-Obama.”

See, this man thinks of himself as a flawless human being: Something akin to “Christ, The Messiah.”

He is neither: Barack Hussein-Obama is a lying, disingenuous, Chicago political thug!

He has stabbed Israel in the back. He did this on two fronts. First, he was less than three-hundred miles from Tel Aviv when he delivered his “Second Apology Speech” in that great freedom loving country of, Cairo, Egypt on Thursday. Although the proximity of Israel and Egypt are just a stone’s throw away, “King Obama” decided, “The Hell With Israel, I’ll Catch Them At Another Time, Maybe.”

For now, Hussein-Obama has some major butt kissing to perform with the Muslim world. This despite the fact that that little nut job, Iran’s President, Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, has  stated once again that, “The Holocaust Was A Big Deception.”

This great “Scholar And Humanitarian,” that being “Ahmadinejad,” also said that “Democracies Have Degraded Human Values.”

Yeah, who wouldn’t love to live in this little jerk’s country where if you disagree with his government, you are marched out and hung. You have a bunch of religious nuts running the country, and they are on the precipice of getting their little grimy hands on a nuclear bomb.

Yeah, who wouldn’t want to live in a great country like Iran?

By the way,  Barack Hussein-Obama who has now come out and told the world what many of us already knew, “Hell Yes, Not Only Was My Biological Father A Muslim, My Stepfather Was A Muslim, And I Have Deep Muslim Roots.”

I’m going to tell you folks something. Don’t be surprised if down the road, we hear that Barack Hussein-Obama is himself a, “Muslim.”

I think that whole Christianity thing is just cover for this phony. But, it is too late now. For those of you wanting to “Punish The GOP,” guess what? You screwed yourselves in the process!

Congratulations: Happy now?

I wonder how can John McCain live with himself. Remember, this guy is the one who chided anyone who used Barack’s middle name. The Government run media failed us by not vetting what could turn out to be a “Manchurian Candidate.”

The people in Israel must be shell-shocked. Hussein-Obama has gone on record as saying that Iran “May have some right to nuclear energy–provided it takes steps to prove its aspirations are peaceful.”

Are you kidding me?

This is a country that has killed and wounded hundreds of our servicemen and women in Iraq: And this President who is living in “La-La Land,” is talking about Iran being peaceful?

Could his words be code for Iran to proceed with the nuclear bomb, because his administration will not lift a finger to stop them? What say you Mr. and Mrs. America?

Yes Sir, this guy has incredible chutzpah. Did you hear that he said “America Is One Of The Largest Muslim Countries In The World?”

I saw the video of this misstatement on Fox News. America is not even close to having the largest Muslim community in the world. In fact, we have less than “Two Million Muslims In America.”

Those who have crunched the numbers say that places our country at number “Thirty-Four” in the world as far as the number of practicing Muslims that America has!

Talk about your ass kissing!

Memo To America’s Rock Star President: True Muslims See You As A Weak Man. Muslims Are Like Blacks And Italians And Some Other Ethnic Groups, They Detest Effeminate Males!

They also dislike “Groveling, Which You Are A Master At.”

While Hussein-Obama is embarassing America once again, with his “Apple Polishing Speeches,” Osama Bin Laden took some time to come out of his cave and basically tell Hussein-Obama, “keep Looking In The Mirror, Pal, Because I’ve Got Plans For You.”

In an audio-taped message, Bin Laden told his fellow Muslims to “Prepare For A Long War Against Infidels And Their Agents.”

I guess Bin Laden is one guy, Hussein-Obama can’t “Sweet-Talk.”

Speaking of sweet talking, not to mention “Dreaming,” America’s apologetic President gave a long winded speech in Cairo, Egypt. Among other things, this naive man did what has become expected. He took a swipe at what else, The United States of America:

” Tensions have been fed by colonialism that denied rights and opportunities to many Muslims, and a Cold War in which Muslim majority countries were often treated  as proxies without regard to their own aspirations. And I consider it part of my responsibility as president of the United States to fight against negative stereotypes of Islam whereever they appear”

Hussein-Obama said that as a young boy, he would often hear prayer calls of “Azaan” starting at dawn and dusk. while living in Indonesia.  Gee, I wonder why he didn’t say that during the presidential campaign just a few months ago? All we heard was this phoney talking about his, “Coming To Christ.”

Yeah Right!

By the way, when will he stand up for Christianity in this country which is under assault from the militant homosexual left?

Was it just me, or did Barack Hussein-Obama look like it was “Old Home Week, While In The Company Of Muslims?”

America, nothing this man says or does surprises me; because I know this man. At least, I understand the hatred that he was taught. In every large Black community in this country, we have “community activists” whose job it is to teach young Black kids about the “Evils Of European-Americans.”

I listened to this stuff while growing up in Brooklyn, New York. The difference between Barack Hussein-Obama and this writer is this, I didn’t assimilate someone else’s hatred for America.

Hussein-Obama has not only inculcated the messages of Jeremiah Wright and Saul Alinsky, he is carrying out their sick/hateful doctrine!

Think 2010, America. This is our only chance to stop this man and the socialists and communists who are his idols.

Just in case you need a reminder, 2010 is an election year. If you love this country, “Wake Up,” and let’s start showing the Hussein-Obama’s and Nancy Pelosi’s the door!


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