With the help of the Government run media, Nancy Pelosi, in all of her arrogance, is refusing to discuss her claim that the CIA lied to her relative to waterboarding three Islamofascists scum bags. It is clear that the socialists press is working on behalf of Barack Hussein-Obama. Look at the puff pieces that they do on this socialist, day in and day out. The man is running the greatest country on the face of the earth into the ground, and these sycophants are “Missing In Action.”

Ladies and Gentlemen, your news media is now on par with communists news outlets. In other words, they tell you what the government wants you to know. These arrogant people don’t know it, but once they lose their readers and viewers, they will be lost forever. There are too many other sources that Americans can go to and receive the truth. Listening to these clowns opens the door to some serious brain-washing.

The GOP will have to take its fight against Pelosi to “The People.” It is obvious that the men and women in the Government run media aren’t interested in telling you the truth any more. And that’s fine with me, because we now know where these scandalous people are coming from!

Personally, I would like to see someone from the Republican Party speak with some fire in his/her belly. Frankly speaking, I don’t have alot of faith in that bunch now in Washington. But, it is what it is, folks. This is the hand that we have been dealt; and I’d rather work with this crew than anyone from the Socialist Democrat Party!

To his credit, House Minority Leader, John Boehner of Ohio, is trying to hold Pelosi’s fat feet to the fire. He recently challenged this bold-faced liar to hand over to the Justice Department evidence that shows the CIA not only lied to her “Botox Face,” but to the entire United States Congress.  A spokesman for Pelosi, reportedly told CNSNews, that the question if Pelosi would make an official criminal referral of this issue to the Justice Department, “Was not legitimate.”

Why not?

This woman opens her big mouth and all of a sudden she is off on political junkets, at taxpayers expense, and at the same time, praying that Americans develop a bad case of amnesia. This is the same lying woman who promised when she took over the Speaker’s Chair, to clean up the corruption in Washington. I’d suggest that she start with herself.

With the dawning of each new day, we witness a double standard being played out in Washington. Anyone with a modicum of intelligence understands that if Pelosi were a Republican, thank God that she’s not, the Government run media would have hung her out to dry by now.  Since Pelosi is part of the Government cabal that is destroying this country, this low grade, San Francisco, dummy, gets a pass!

By the way, Pelosi is still being briefed by the same department that she says lied to her and the U.S. Congress. My question is why would she listen to a group of men and women, whom she has accused of not being truthful? The fact of the matter is that this idiot stuck her big foot into her mouth by declaring at a news conference on May 14, that the CIA lied to her in a September 2002 briefing on the issue of waterboarding.

It is interesting that no other member of Congress has joined with this ignorant woman in bashing the CIA. So, what are we to do with this issue? We know that Pelosi is lying. We also know that the Government run media is not interested in going after any of their “Comrades.” Furthermore, we know that Barack Hussein-Obama isn’t an honest man, and will not do the right thing and appoint a special prosecutor to investigate Pelosi’s serious allegation.

The best that we can hope for is that that bunch of impotent Republicans in D.C., find their testes and re-take Congress. If that happens, they will have the power to stop this idiotic woman from stonewalling.

I would love to see Ms. “Bug-Eyes” under oath, and the sweat pouring down her botox face.

Yes Sir, I would pay good money to see that!


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