Let me say right at the outset, I do not like Terry McAuliffe. The man is as unctuous as they come. He is a first grade slime ball dirt bag, and cesspool material, extraordinaire. He is your typical lying, arrogant, narcissistic, socialist Democrat, who thinks he is the smartest person in the room. This clown is also delusional. He thought that since socialist Barack Hussein-Obama won Virginia during last year’s Presidential election, “The Hayseeds” of this great state would roll over and vote for a Northern carpetbagger for their next Governor!

McAuliffe was born and raised in Syracuse, New York. As a native son of Virginia, let me just say, I thank God that the good voters of this great state rejected this interloper. The state of Virginia is “Conservative,” yet socialist Democrats thought that Northern Virginia, which is made up of largely of North-Easterners, could help this weasel in his trek to the Governor’s chair.

Sorry Mr. McAuliffee, we aren’t that damn desperate to put the likes of you in the highest office in the great state of Virginia!

Since my wife and I are planning on leaving New York State and return to Virginia, McAuliffee might want to bring his political ambitions back to “His Home State, And Stay Out Of The South.” This state is loaded with weasels like McAuliffe. Folks like the goof-ball “Never-Elected” Govenor, David Paterson, Andrew Cuomo, Chuck”I Think Of Me First”  Shumer, Louise Slaughter, etc.

Socialist Democrats are feeling their oats. They think that the American people love them; and that they are the only ones who can lead them to the promise land. Frankly speaking, the American people are sick and tired of both parties. Republicans could whip these socialists easily at the polls, if only they stood for something. Instead, the Republican clowns in Washington are trying to be just like socialist Democrats.

This is why John McCain lost to Barack Hussein-Obama. The public in essence, flipped a coin, held their noses, and as the saying goes, “The Rest Is History.” There was very little difference between McCain and Hussein-Obama. But, McCain is the type of Republican that Colin Powell says the GOP needs to gravitate to. Yet this hypocrite voted for a socialist to be our next President.

As I see it, Powell is staying in the Republican Party in order to “Run Interference For His Leader, Barack Hussein-Obama.”

Getting back to Terry McAuliffe: His political dreams went up in smoke after a Virginia State Senator, who is also a country lawyer, “Kicked His Yankee Butt.”

McAuiliffe had money coming out of his, well you get my point. But, Mr. arrogant, no it all, forgot one thing. We Virginians aren’t the dumb hicks that many folks from the North think that we are. We are also a proud people. Why should we vote for someone who couldn’t care less about our culture. Do you really believe that this idiot believes in Americans having the right to bear arms? Remember, he is a socialist Democrat. These people want total control; and the only way to achieve this is to disarm the people.

Believe me, this is coming down the pike. Please, do not be lulled into a deep sleep by this lying, false prophet of a President, Barack Hussein-Obama. Where I come from, the people there believe that a marriage is between “One Man And One Woman.” I doubt if McAuliffe, a millionaire elitist from the east, shares their view. Virginia is also part of the bible belt. We really practice what we preach when it comes to “Serving The Almighty.”

Unlike socialist Democrats, who only recently caught on and started feigning their love for God. No Mr. carpetbagger, we are not a stupid people!

By the way, Creigh Deeds is the Democrat who bested McAuliffe. He will square off against Republican Bob McDonnell in the fall. Deeds is very familiar with Mr. McDonnell.  It was McDonnell who defeated him for attorney general four years ago. It was a squeaker of a race. McDonnell won by a scant 323 votes. This was the closest race in recent memory in Virginia politics!

Bill Clinton once opined that the NRA helped defeat Al Gore. You would think that McAuliffe would have gotten a clue by now. This knuckle head had gone on record, criticising Deeds for supporting Virginia’s myriad pro-gun laws.

Memo To Socialists Democrats: We Live In A Divided Nation. If You Want To Galvanize The People, Especially In The South, Be An Advocate Of “Sensible Gun Control Laws.” Do This At Your Own Peril: Ask Terry McAuliffe!

The other thing that I would caution snooty socialists from the North is this. Don’t think that you can go into the south, and serve up a bunch of B.S. to the folks.

Have some respect for our culture. We don’t want to be like Y’all!


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