When running for President of The United States, it is easy to make all types of promises. Just ask socialist President, Barack Hussein-Obama. If you are fortunate enough to be elected, as Hussein-Obama was, those who supported your candidacy expect you to be in the vanguard championing their pet causes!

In other words, stand and deliver immediately on your promises.

The loony left is composed of radical socialists and communists who are hell-bent on destroying this country. They have fooled a lot of people into believing that they love America just as much as the next fellow. However, if you examine what they are advocating, it is antithetical to what you and I believe.  These people, including Hussein-Obama, despise the cultural mores of the American people. They can’t stand the things that have made this country the greatest democracy on the face of  the earth. These people are vindictive, small-minded; and they are not interested in living in a congruent way with the rest of us. This is why they are in a perpetual state of rage and are constantly complaining about something!

Hussein-Obama has learned that it is easier said than done when it comes to carrying out a number of his far left policies. This has some on the left ticked off at, “Mr. Wonderful.”

While campaigning, Mr. Obama promised homosexuals that he would get rid of the Defense of Marriage Act, also known as DOMA. Recently, the Eric Holder Justice Department sided with “Conservatives,” and filed a motion asking a federal court to throw out a case involving Arthur Smelt and Christopher Hammer. Smelt and Hammer are challenging the 1996 federal act. What DOMA does is this. It forbids couples who have married in states where same-sex unions are recognized, from filing joint tax returns; and in case of death, obtaining the social security benefits of a deceased partner.

Lawyers from the Justice Department argued that DOMA is constitutional, and that giving same-sex couples the same rights as a married heterosexual couple would infringe on the rights of taxpayers in thirty states who have amended their constitutions, outlawing gay marriage!

Jennifer Pizer is the marriage project director for Lambda Legal. Crying like a baby who had just had its candy taken away, Pizer declared:

” The president make very explicit and emphatic campaign promises that he opposes DOMA and would provide leadership calling on Congress to repeal it. This brief is not consistent with that promise”

Memo To Jennifer Pizer: Even The “Mighty Barack Hussein-Obama” Has To Understand That Some Battles Are Not Worth Fighting For.  You May Have Gotten The Shaft Ms. Pizer. I’m Just Saying!

In usual Barack Hussein-Obama “Double Talk,” Justice spokeswoman, Tracy Schmaler told homosexuals that Obama has instructed Justice to abide by the practice of defending existing law. Oh, the double talk? She said “The filing doesn’t mean that the president has changed his mind about wanting to see gay couples win federal recognition.”

Now, do you feel better Ms. Pizer?

This is yet another set-back for homosexuals. The President while campaigning said that he would put a stop to, “Don’t Ask Don’t Tell” if elected. Recently, the administration said it would leave this federal legislation intact. While I applaud President Obama for these two “Traditional Family Oriented” stances, America, “I Still Don’t Trust This Man.”

If you can believe it, he is even more slimier than Bill Clinton!

Another far left loon is Bill Maher. This nitwit even shocked me when he came out a couple of days ago and announced that Hussein-Obama was just another “Empty Suit Celebrity Who Hasn’t Accomplished Anything Up To This Point.” Maher wrote an op-ed piece for the Los Angles Times. Maher said he was still a “Fan” of the “Chosen One,” but he wished that Obama would keep his mug off of TV for awhile.  Said Maher, “The president should just join the cast of ‘I’m a Celebrity, Get Me Out of Here!’ It’s not that far-fetched; he’s been on everything else.”

Maher said every time he turns on his television, there is the President:

” He’s getting a puppy. He’s eating a cheeseburger with Joe Biden. He’s taking the wife to Broadway and Paris–this is the best season of ‘The Bachelor’ yet”

Maher doesn’t understand. Barack Hussein-Obama is “In Love With Barack Hussein-Obama.” And he feels that everyone loves him to the same extent that he does. Although Maher has a point, I say the more that America sees this pathological liar on television, the sooner they will start putting two and two together. Once that happens, and if those of us who toil in the trenches each day, educating the American people about the dangers of this man, not give us: I’m hoping that he will be jettisoned following his first and only term!

Are there fissures starting to form on the loony left? I think that what we are starting to see are the fringe elements of the Socialist Democrat Party starting to become disenchanted with Hussein-Obama.

Obama is a slick, Chicago thug politician. What he is counting on is keeping you in the dark. He understands that moving to undo laws like the Defense of Marriage Act, etc. could wound him, politically speaking.

The left needs to open its eyes because this self-centered man isn’t about to hurt himself in order to be the saviour for a bunch of lunatics!


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