The Government run media is no longer trying to hide its bias when it comes to its political agenda. Take the case of ABC News, now called by this writer, “The All Barack Channel.” These brazen, not to mention disrespectful people, have announced that anchor, Charles Gibson, will broadcast a “Live Newscast From The White House On The Night Of June 24th.” This is an unprecedented step taken by a news outlet. To send out a team to interview the President at the White House is one thing: However, to turn your entire news operation over to a sitting President is well, what communist dictators demand and receive!

Does this move sound like something that Fidel Castro would do? Well it should. America, this stuff is getting really dicey at this point. You are watching a power hungry man gobble up as much of our free enterprise system that he can get his grimy hands on. All three networks have rolled over for this President. And they seem to think we are too stupid to see what they are doing. The tree has finally fallen on our heads, because long gone are the days of a clear line separating journalists and politicians.

Today’s journalists are unabashed flag wavers for a socialist who is no longer hiding his Muslim roots, or his anti-American feelings. What the media is now doing speaks volumes for a press that still thinks it should be granted First Amendment Rights. Even though it is now clear that these people are nothing but mouthpieces for the administration of Barack Hussein-Obama!

What we are bearing witness to is the unraveling of our democracy. The Government run media is just as culpable as Barack Hussein-Obama in supplanting our democracy with socialism. ABC says its anchor, Charles Gibson, will deliver his nightly newscast from the Blue Room of the White House.  Although this is upsetting, what really got my dander up was ABC saying that it would follow Gibson’s newscast with a prime time special called, ‘Prescription For America.”

The setting for this “Infomercial” will come to us  courtesy of the “All Barack Channel” from the East Room of the White House. And get this, there will not be an opposing view point on this critical issue. In other words, Hussein-Obama, ala Fidel Castro, and Hugo Chavez, gets to pitch his health care plan to the American people without any opposition. This is shocking and incredible news!

The head of ABC News is a man by the name of David Westin. His middle name should be “Arrogance.” Because he was totally dismissive of Republicans who criticized the move. This clown doesn’t see any ethical rules being violated. Maybe it is because Westin doesn’t have any ethics!

You Think!

Republican National Committee Chief of Staff Kerry McKay sent Westin a tepid letter of complaint. When are these guys going to “Man-Up” and speak in more forceful language? Anyway, McKay said that he was “Deeply concerned and disappointed with ABC’s astonishing decision to exclude opposing voices on this critical issues on June 24, 2009.”

Is that the best the GOP can come up with? This guy is concerned. You have got to be kidding me. Yeah, that is the type of language that people like Westin and Hussein-Obama will hear, loud and clearly. Don’t bet it though. Westin probably is still laughing at this cream puff of a response.

So, Hussein-Obama gets to host a prime time town hall meeting on health care from the White House. He gets to pick a bunch of puppets who will sit in the audience and nod their stupid heads listening to pure unadulterated propaganda.  This is not the America that I was born in. But wait, because there is more.

An ABC News report says Good Morning America, World News,  Nightline and ABC’s web news will also join in on the brainwashing of the American public on Hussein-Obama’s health care plan. Remember, it is the left that is always crying about “Inclusion and Tolerance, And All Of The Rest Of Their Nonsense.”  As Hussein-Obama reminds us, “These Are Just Words,” because these people aren’t interested in an open and honest debate on Hussein-Obama’s fraudulent claim that America is facing a national health care crisis.

America, this is all about this self-centered man grabbing more power for himself. It is so sad to see a one time watchdog for the people turn into virtual prostitutes for the biggest “Pimp In The World, Barack Hussein-Obama”

By the way, ABC New Vice President, Kerry Smith said the RNC’s complaint contained, “False Premises.” In other words boys and girls, “Shove It Up Your Rear Orifices:”

“ABC News prides itself on covering all sides of important issues and asking direct questions of all newsmakers–of all political persuasions–even when others have taken a more partisan approach and even in the face of criticism from extremes on both ends of the political spectrum. ABC News is looking for the most thoughtful and diverse voices on this issue”

Smith had to rush to the hospital after this sugary statement. He had to have his broken arm set: Cause, “Patting Himself And ABC News On The Back Too Hard.”

The kicker for me was when Smith because defensive. He seemed to bristled and said that his company would select those sitting in the audience; and to suggest that something was underhanded going on was not fair to both, “our journalists and our audience.”

Yeah Right: And it doesn’t snow in Alaska, right Mr. Smith?

Addendum: Late last evening, The Drudge Report released a statement saying that it had learned that ABC News had “Refused” to allow opposition to Hussein-Obama’s health plan, buy airtime! Drudge says the refusal is two-fold. First, the network turned thumbs down to paid ads: Next, ABC News said no to a paid for alternative view. So, not only has ABC rejected the RNC’s request for equal time, they have gone completely in the tank for this President. The question is what is ABC News afraid of? It is for sure that at this juncture the network news has lost all credibility as a reliable news gathering source. Could this be the death knell of ABC News? I certainly hope so. Americans have got to rise up and reject this fast moving socialist/communist train!



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