Gerald Walpin could be your dad or grandfather. To see this gentle man treated in the callous fashion that America’s socialist President has done is simply despicable.  For the idiots out there who continue to believe that Hussein-Obama is fair, and just want to do the right thing for America, read on!

It is obvious that Hussein-Obama has no respect for the elderly. Take a look at his staff. They look like a bunch of recent Harvard or Yale graduates. Hussein-Obama’s personal secretary is said to be in her late twenties. Little Timmy Geitner, the Treasury Secretary, looks like little Lord Fauntleroy. These people in Hussein-Obama’s administration are “Flying By The Seat Of Their Pants.”

God help us all, because the mess that this man will leave to a “Mature Republican President,” will take years to clean up. All because Barack Hussein-Obama eschews the wisdom of those of us who are called “Senior Citizens.” I remember the late comedian, Richard Pryor, who said in one of his skits, “You Don’t Get To Be Old By Being Stupid.”

Age brings wisdom because of the many mistakes that we make along the way. Hussein-Obama could use a few men and women with gray hair to surround him. But, that is not enough: He will need to listen to these people if he wants to be a great President. I know that this isn’t going to happen because this “Young Turk” thinks he knows everything there is to know about any subject. The Creator has a way of dealing with the likes of this haughty individual!

Last week, Gerald Walpin was an Inspector General. He was asked to come back into government by President George W. Bush. Walpin a lifetime attorney, has prosecuted and convicted a number of people. He encountered a problem when he investigated a good pal of Barack Hussein-Obama. Mr. Walpin nailed former NBA star Kevin Johnson in a misuse of money scandal. First, a little background on this story.

Walpin was hired by Bush to be the Inspector General for the Corporation for National and Community Service. This agency has the charge to oversee subsidized volunteer programs like AmeriCorps. Last April, the Corporation asked Mr. Walpin to look into spending allegation by Johnson, who was running for Mayor of Sacramento. Walpin concluded his investigation by reporting that Johnson and an assistant has squandered nearly a million dollars on such trivial things as paying the salaries of staff to Johnson having AmeriCorps staff take his personal car out to get it washed.

Walpin wanted Johnson and the assistant suspended from St. HOPE, a California nonprofit that was being run by Johnson at the time. Walpin also called for St. Hope being denied any federal funds. So, last September, suspension letters went out, along with a recommendation from Walpin. Mr. Walpin advised that civil and/or criminal referrals be send to the U.S. Attorney for the Eastern District of California.

Now, here is where politics rears its ugly head. The U.S. Attorney for the Easter District of California, a Bush appointee, was replaced by Lawrence Brown, an Obama appointee. Brown said that there would be no criminal prosecution of Johnson. Walpin disagreed with this decision, but said that he would support reinstating Johnson, providing the “Now Mayor,” paid back the money. Walpin rightly pointed out that he had never heard from Mayor Johnson, and that the purpose of the suspension in the first place was to “Protect The Public” from predators like Kevin Johnson!

So, what did attorney Lawrence Brown do? He simply distanced himself from Gerald Walpin, and began working directly with the board. By now, the board was being headed up by a Hussein-Obama lackey by the name of Alan Solomont. In no time, Brown worked out a questionable agreement with the Corporation; and Johnson was “Officially Cleared.”

Walpin took his concerns to the board. By now it was too late. The Hussein-Obama administration was after his scalp. On Wednesday afternoon of last week, Gerald Walpin was on his way home when he received a telephone call from “The White House.” The message was short, “Resign In One Hour Or Be Fired.”

Walpin was fired!

You need to know that there is a federal law which was co-sponsored by then “Senator Barack Hussein-Obama” that says an Inspector General can not be fired for thirty days, and then he or she must be told in writing the reasons for the firing. Barack Hussein-Obama who co-authored this bill, did none of these things. Feeling the heat from some quarters, Hussein-Obama sent Walpin a letter two days ago. In his letter, this narcissistic socialist said that he had fired Walpin because he looked, “Confused, Disoriented And Could Not Answer Questions At A Meeting.” 

It is interesting that after that meeting, Walpin said he was asked by the White House to speak to a group of some two thousand people!

Confused and disoriented, huh?

Now folks, I have done literally hundreds of psychological and Neuropsychological evaluations over the years. While I am qualified to say if someone is incapacitated, Barack Hussein-Obama “Is Not.”

What he has done smacks of “Age Discrimination.”

This is the same lying man who said that things would be different after he was elected President.  He was right, because Gerald Walpin stands alone. Not one Government led media mouthpiece has approached this man.

Congratulation President Obama. You should be real proud of yourself: Beating up on a 77-year old grandfather!

Kudos to the Government led press also. Be careful when you walk behind Hussein-Obama, because if he stops abruptly, your “Noses Will Go Straight Up His Ass.”


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