We are getting set to celebrate our Fourth of July festivities in a couple of days. This day is also known as Independence Day. On July 4, 1776, America claimed its independence from Great Britain; and this fledging new nation’s democracy was born. Gaining our independence from Great Britain came at a high cost. Thousands lost their lives in the battle for “Freedom.”

Our Forefathers understood all to well that in order for democracy to flourish, men and women had to give their lives. Unlike today, where those on the left will cry like babies if they so much as be on the receiving end of a “Hang-Nail.”

America is a special place. This is why thousands will risk their lives in order to come to this country. Forget all of the nonsensical talk about how much we are hated by those overseas. The America bashers would give their left arm to live in this great land. By the way, you can forget the American bashing that has been done by our current President, Barack Hussein-Obama. If this country is so bad, I would gladly help pay for his, “One Way Plane Ticket To Kenya.”

No my friend, America is indeed a beacon that shines on a hill. A number of people have died in Iran in the past week. Those who have given their lives want what we have, “Freedom.” They want a chance to be able to chart their own course in life, rather than having a bunch of religious lunatics tell them what they can and can not do.

These people want their “Independence Day!”

Barack Hussein-Obama has done a number of disgusting things since taking office. His most recent act makes me wonder how can this socialist sleep at night. This disgraceful man has told our embassies around the globe to “Invite Iranian Officials To Their Independence day Parties.”

Invite the same thugs who have beaten, jailed and murdered an untold number of people to our “Independence Day Festivities?” Where is the logic to this madness? As I see it, this is yet another slap in the face to Americans; and also a slap in the face to the brave Iranians who have summoned up the courage to take on the jack-booted thugs in Iran!

Here we have a repressive regime that is run by an Ayatollah, and his henchmen, called “Mullahs.” The Ayatollah is all about giving power to a hand full of people; and silencing the voices of those who would have the nerve to question his draconian rules. In the meantime, we have a President who clearly can’t stand this country, and is now making a mockery out of our Independence Day by inviting these thieves and cut-throats to our celebration.

The Founders must be spinning in their graves!

When a reporter questioned Hussein-Obama and asked him if he would rescind his invitation, he bristled: Next, he said it would be up to the Iranians to dis-invite themselves. No it’s not: It is up you Mr. Hussein-Obama!

But don’t expect this narcissist to do the right thing!

It is clear that this man thinks that he is much more than a President. He acts as though he has been offended if someone dares questions his motives on anything. Dictators act in this manner, not The President of The United States.¬† America, I’ve told you that this guy is not only arrogant, he is also dangerous.

If you ask me, this guy is clearly on the side of the thugs in Iran. How else could you explain Hussein-Obama’s extended hand of “Friendship” to these tyrants?

Now is not the time to embrace Iran. We have this little nut job, Ahmadinejad running around and announcing on an almost daily basis that he would like to wipe Israel off the face of the earth: Yet, we have the President of The United States telling an authoritarian government that they are invited to take part in one of our most cherish celebrations. It doesn’t make sense.

Mr. President you were slow in condemning the murders in Iran. You were slow in supporting freedom and democracy. When France and Germany are out in front of the United States on condemning Iran for its myriad atrocities, we are indeed living in a dark period of American history.

I am embarrassed to say that Barack Hussein-Obama is the President of The United States of America!

Embarrassed to my core!

If I had my way, I would secretly serve these miscreants, “Hebrew National Frankfurters.” They would be told what they had to eat once the last slime ball finishes his tasty meal.


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