I know what it is like to study my tail off for a test that has serious economic implications.  I also know what it is like to have a group of African-Americans and Hispanics cry about the test being ,”Discriminatory.”

And the federal government agreeing with them!

As many of you know from my writings, I was a broadcast journalist before going back to graduate school to become a Clinical Psychologist.  Before I left the once venerable field of broadcast news, an individual in many cases, had to be in possession of at least a Third Class FCC(Federal Communications Commission) License. Among other things, you needed this license to turn the radio station on and off. It was a federal offense for someone without a license to touch signing on/off equipment.  A station found in violation of this law could have their license lifted.

I needed my license for my first job, which was in Denver, Colorado, in the late 1960’s. You know what my job entailed? Pulling wire copy for the News Director, and listening to police and fire radios. That was it. Nonetheless, the station said I needed a license for that; and if I wanted to work for K.H.O.W. radio, which was one of Denver’s top flight stations at the time, I was told to start studying.  So, you can imagine that when I received my license in the mail, I was elated. I know a lot of people who flunked their Third Class License examination. As a result, they had to find work in another field of endeavor. This federal exam was no walk in the park; especially part nine of the test.

My wife and I would spend our weekends in the mountains of Colorado studying for the exam. I remember one time when we got caught in a blinding snow-storm,  in the middle of “August.” 

Yes, it snows in the Colorado Rockies in summer: And no, it’s not global warming!

Because of this license, I was able to earn a darn good living. Sometime in the 1980’s the crying started. Blacks and Hispanics were failing the test at a high rate. So, the FCC decided to no longer make it mandatory that one had to have a Third Class License; all because a bunch of lazy, intellectually challenged individuals couldn’t pass the examination.

I was ticked off when I got the news. I thought what about all of my hard work? Not to mention the number of hours that I spent studying for this examination!

Apparently, that didn’t matter to the FCC. Everyone had to be equal. Does that remind you of say, the President of The United States, and some of the programs that he is pushing?

By now, many of you know that Supreme Court nominee, Sonia Sotomayor was sitting on the U.S. Court of Appeals when a group of largely White New Haven, Connecticut firefighters asked the court to do the right thing, and overturn a lower court decision that said the City of New Haven discriminated against African-American firefighters because, “They Didn’t Score As High As The White Men And A Lone Hispanic Male Firefighter.”

Prior to the Supreme Court ruling, Civil Rights attorneys had contended that a negative ruling could have national ramifications. The lawyers said employers across the country, many of whom have affirmative actions programs in place, could see diversity go down the drain.

What the Government run media tried to do after the ruling was all too clear. Most of these scoundrels tried to say the 5-4 vote was split along “Conservative/Liberal Lines.”

What they didn’t tell you was that Sotomayor and those on the U.S. Appeals Court were given a tongue lashing by Justice Anthony Kennedy. Justice Kennedy wrote the majority opinion. Reading from the bench on the last day of SCOTUS, Justice Kennedy said the City of New Haven was in violation of Federal Civil Rights Laws!

The firefighters had been fighting for justice since 2004. Judge Sotomayor is sure to be grilled on why she took a racist stand. As I see it, what this Judge did, and that is Sotomayor, was not shocking. After all, this is the same woman who said that a Latina woman could reach a better decision than a White male could.  We all know that had a White male made such a racist statement against a Hispanic or Black, that nominee would have been toast by now.

We no longer have a media that is interested in doing what is right. We have a bunch of clowns posing as journalists, but who are in essence, “Democrat Political Activists.”

What Judge Sotomayor did to these firefighters was disgusting. And this is the woman that our “Community Organizer” of a President wants sitting on the United States Supreme Court. As he once opined, Sotomayor is going to “Hand Out Some Justice,” once she becomes a Supreme Court Judge.

No, she will not mete out justice. What she will be doing is ignoring the Constitution, and making laws, just like she did in the case of the New Haven, Connecticut firefighters. These men who could have been promoted to lieutenants and captains because of their scores, could have been making a better living for themselves and their families.

Thanks to Sotomayor, these men were made to suffer, simply because of the hue of their skin. I don’t know about you, but I don’t want anyone to give me anything; just level the playing field; and may the best man/woman win. It’s as simple as that!

Because Sonia Sotomayor seeks to act as judge and jury on societal issues, this radical leftist will be trouble if she makes it to the Supreme Court!

Is this the type of person that we want sitting on the U.S. Supreme Court? Lord, I hope not!


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