Hugo Chavez is nothing but a loudmouth, no class thug! He is also unfortunately the President of Venezuela. Chavez makes no bones about it: He is a socialist, and is moving fast to socialize every aspect of the lives of Venezuelans. He has virtually shut down freedom of the press in his country. It won’t be long before he has silenced the voice of truth altogether in this Latin American country!

Chavez is the man who gave our socialist President a copy of an anti-American book recently. Instead of saying, thanks, but no thanks, Barack Hussein-Obama accepted this book of propaganda. As a result, the sales of the book sky-rocketed. Prior to accepting the book, it had languished at the bottom of the book selling ladder for years.

So, thanks a lot President Obama for helping promote the book of an enemy of the United States!

During the past few months, it has become increasingly clear that Hussein and Chavez have a number of things in common. For example, both are socialists, second, they love filling up the television airwaves, “With Their Faces.” Thirdly, they want total control of the broadcast media. While Chavez has strong-armed the media in Venezuela, the press in this country has simply rolled over for Hussein-Obama. Not only does the Government run media do puff pieces on Hussein on a daily basis, ABC News just last week, turned its entire news division over to this ego-maniac the entire day!

Chavez and Hussein-Obama can not stand people who dislike them. Hussein-Obama has a vendetta with Fox News. Why? Fox is the only network that hasn’t bent over and grabbed their ankles for this power hungry control freak. In Venezuela, Globovision is the only opposition to Hugo Chavez. He is now threatening to shut the station down.

Recently, supporters of a free press marched in support of Globovision. They issued a call to the Chavez government to allow free information to flow unfettered. They also denounced this Latin American thug for bullying Globovision. You need to know that Globovision is the only station left in Venezuela that openly criticizes this fat despot. Globovision’s anti-Chavez stance has caused the puppet Chavez telecommunications regulator to open four different investigations into the station for what the regulator calls, “Violations.”

Chavez has even had his police go to the home of the station’s President, Guillermo Zuloaga, and searched it. Zuloaga has been charged by the Chavez lead government with usury. The television station has been fined to date, a total of four million dollars.

While Chavez’s opposition marched in support of Globovision, Chavez had his supporters out. Some of those in the Chavez camp included, “Socialists Journalists.” This is the name that they want to be known as. Well, all I can say about that is, at least these government scribes aren’t hypocrites like those in the socialist press in this country.

By the way, these socialists journalists called for an end to “Media Terrorism As A Part Of A Reform Of Journalism Laws.” While this sounds all well and good, these so-called journalists were aiming their fire at Globovision.  William Lara, the governor of the central state of Guarico and himself a former communications minister said the following, “Let’s remove their concessions and give it to other journalists.”

So, where does the charge against Globovision of terrorism emanate from. In May of this year, Chavez’s United Socialist Party charged Globovision with “Media Terrorism” all because it beat the government to the punch and reported on an earthquate.

I kid you not!

The Venezuelan government also blasted the station for airing comments from a journalist who said that Chavez, at the end of the day, would be like Benito Mussolini, “Hung With His Head Down.”

Mussolini was an fascist Italian dictator!

Chavez has told Globovision that it will end up the same way that Radio Caracas Television did. RCTV, the oldest, not to mention most popular television network in Venezuela, was shut down by the pot-belled Chavez. Why? RCTV’s license was not renewed because it had been critical of this clown.

The people in Venezuela can still watch this station, thanks to cable and satellite systems coming out of Miami, Florida.

You can see the similarity between Chavez and Barack Hussein-Obama. Both have this insatiable thirst for power. And neither wants to hear a single word of dissent. Is it possible that our media can be taken over by Hussein-Obama? Keep in mind that there are rumblings from socialist Democrats in Washington that they would like to bail out troubled newspapers. If that happens, who do you think would be the news editors?

Please do not think that what has happened in Venezuela can not happen here. I never thought that I would see the day when an American President took control of banks, but it has happened. I never thought that I would see the day when the President of this country would take over an automobile company, but it has happened.

We have a lap-dog media who remains awe-struck with this man, Barack Hussein-Obama. Or, haven’t you noticed?

He and Chavez are synergistic in their quest for power and control over the masses!


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