It is now as plain as the nose on your face. Barack Hussein-Obama is an enemy of freedom. Remember when the world waited with bated breath for this socialist to issue a strongly worded rebuke to Iran, condemning the murders and beatings of peaceful protesters? Hussein-Obama stunned the world when he announced that he did not want to “Meddle” in the affairs of the Iranian people. Imagine that! People were being gunned down like dogs, and this American President sat on his hands, and basically sided with the thugs in that country!

President Barack Hussein-Obama had to be brought kicking and screaming before he even made a tepid comment of protest. In the meantime, Germany and France were way out in front of this disgraceful man in condemning the brutality that took place in Iran. No other American President has ever stood silently by while a people were being murdered, all because they wanted to be free of jack-booted tyrants!

Today, Iranian President, Mahmoud Ahmadinejad announced that the “Enemies Of Iran’s Soft Overthrow Failed.” This guy must have gotten into Michael Jackson’s drug cabinet, because he said “Conspiracies, which he did not specify, along with Iran’s enemies is what fomented the protests.” Who was it who said “Denial Is A River In Egypt?”

It would appear at this juncture that the hard-liners in Iran have won. I am not surprised by this, because when you surrender your guns to government, there is nothing to stop them from imposing one draconian rule after the other. By the way, Tehran is reportedly calm. There are no visible signs of riot police, republican guard, or the government’s plain clothes “Knee Cappers, The Basiji Militiamen.”

There was this wonderful cartoon in my local paper. It has four parrots, all sitting on a limb. They are Fidel Castro, Hugo Chavez, Daniel Ortega, and lastly, “President Barack Hussein-Obama.” The caption reads, “AAWWWWCK! Restore The dictator In Honduras.”

To the best of my knowledge, “No American President” has ever sided with a communist despot in calling for the restoration of a man who was in the process of shredding his nation’s constitution, and running for president again. Of course, what you are getting from the Government run media is that Honduran President Manuel Zelaya was removed from office on Sunday during a “Military Led Coup.”

This is one giant lie. This man Zelaya, was removed from office because he had said the hell with Hondura’s constitution, he was changing this document which says a person can only serve for one term. This man, a good friend of the Castro brothers, Chavez and Ortega, the communist president of neighboring Nicaragua, was in the process of setting himself up like the dictator, Hugo Chavez. And this country’s President supports him?

Hussein-Obama even had the nerve to say the following, ” The United States will stand on the side of democracy and work with other nations and international groups to resolve the matter peacefully. We believe that the coup was not legal and that President Zelaya remains the democratically elected president there.”

This from a man who just a few short weeks ago declared he did not wish to “Meddle In The Affairs Of Iran.” Now, let me see if I have this straight. Hussein-Obama is taciturn when it comes to people crying out for freedom, but he has diarrhea of the mouth, and joins with communists thugs in denouncing the government of Honduras for getting rid of a man who was setting himself up to be “King.”

Hussein-Obama throws the country of Israel under the bus, and at the same time wants to sit down and talk with the terrorists of Iran and Hamas!

Remember at the G-20 meeting this year, Russian President Dmitry Medvedev called Hussein, “My Friend And Comrade.” Was this communist trying to tell the American people something that they didn’t know?

 In case you didn’t know this, Zelaya was exiled to Costa Rica. It didn’t take him long to show up at that dysfunctional body known as the United Nations. Of course these cutthroats will support him. Look at what the U.N. is made of. Zelaya told a U.N. General Assembly meeting that he planned to fly back to Honduras on Thursday(Today). Roberto Micheletti said if Zelaya touches foot on Honduran soil, he will be instantly arrested, and thrown into jail for a long time!

While Hussein-Obama is supporting yet another tyrant, Michelletti said there is no way that he could negotiate with this socialist(My Words) administration:

“No, no compromise, because if he tries to come back or anyone tries to bring him back, he will be arrested”

Late today(Yesterday) the Hussein-Obama administration announced that it had called off joint U.S.-Honduran military operations. The World Bank followed by saying that it would place a freeze on loans to Honduras. The big question is, will the Obama administration cut off aid to Honduras. Don’t be surprised if it does. This group is singing out of he same hymn book as the Castro brothers and that loudmouth socialist, Hugo Chavez!

Meantime, Chavez has threatened to invade Honduras. It is all so clear as to why this fat man is angry with the interim President of Honduras. Chavez at some point will join with Daniel Ortega, and turn Venezuela into a communist country. He envisions Honduras as part of the trifecta!

Don’t tell me that our President hasn’t figured this out. Here is something for you to think about. What are Barack Hussein-Obama’s long range plans for America, politically speaking?


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