Alaska Governor Sarah Palin has put the Government run media, Neo-Cons, and Barack Hussein-Obama on notice. She has girded her loins and is ready to fight for the survival of this great country. Palin dropped a bomb shell on Friday. The feisty Republican Governor announced that she would leave office in a couple of weeks. Before she could get the words out of her mouth, socialist Democrats were accusing the lady of “Letting Her State Down.” Other political pundits were saying that a Tim Pawlenty, or Mitt Romney would not choose her as their V-P candidate.

Memo To All Of The Sarah Palin Haters: This Woman Isn’t Interested In Being Second Banana This Time Around; She Will Run For President! It Is My Humble Opinion That Mrs. Palin Is Stepping Down From The Governorship In Order To Accomplish Several Things:

* She can spend more time in the lower Forty Eights

* She can bone up on all of the major issues

* She can help other Republicans get elected

* She won’t have the haters in Alaska nibbling at her

heels as often

I heard Juan Williams over at Fox News say that once Mrs. Palin steps down as Governor she will no longer command the attention that she is presently getting because of her job. Nice try, Juan, who is as liberal as the day is long. Why Fox insists on putting this birdbrain on the air is disconcerting. Sarah Palin is the biggest thing in the GOP. John McCain tried to use her to become President, but Sarah came out the winner. What has McCain done lately? Oh, “Mr. Bipartisan” praised some of Barack Hussein-Obama’s leadership. So, what else is new with this guy?

The fact of the matter is the people who are attempting to say that Sarah Palin is a weirdo or that she can’t be trusted because she didn’t finish her term as Governor, these people are petrified of this woman. Unlike these rats, Mrs. Palin in my opinion, truly loves this country, and can see it slipping into the abyss, thanks to the reckless policies of Hussein-Obama. This woman has a larger calling than being the Governor of Alaska. If she spent the rest of her term  in office, and ran for the GOP nomination for President, her critics would howl. Either way, these “Me First, Country Second” scoundrels would be critical of her!

Someone even had the nerve to bring up Mrs. Palin’s lack of experience. Are you kidding me? What the hell has Barack Hussein-Obama ever done in his entire socialist life? The man was a damn “Community Organizer And Member Of The Chicago Socialist Party.”

Please, don’t insult my intelligence with the phony argument of experience. We need “An American” sitting in the White House. Someone who bleeds, “Red, White And Blue.” Not the rascal that we now have, who sides with the likes of Fidel Castro, and who beats up on his country whenever he gets an inkling to. Unlike Colin Powell, Mrs. Palin knows that this country is headed into the crapper. By the way, did you hear what Powell had to say about his leader, Barack Hussein-Obama? Powell had the nerve to say that he was “Concerned Over The Amount Of Money That Obama Is Spending And The Size Of Government.”

Where has this guy been? Obama told everyone during the campaign what he planned to do, yet Colin Powell backstabbed John McCain and endorsed this socialist. Powell is only responding to a challenge from Rush Limbaugh. Rush has been asking repeatedly what the hell does Colin Powell stand for? When this weasel finally opens his mouth, all that he can is “I’m Concerned?”

Come one General Powell, you can do better than that.  My grandson who is only seven could muster up a more forceful statement. It is CYA time, and Powell is trying to cover his “Rear Flank.” I still say that at the end of the day, this traitor will declare himself a Democrat. If Sarah Palin happens to get the GOP nomination to run for President, Powell will jump ship at that time. He is just simply looking for the right opportunity where he can inflict the maximum damage to the Republican Party. Mark my words!

 That would be the perfect time. The Government run media will have Powell and Hussein-Obama together. The coverage would be non-stop; as well as the name calling, i.e., “GOP To Far To The Right, GOP Is Dominated By White Southerners.”

The question is will Mrs. Palin get the nomination? I think her chances are as good as anyone Else’s.  She will not only have to battle a very bias media, the woman will also have to deal with the phonies who call themselves Republicans, or Social Conservatives. These people want the GOP to mimic the Democrat Party. John McCain was the GOP’s “Democrat” candidate last year. Millions of Americans who would have voted for a Conservative, either stayed at home, or voted for someone else. No, Not Obama!

America remains a Conservative nation. In fact, a recent poll said that Conservatives outnumbered liberals by an overwhelming margin. Conservatives need to stop listening to R.I.N.O’s (Republican In Name Only) and Neo-Cons. These people are out for themselves. They are the ones who will tell writers like me to “Pipe Down,” be more bipartisan in my approach. They will attempt to marginalize Sarah Palin, because she is cut from the same cloth as Ronald Reagan. She believes in, (A) Smaller government, (B) Less taxes, (C) Government keeping its big nose out of our business, and (D) A strong military.

Sarah Palin is not a slick unctuous politician. She is like you and me; a simple, uncomplicated woman who loves her country; and would like to see it return to the way the Framers intended. I say this to the Judas Iscariot’s out there. Do not underestimate this little lady. She is a frontier woman. Believe me, they don’t come any tougher!


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