Remember how Barack Hussein-Obama told the American people he just had to have the Congress pass his stimulus bill, because it would created thousands and thousands of “Shovel Ready Jobs?” The Congress as is its custom today, blindly passed the bill, and just last week, unemployment numbers hit 9.5%. Believe it or not, this disgraceful man is is saying that he didn’t realize what a mess the economy was in; and that it is “George W. Bush’s Fault.” He truly thinks we are idiots, incapable of thinking or processing information on an esoteric level.

Mr. Obama you knew the economy was in terrible shape, yet you called on the American people to believe in your bogus chants of “Yes We Can, And Change Is Coming.” The very nerve of this unqualified man to pass the buck on his failed policies, and try to sell us on the idea that he is not to blame for the mess the economy is in is preposterous.

Now out genius of a President is reportedly considering going back to Congress and asking for a “Second Stimulus Package.” The answer from the American people should be a resounding “HELL NO.” The Government can not spend its way out of this economic morass. The fact that the first stimulus package didn’t succeed should tell “This Boy Genius,” that anti-capitalist legislation like this never, ever works. The public sector creates jobs, not Government. Period!

The Government run media has given Hussein-Obama a huge pass on his lies and incompetence. As a matter of fact, puff pieces are being done on how people are “Taking advantage of all of the free time that they now have on their hands, by going on vacations, and getting in touch with their inner selves.”

I kid you not!

This from a very bias media that hounded President Bush, even when the economy was going great. I recall story after story saying that we were headed for a recession, years before what took place last Fall. Even though Americans were enjoying a great economic ride under President Bush, the Government led media had to lie and foster angst amongst the American people.  And the liars were successful. Now, contrast what they are doing for Barack Hussein-Obama. The man’s programs aren’t designed to put Americans back to work. His programs are designed to make Americans, (1) More dependent on Government, and (2) To actually bankrupt this country.

Why would he bankrupt the country you ask? So that the sheeple in this country will go to this phony with “Hat In Hand,” and plead with him to stay in office and “Save Them.” I wrote last week that I didn’t think this socialist would like to ever leave the White House. I maintain that belief at this writing. The very thought of a second stimulus defies logic. It is chaos at best; and we all know how the Obama administration feels about chaos. It gives them more opportunities to inflict more socialists programs on the American people.

The Associated Press is reporting that, “Politically and economically, the next three months are critical for Barack obama’s presidency.”

The A-P is saying that if their aren’t healthy, meaningful signs that the economy is recovering, Hussein-Obama’s “Ambitious Plans” will be in trouble.  Still, these stooges operating under the guise of being “Journalists” say Hussein-Obama could operate from a “Defensive Crouch,” and still have Congress act on the following programs:

* Health care

* Climate(Bogus) Change

* Give government more power over the financial sector

Can you believe that a reporter said Hussein-Obama wants to wrest more control from the private sector? And this reporter, a man by the name of Jim Kuhnhenn didn’t say “Hey, That’s Wrong. This Isn’t The American Way.” Please do not tell me that these people aren’t in the tank for Barack Hussein-Obama.

What this piece does correctly point out is this. If Hussein-Obama is seen as a stumbling, bumbling fool, come September, his poll numbers will drop precipitously. Factor in unemployment numbers in the teens, because this is where they really are now, and this liar from Chicago wouldn’t be able to soothe the nervousness of an anxious public with “Just Words.”

The sycophantic Associated Press even admits that at this point, there is nothing the American public can cheer about. The A-P rightly points out that since Hussein-Obama signed the “Porkulus Bill” which came to a staggering $787 Billion dollars, the economy has lost more than “Two Million Jobs.”

Joe Biden, our goof-ball Vice-President, recently stated the administration, “Misread how bad the economy was.” Misread? What with all of the “Ivy League” mental giants running around the White House, they “Misread” how bad the economy was?  This is just unequivocal incompetence. Yet Biden staying on message said, the first stimulus will eventually create jobs. He’s right, “Government, Teachers, And Union Jobs.” This is where most of the money went; and that is where the billions of dollars from a second stimulus will go.

Someone needs to stand up and say “Hell No” to Barack Obama. Shut down the printing presses in the basement of the White House.

Common sense tells us that for Obama to even think of Government run health care, and the phony climate change argument, along with the cap and trade bill, the economy would have to be humming along like a well oiled machine. Someone who loved their country, and seeing the economy titering on the edge of Mount Everest would say, “Whoa, Let’s Re-think Things.” Not this guy, he’ll be back pushing cap and trade in the Senate later this week. This is unconscionable, not to mention suicidal!

By the way that A-P story points out employed Americans are now being affected by the hard economic times. This phenomenon says A-P is not only a threat to “The Messiah,” but to Congressional Democrats, who are up for re-election next year. According to A-P, hours for salaried workers have been slashed, as have wages. This is an additional drain on an already economy that is on life support.

Our fearless leaders is behind our amorphous economic wagon which is dangling over the edge of the mountain, and he is pushing with all of his might, hoping that he can summon up the necessary intestinal fortitude to finally cause the wagon to crash and burn!

To think that the American people still haven’t figured this shifty-eyed Marxist President out is beyond disbelief!


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