America’s socialist President, Barack Hussein-Obama, is constantly reminding us what a great President Abraham Lincoln was. Lincoln was called, “Honest Abe.” I believe that he came by this moniker because he told you something today’s smarmy politicians won’t do, and that is, “The Truth.” Lincoln was a salt of the earth kind of fellow. He didn’t look down his nose at other people, but rather judged them by their actions!

Although history tells us that Lincoln was a great President, I do not believe that this man could be elected President in today’s hostile, elitist climate. Imagine what the Government run media would do to this man. They would not only attack his looks, but they would zero in on the fact that Lincoln did not graduate from an “Ivy League School.”

These pack of jackals known as journalists would also attack Mr. Lincoln’s faith in the Almighty. Remember how these people attacked George W. Bush because he said he would “Pray Over” certain issues? Lincoln did a lot of praying too, especially during the “War Against The States, Also Known As The Civil War.” There is no doubt that these “Tabloid, Ambulance Chasers” would paint Lincoln as some kind of, “Delusional Christian Nut.”

Alaska Governor, Sarah Palin is a lot like Mr. Lincoln. She too is a salt of the earth person. She hunts and fish, but most importantly, Sarah Palin will tell you the truth. Socialist Democrats and their titular head, Barack Hussein-Obama don’t want you to hear the truth. You know something else? There are also a number of Republicans and so-called Conservatives who would like to keep you in the dark. These people are just as elitist as members of the Democrat Party!

This is why over the past few days, a number of these phonies have come out and sided with Democrats saying, Palin made the wrong decision by giving up her job as Governor. Even some within John McCain’s old camp have been leaking scurrilous stories about this woman. By the way, has anyone heard from John McCain? Where I come from, “Men Don’t Make War On Women.” We will not hesitate to set a “man” straight if he disrespects a lady. McCain hasn’t uttered a peep over the attacks on Mrs. Palin. During the campaign, McCain said Palin was ready to be President should something happen to him. We now know that that was all B.S. from John McCain. He used this lady in an attempt to become President of The United States. Now, he has completely distanced himself from this woman who in my opinion, has more courage than, “Mr. Maverick.”

It takes a creep to do what John McCain is doing. It takes an even bigger creep to sit back and watch as a spectator, the vicious attacks on Mrs. Palin! It was Sarah Palin who breathe air into the dead campaign of John McCain. Where ever Sarah appeared, thousands came out to hear her message. When John McCain spoke by himself, you could hear the sound of crickets; because very few people showed up!

Palin has been the victim of witch-hunt investigations; and also unbelievable attacks on her personally, as well as on her family, from knuckleheads like David Letterman and Maureed Dowd of The New York Time. As a rule, when a Vice-Presidential candidate is defeated, he or she returns to their home, and the press forgets about them. This has not been the case with Sarah Palin. The attacks on this diminutive woman have been unceasing.  The question is why? Why is the socialist left so obsessed and filled with such  hate for Mrs. Palin and her beautiful family?

There are two reasons for the attacks on this brave woman. First, she scares the hell out of Democrats and phony Conservatives and Republicans. Secondly, she speaks the truth. I know that during her news conference last Friday many of the political pundits said that she rambled on and on, and was  incoherent. Hell, I understood what she was saying. I believe that I am more qualified to say if someone is delusional or suffering from a thought, or mood disorder, compared to these “jr. psychologists.”They hear someone like me using a psychological diagnosis, and they instantly think they understand the criteria for the diagnosis. They haven’t a clue!

 Someone who is honest will speak from the heart, the way that Governor Palin does. A slick un-trusting weasel will “Use A Teleprompter.” This is Barack Hussein-Obama’s modus-operandi, the omnipresent “Teleprompter.” When you need to read your statements, you lose all credibility with me. There is nothing real or genuine about someone who speaks with the help of a machine. So, Mrs. Palin spoke in an impromptu manner; And for that she is berated? Fear can cause you to see things that are not really there. This is what the socialists left, and their comrades who call themselves Republicans and Conservatives are doing when they see Palin.  In their mines, she is “Their Worst Nightmare.”

Truth be told, she is!

In order to undermine Mrs. Palin, her enemies have instituted what she calls, “A Full Court Press Against Her.” Being a point guard in basketball, Palin says she knows how to get around what looks like a stranglehold of a defense. Her enemies are trying to show the public that she is a dumb, stupid rube, because she did not graduate from an Ivy League college. These people think that in order to become President today, one has to graduate from Yale or Harvard.  Palin did neither, as is the case with most of us who hold degrees.

Because she doesn’t speak like Barack Hussein-Obama, the enemies of this woman are trying to sell you on the notion that she is like George W. Bush, “Dumb As A Rock.” Because she likes to hunt and fish, the elite would have you believe that this woman is from the back woods. When you think about it, when these bozos attack Sarah Palin, they are attacking “Millions Of Us, Because We Are A Lot Like This Great American Woman.”

Did you happen to catch, no pun intended, the Governor out fishing in her knee-high waders? No, this wasn’t a photo-op. This is what “Real People” do. The phony politicians view an opportunity like this as a way to con the public into believing that they really do know how to fish. They should be forced to gut and scale the fish that they catch. But, that will be the day!

The dirty little secret is that Sarah Palin is hated and reviled because she is not scripted. She comes to us like a person that we have known forever.  We know that we can trust her; and that drives the left up a wall. This is why the attacks have been so relentless on this woman.

In their way of thinking, to become President of The United States today, the left has set a high criteria. One must belong to a certain group, with a certain pedigree. Sarah Palin is about to demolish that radical anti-American parochial thinking.

Stay tuned, because I think things are going to get really interesting on the American political landscape: Because Sarah Palin has just started to fight the cretins who think that they own America!


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