It is well documented how hypocritical the left is in this country. The Government run media and so-called late night comedians will give the children of Democrat Presidents a pass. However, with Conservatives and Republicans, it is a different story. Just take a look at how Governor Sarah Palin’s children have been trashed by David Letterman and one particular blogger up in Alaska!

Letterman got into hot water after he said Mrs. Palin’s fourteen year old daughter got “Knocked Up” during the seventh inning stretch of a New York Yankees game.  He said that he was referring to Palin’s eighteen year old daughter, Bristol, but everyone knows that this bitter old man was speaking of the younger child. The creepy blogger in Alaska had the male face of a Palin opponent superimposed on her Down Syndrome baby, Trig. To say there are two sets of rules when it comes to the children of politicians would be a major understatement. These are the times that we live in folks. We are dealing with an out of control, disrespectful, bunch of lying miscreants, who think that they own America!

We have a President who  now sits in the White House and views himself like God Almighty. He has sided with the cutthroats of Iran, the communist Presidents of Cuba and Nicaragua; and the socialist big mouth of Venezuela, Hugo Chavez. At the G-20 meeting this past spring, Hussein-Obama called on his buds in Russia to think about cutting back on their nukes. The President of that country, Dmitry Medvedev called Hussein, “His Comrade.” And said he thought that Hussein’s idea of nuclear reform was, “Brilliant.”

This immature President never ceases to amaze me. First of all, he thinks that his voice has the power to make the despots of the world “Lay Down Like Sheep,” and like children in kindergarten, will play with Barney or whatever toy that is the latest craze for kids. This poorly misguided fool also thinks that he has the power to create “Heaven On Earth,” with his proposals for going green, and stopping the bogus claims that the earth is over-heating. I have never witnessed such impulsivity on the part of an American President in my entire life. I have also never witnessed an American President acting with such out of control hubris like this self-centered man.

Memo To Barack Hussein-Obama: Nuclear Weapons Aren’t Going Anywhere, Because Someone Will Always Maintain Their Arsenal. There Will Always Be Tyrants Whose Only Wish Is To Enslave Mankind. Possessing Nuclear Weapons Make Evil Men Think Twice!

If this guy wants to live in “Neverland,” might I suggest that he purchase the late Michael Jackson’s old digs? Everything about this naive President suggests that he is a danger to us all. I watched in total disbelief, a picture of his eleven year old daughter, Malia. This child in Russia with her family, was wearing a tee-shirt that had the campaign for Nuclear Disarmament on it. The picture of Malia was taken while the Obama’s were in Italy.

Two thoughts entered my head when I saw this child sporting this “Hippie Tee Shirt.” One, she was put up to pulling this stunt by her parents; and two, what a weak message this President is sending to the tyrants and bullies of the world. I became infuriated with Barack Hussein-Obama. For him to speak of curtailing our nuclear arsenal is one thing, but to brainwash his daughter into believing that, (1) We are the bad guys for having nukes, and (2) We can live in a nuclear free world is absolutely stupid, not to mention infantile.

Barack Hussein-Obama is the most radical leftist President this country has ever known. Forget Jimmy Carter, this guy “takes the cake.” He makes Carter look like a “Patriot.” Am I a supporter of wars? Not at all, however, I am a realist. Unlike Mr. Obama, I have fought in a war; and when you hear, “War Is Hell,” that succinct statement says it all.  There will “Always” be a Kim Jong ILL, a Fidel Castro, A Daniel Ortega, a Pol Pot, a Mao, “A Hitler.” The only thing that people of this ilk understand is “Strength.”

I believe that when the dictators of the world see Barack Hussein-Obama, they see a spineless jellyfish, who will acquiesce to their demands, just as long as they, “Show Him Some Love.” This man can not stand not being liked. I believe that he will go to any length to be liked. Even if it means placing this country in harms way. Barack Husssein-Obama has shown us time and time again that he has no love for this country. He has also shown us that he wants to “Re-Create America Into His Image.”

He wants this country to become a nation of cowards, non-thinkers, and a people who look to him for life’s answers. I read with total disgust an article written in London’s Daily Mail. The writer said this of young Malia:

” Her father had just won agreement from the Russians to cut back on the world’s stockpiles of nuclear weapons. And Barack Obama’s eldest daughter was obviously keen to make her own statement on the issue, even if it was merely a fashion statement”

A fashion statement? Doesn’t this idiot realize that Barack Hussein-Obama is “Dancing With The Devil?” Doesn’t he realize that this child is just that, “A Child?” These are the same people who excoriated Sarah Palin for “Going Out There With Her Children.” They said she was using her offspring to further her political ambitions. However, in the case of the socialist Democrat, Barack Hussein-Obama, his base, the suck up news media, can only find what they think are “Cute Remarks” for his children.

The CND logo tee-shirt has its beginning in 1958. However, it became a widely used tee-shirt by Vietnam anti-war protesters in the 1960’s/70’s. The message of the shirt is two-fold. First it signify peace, and secondly, it is an international sign for anti-war protesters. Imagine that! The President of The United States’ daughter is just as “Anti-Military As Her Mother And Father Are.”

While some may view this as a “Cute” gesture on the part of this youngster, I say that it has traitorous under-tones; and is a slap in the face to our brave men and women who fighting in Iraq and Afghanistan.

Why not give her a tee-shirt with the American flag on the front? Sorry, but her father wouldn’t even wear a flag pin during the campaign; not until he couldn’t stand the heat any longer!

Please tell me that I am not the only American who was insulted by this offensive tee-shirt!


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