Today, I will more than likely surprise a number of you. With that said, I will support President Barack Hussein-Obama’s Government health plan, “The Moment That He Stands In Line And Picks Up His Insurance Card.” There is one other stipulation, see I can be as narcissistic as this guy. Every last one of those “Me First” Democrat Congressmen and Senators will also have to sign up, and accept “Obama Care.” That is my demand, Mr. Obama!

Until these elite, “I’m Better Than You Are,” double talking/double dealing weasels come out and tell the American people about the dangers of a Government run health plan, count me out. Most Americans don’t realize that when Hussein-Obama said on the campaign stump last year, “I want you to have the same insurance that I have,” this socialist was lying. His health care is not rationed; nor is the health care for members of Congress. But, under his plan, your plan will be ration. Also under this man’s dangerous plan, some bureacrat gets to play “God.” In other words, this person, more than likely another “Czar,” will tell you if you are worth saving if you happen to contract prostate cancer or breast cancer. Obama has admitted that in some cases, a person would be better off by just taking “A Pain Pill And Dying.”

Is this the type of insurance that you want for your family? The socialists press hasn’t been honest with the American people on “Obama Care.”  These in the tank puppets have been MIA on this critical issue. ABC News recently turned over its entire news department to the White House for what amounted to was one gigantic, “Infomercial.” ABC refused to air an opposing view. This is symptomatic of the media. They were all holier than thou when President Bush was Commander-In Chief. Now that we have our first openly socialist President, the media has finally shown America its true colors; Which spells, D.E.M.O.C.R.A.T.

Recently, Hussein-Obama came out and said, “Yes,” he wanted a government-run, government-owned health insurance provision as part of the health care bill being considered by Congress. In the real world, that would be front page news. However, you must understand that the media is not about being fair and balanced; only Fox News lives up to this standard. The rest of these whinning, over paid children have appointed themselves an appendage of the “White House Press Secretary.”

It is the job of Robert Gibbs to come out and spin the policies of the Hussein-Obama administration. Gibbs’ job is to also play around with what is true and what is fiction.The shameless print media buried Obama’s comments on health care. Four of America’s top newspapers thought what Obama had to say was not banner headline news. Only the Los Angles Times, no conservative paper by any stretch of the imagination, placed this story on its front page!

What the majority of those in the press tried to do was hide the fact that Obama now says he is open to the idea that most Americans would be mandated to enlist in his plan. Remember during the campaign, and even recently, this liar said, “You Can Keep Your Insurance, If That’s What You Want To Do.”

 Hussein-Obama knows full well that his main objective is to get rid of private health insurance. How will he do that? For starters, the government will have cheaper premiums. While that might sound wonderful, there is a method to what appears to be madness. The government will be able to have lower premiums because it will be the Hussein-Obama administration that will be able to impose price controls on what doctors and hospitals will be able to charge its patients. Are you following me? How long do you think private insurers would be able to keep their heads above water? While you are thinking about that, consider how many men and women will apply to medical school.

The government health plan would force employers to drop private health insurance, and guess where their employees will end up? On the Barack Hussein-Obama health care plan, that’s where. You know, the plan that he and his family will avoid like the bubonic plague?

Let’s say that you are rich enough to stay with a private insurer. Well guess what? While it is true that you will still be able to receive the best care in the world, the market for new discoveries in medicine will dry up. So at the end of the day, “Everyone” will end up getting worse care because  Barack Hussein-Obama had to have “Universal Health Care.”

If this crazy bill gets passed, it could end up one day, biting this lying socialist in his backside. Remember Mr. Obama, the universal law, which states, “What Goes Around, Comes Around.”


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