It has become clear as to the motives of the left and socialists in this country regarding Sarah Palin. There is barely a day that goes by that someone in the print or broadcast media isn’t reporting on a story involving the popular Alaska Governor. The enemies of this woman are trying to convince the American people that Mrs. Palin is unhinged. Another way of saying it, the left is concocting a phony schematic diagram of Palin which paints her as a lunatic; and someone not to be trusted!

Imagine that; these are the same people who are taking America to hell in a hand basket, yet they have the nerve to say Mrs. Palin is a disturbed woman.  Before proceeding any further, I have some comments regarding Levi Johnston, the young man who fathered Palin’s grandson. Johnston is typical of so many of today’s young people. He thinks he has learned all that there is to know about life. He feels that because he fathered a child, “He Is A Man.” Any male who has entered puberty, and who is healthy, can father a child. However, it takes a “Man” to raise a child. Johnston is not a man. He is still “A Boy.”

Yet, he feels that he has something to say that will increase our knowledge about life.  In another twenty years, this kid will kick himself in the rear end. He will do this, because his blinded eyes will be open by then. Johnston is being used by the socialists press; and he has no clue that every time he opens his yap, he is being suckered by these anti-Americans. Johnston is also hurting Mrs. Palin, Republicans and Conservatives.

This morning he was once again on The Today Show. He has appeared on this leftist show so many times this year that he should be named “A Co-Host.” Anyway, “Einstein” had a tete-a-tete with the always saccharin, suck-up tabloid journalist, Ann Curry. Johnston told Curry that he thought Mrs. Palin stepped down as Governor of Alaska because her head got too big:

” Being up there and running for vice-president, that’s totally different than Governor–cameras every day, she had Secret Service, you name it. And just seeing how she acted after it was all gone, I just think that it definitely got to her head”

Johnston who handed Palin a left handed compliment by calling her an “Incredible Lady,” quickly did an about face and charged Palin with not being honest with Alaskans when she announced recently that she would not complete her last eighteen months in office. He then said that if Palin runs for President, “I wouldn’t vote for her.”

It is ironic that Levi Johnston has the nerve to accuse an adult of wanting to be in the limelight. What is his excuse? This little nitwit has done everything within his power to stay in the news. It is not surprising that the left can depend on this brain full of mush, like they can with Megan McCain, when they need “A Republican” to back stab someone on the right.

It is too bad that this boy can’t see that the left is making a complete ass out of him. Yet, in the back of his mind, he probably thinks they like him. When the left is finished making a fool out of Levi Johnston, they will throw him under the bus.  He will rue the day that he did the biding for the socialists in this country!

In the meantime, Sarah Palin announced that she will not be silenced by her detractors. She understands that these people are hyper-focused on her, because she “Puts The Fear Of God Into Them.” Sarah Palin is a woman who can bring out thousands and thousands of people to hear her speak. Not only is this disquieting to the left, they know that they must do something, anything, in an attempt to inflict a mortal political wound on this feisty lady. Hence, I have given them the diagnosis of, “Sarah Palin Syndrome.”

Palin said that she will not only campaign for Republicans, but Democrats who share her political views on smaller government, a strong military, energy independence, and the building of a right of center coalition. Speaking to the Washington Times, this is what Mrs. Palin said:

” I will go around the country on behalf of candidates who believe in the right things, regardless of their party label or affiliation”

Some might flinch at this statement. However, I am of the opinion that at the end of the day, we are all Americans, Democrats, Republicans, Conservatives, Moderates, Independents, and Libertarians.  If there is a John Kennedy Democrat out there; and that is a person who thinks of “Country First,” this is a person that we need to enlist in order to bring our country back to the original intent of the Framers. So, I understand what Palin is saying.

A final thought: John McCain finally climbed out of the hole that he has been hiding in. He gave Palin some tepid support. McCain said that he didn’t think that Mrs. Palin quit. “I think she changed her priorities, he said.” Appearing on Meet The Press, McCain predicted that Palin would play a major role in the GOP. No kidding!

An idiot could have reached that conclusion. McCain then had to show how he really feels about Palin. When asked if he would endorse his former V-P nominee, you know, the woman McCain said could step in and be President if a tragedy befell him? Well, the campaign is over, and so are the lies. McCain said he wouldn’t endorse Palin. Why? Because there are so many other good candidates out there.

You know, people like, “Mitt “The Used Car Salesman” Romney, and Mike “Right Now I’m A Television Talk Show Host, Huckabee.”

What John McCain was really saying was, “I Was Never A Fan Of Sarah Palin’s.”


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