When Speaker of The House, Nancy Pelosi opened her big mouth and announced that the CIA had lied to her about waterboarding several Islamofascists, there was a public outcry for her head on a platter. Democrats known for their slimy tactics, and aided and abetted by the Government run media, distanced themselves from this dumbo!

As the weeks passed, Republicans tried to keep up the heat on Pelosi, however, the socialists press wasn’t interested in pushing the Obama administration into bringing in a special prosecutor to look into Pelosi’s serious allegations. Pelosi went into hiding, pretending to be doing the people’s business by traveling overseas on expensive junkets. If a reporter had the drive to approach Pelosi on her claims that she was lied to by the CIA, she refused to answer any questions on the subject, which by the way, she started in the first place.

It was obvious that the Obama White House was looking for a way to provide cover for this intellectually challenged San Francisco dumb bell. Pelosi had put both hands  into a hornet’s nest; and the issue wasn’t going away despite the complacency of the Government run media. The Pelosi case was a clear illustration of how our press operates these days. Can there be any doubt in anyone’s mind that these people are political activists, working in tandem with the socialist Democrat Party?

The cover that Pelosi was seeking came from none other than the Director of the Central Intelligence Agency, “Democrat, Leon Panetta.” Panetta’s pals at The New York Times just happened to “Stumble Upon The Cover.” If you believe that, then you no doubt believe that it doesn’t snow in Alaska. We all know that the story was leaked to The New York Times on behalf of one Nancy Pelosi, by an Obama supporter working within the CIA. The New York Times reported that the CIA developed a covert plan designed to ferret out and kill senior Al Qaeda terrorists in 2002. Any logical person would have to conclude that that is the job of the CIA. Because despite what Barack Hussein-Obama says, “We Are At War With Islamofascists.”

The interesting thing about the CIA plan; it was never implemented. To the surprise of this writer, and any one with his or her head screwed on right, Leon Panetta canceled the program in June of this year. Ladies and Gentlemen, this is how Democrats fight terrorists. I know that they are full of bluster, and talk a mean game when campaigning for office, but at the end of the day, these people haven’t the stomach needed to fight an all out war against a bunch of 12th Century fanatics!

Instead of screaming at the top of their lungs over what Panetta has done, Democrats have turned their sights on, “The Bush Administration.” Are you surprised? By focusing on Bush, “Super Dummy,” that being Nancy Pelosi, is removed from the spotlight. I must warn you that in order for this Democrat plan to come across as plausible, you have to possess the mind of a two year old.  As mentioned earlier, the plan was never put into action. But, because it was never placed on the shelf, Democrats are pretending that they are outraged, because that “Devil Incarnate, George W. Bush,” didn’t inform them of the plan.

There is but one problem with this shell game being played by socialist Democrats. The Congress, and this includes the hypocrites from the Democrat Party, had given their blessings to providing the CIA with far reaching powers, after the 09/11 attack on this country. Some Republican lawmakers are saying the CIA wasn’t under any obligation to tell anyone about the program. Democrats maintain that a 1970’s law which was passed in the Congress mandated that the CIA kept Congressional committees abreast of assassination plots.

You can bet that had the CIA told these “Democrat Parrots,” about the plan to go after Al Qaeda, it would have been front page news in The New York Times in 2002. And any Al Qaeda target would have gone deeper underground. Sad, but true, however, this is how socialist Democrats operates.

This phony argument by Democrats is much to do about nothing. However, something had to be done in order to take the heat off of Nancy Pelosi. So, what we have now is chaos. With Panetta’s help, this bird-brain comes out smelling like a rose, at least for now.  The Government run media will do its best to paint the CIA as a lying, rogue, out of control agency, whose agents routinely lie to the Congress.

In the meantime, Pelosi is feeling her oats. She has flashed the green light to House Democrats to start hearings that will look into instances where the CIA is alleged to have lied to House members. Can you say, “The Fix Is In?”

We all know what the outcome of the investigations will yield. The CIA will be thrown under the bush by Democrats, and this includes the agency’s Director, Leon Panetta, who knows a thing about hatchet jobs!

The other person who is being demonized is former Vice-President, Dick Cheney. In that Times story, it was reported that it was Cheney who developed the secret counterterrorism program to go after key elements of Al Qaeda. The Times alleges that Cheney ordered the CIA to keep hush-hush about the program. Panetta, no doubt acting on orders from the Hussein-Obama White House is the one who ran up to the Hill last week and told members of the Intelligence committee that Cheney had called on his predecessors to keep the program hidden from members of Congress.

This is politics at its worst. Democrats are obsessed with going after Bush and Cheney,and some of the former President’s advisers; and at the same time protecting America’s enemies. The nonsense that you are witnessing is the same type of crap that takes place in a banana republic; where those who are new to power go after their predecessors in hopes of grinding them into dust.

Democrats need to understand that one day they will not be in power. And when that happens, Nancy Pelosi, Leon Panetta, and the rest of these puppets of Obama will be fair game. Right now, they have convinced themselves that they will be insulated for life from any charges of malfeasance because the GOP is a fractured party.

Life is funny. My wise grandmother once cautioned me that, “Nothing Lasts Forever.” Not even lying, socialist Democrats, my friends!


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