The narcissist is one who believes that he is invincible. In the world of narcissism, the individual afflicted with this psychopathology feels that the entire world revolves around him. In his mind, the narcissist is always right; and bristles at the thought of anyone defying him. Barack Hussein-Obama is a classic narcissist. There is hardly a day that goes by that we aren’t treated with some long winded speech from this egotistical Chicago thug, who loves the sound of his own voice; and having his face plastered on our television sets.

Of course the socialists press loves this guy. To them, he  is infallible. Evan Thomas of Newsweek recently said Obama “Was Like A God.” Socialist Democrats have waited for more than forty years to inflict the type of damage that we are seeing in America today. Despite their clear intentions, most Americans are blindly following behind these self-centered lawmakers. I have watched these people, socialist Democrats, re-invent themselves on a number of highly charged issues. Things like religion, the Second Amendment, and their support  for our military. As a young man growing up in Brooklyn, New York, I learned how to hustle people from the best of con men and women. Suffice it to say that I know when someone is trying to “Hustle Me.”

The problem with socialist Democrats is this. They can not resist from showing us who they truly are. Take the case of Leon Panetta, the head of the Central Intelligent Agency. Panetta is nothing more than a partisan political hack. When Nancy Pelosi, the Speaker of The House put both of her feet into her big mouth, Panetta, a dutiful Democrat, placed politics over the security of this country. He and the Hussein-Obama administration had to come up with a way to provide credible cover for the dim-witted Pelosi, who said that the CIA lied to her about waterboarding several Islamofascists!

Panetta told a House committee that former Vice-President Dick Cheney had at one time ordered the CIA not to tell Congress about a secret plan to go after top Al Qaeda operatives. The interesting thing is that the plan was never implemented. Not a problem for Democrats. The fact that Cheney, a man who loves his country, had ordered the CIA to remain mum on the plan was “Criminal” in the eyes of some of these jackals. It wasn’t too long before shouts were heard for a Congressional investigation. My dearly departed mother used to warn me by saying son, “Be Careful What You Ask For–You Just Might Get It.”

Dick Cheney is a no nonsense kind of fellow. He is smart and recently “Ate The Messiah’s Lunch” during a debate on whether America is safer today than during the Bush years. King Obama is still licking his wounds from that show down!

Cheney’s popularity took a turn upward, thanks to the hubris of Barack Hussein-Obama!

Nevertheless, that hasn’t stopped arrogant Democrats who are drunk with power these days. On Friday, The House Intelligence committee said that it would launch a probe into whether Mr. Cheney broke the law. This Democrat plan is fraught with risks for these narcissists. The American people will be asking why go after a man who was only trying to save the lives of his fellow countrymen? They will also want to know why is this witch hunt being started given the fact that the Cheney plan was never implemented? By the way, Panetta the politician, killed the plan. His doing this raises questions for Americans over whose side are these socialists Democrats on? I am sure that Mr. Cheney is licking his chops in anticipation of confronting these blowhards on Capitol Hill.

Ross Baker is a political science professor at Rutgers University in New Jersey. He warned that Democrats shouldn’t open this pandora’s box:

” I can’t think of a situation better than to cross swords with Congressional Democrats. As far as Cheney is concerned, his natural constituency is conservative Republicans, and they would rally to his side. This increases his stature”

Professor Baker said that if Mr. Cheney defies an invitation or subpoena to appear before the Congressional committee, he would be seen in the eyes of many Americans as, “Standing Up To The Bullies On Capitol Hill.”

When you are a narcissist, you can not be reasoned with, mainly because you think you are the smartest person on the planet. So, I am not shocked that Democrat Representative, Jan Schakowsky of Illinois said that if the investigation uncovers that Mr. Cheney ordered the CIA to keep Congress in the dark, “There is reason to believe that is a significant violation of the National Security Act.”

Since when did these bozos ever care about national security? The fact of the matter is these socialist Democrats hate Cheney, and would love to see him doing a perp walk. Again, Jan Schakowsky:

” We’ll follow that thread where it takes us and determine if there’s reason to refer the issue to the Justice Deprtment or clarify the laws regarding notification”

Again, all of this is about providing cover for Nancy Pelosi. What the Democrats will end up doing is pulling the covers completely off of this imbecile. They are traveling down a road that is fraught with peril.  The day will come when these socialists will no longer be in charge of all three branches of government. And it will be at that time when people like Pelosi, Barney Frank, Chris Dodd, and a host of these weasels will have to answer to the American people. Their chutzpa will not help them.

They have picked this fight, but at the same time have signed their own death certificate I say let them continue to get drunk off of their own wine, because their day of reckoning is just around the corner!


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